History of the Board Game: How Parker Brothers Changed Play | US History | Extra History - cutlassboardgame.com

History of the Board Game: How Parker Brothers Changed Play | US History | Extra History

Extra History
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Join us as we delve into the history of board games, from ancient times to the Victorian era’s moral games like The Mansion of Happiness, and discover how George B. Parker’s vision transformed games into the entertainment products we know today. Learn about his journey from a young innovator to the founder of Parker Brothers, a company that would shape the future of gaming.

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  1. The Parkers, the first gamers to Rise Up

  2. Does gambling by casting or drawing lots or bones count as a game? We know that was already an extant practice in the ancient near east by the time phonetic writing developed (and likely much earlier, but without written records, it's hard to be certain of how the objects were used exactly; and once written records do start, they were used for divination which is probably better categorized as a religious practice, than a game, in addition to gambling; it's impossible to be certain which use is older; archeology only tells us that the physical objects involved have existed just about as long as people have existed).

  3. You can find the rules and guidelines for the Landlord's Game when searching for the patents.

  4. I really like board games, but I very rarely play them because I have no friends to play with. 😞

  5. Please do the Greek war of independence of 1821 against the ottoman empire next
    I've been asking for this since the first episodes of the sengoku Jidai!!.

  6. what happened with happened to the playlist

  7. I was fascinated in games as a kid, if you look into the history of playing cards, chess, etc and how they developed around the world…well it might be an entertaining afternoon for ya!

  8. I see that balatro Joker and I like it!

  9. By the beard of Gygax, the History of D&D! Dispell the common notion that it was built on Lord of the Rings!

  10. Would you be interested in creating an Extra History on the history of the role playing game genre?

  11. I've never haerd of the Mansion of Happiness, but it ressembles greatly the Goose Game, a traditionnal board game popular in France (well, popular before we invented actually gun board games XD), which was also inspired by a 15th century italian board game.
    The fun thing about the goose game, is that you just have to change the pictures to theme it. Like, we made a French Revolution goose game (during the French Revolution XD). I think the only difference is taht it's a 63 case game instead of 64 ^^

    I've never heard of a game where you spin a spinner or a wheel, instead of dice to get your number ^^'
    I guess in France we didn't cared about children gambling with the two dices from the game XD

  12. World Anvil is pretty cool! I promise I wasn't payed to say this.

  13. If you've ever seen a Parker Brothers game called Rail Barons, my mother knew the man who created it. She still has one of the vanity printing copies of the game he gave her, with the original name Boxcars.

  14. To put those Dr. Busby sales numbers in perspective, that's equivalent to over 300,000 units sold today.

  15. Surprised this didn't go all the way up to Tornado Rex; that theme song is still stuck in my head from its rollout

  16. Can you do a series of Gwangaeto the Great?

  17. People who prefer monopoly are fine, but the damage monopoly caused to people's perception of boardgames is sadly strong

  18. People who prefer monopoly are fine, but the damage monopoly caused to people's perception of boardgames is sadly strong

  19. 7:27 "You have six fingers on your right hand. Someone is looking for you."

  20. Fun fact: Monopoly games only last "long" because most people dont play with all the rules or frankly dont play taking advantage of the full mechanics

  21. Love the Balatro reference @ 4:35
    Also, wrt 5:34, a spinner generates an even distribution whereas 2 dice are more "normal" and favor the middle numbers.

  22. Las cartas y normas de banking están subidas en alguna parte?

  23. Yep. Capitalism basically invented board games being fun. Sounds about right.

  24. Can't wait to see this brought into the modern day

  25. how do you play baking it sounds really fun

  26. I've been working on a similar game to Banking and I would LOVE to know more about it. Could someone please direct me on how I can find a copy of the rules? It would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  27. Games were fun for a lot longer than they were moral instruction. And I recognize the royal game of goose and go fish. But thank you for letting us know about the Parkers. 🙂

  28. the fact random number generators were fine for long as the were not dice or a specific deck: tells you everything you need to know about Americans.

  29. You didn't actually put the link to the extra credits video in the description…

  30. With snakes & ladders used as a example what is your definition of games?

  31. That’s so cool that we’re talking about games! It’s especially interesting because you just lost The Game!

  32. 🎶 Disappointment in the game of life! 🎵

  33. Back in the UK Clue is still called by its original name Cluedo.
    I think Risk was originally French…

  34. So, we're now doing board games then?

  35. I think there is a small mistake at 6:08 with the chessboard setup. Anyone else see it?

  36. Dice ❌
    Spinner ❌
    Random Number Generator ☑️

  37. "Another case of Monopoly-related violence."
    "How do those Parker brothers sleep at night?"

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