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holy guacamole

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  1. Geez, not for being toxic but the rival is so dumb i mean, he is in the startes but damn..

  2. As a piece of bread with a spread of holy guacamole, I can confirm that Frank is cheeky

  3. as one of the angels in heaven, i can confirm that a guacamole is here

  4. Frank is definitely above 800 ELO, have you seen his game review?

  5. Me figuring out how it’s a brilliant move🤔

  6. As holy guacamole, I can indeed confirm. That the bread was buttered.


  8. There is no way that is 700-800 Elo. My brain is literally hurting. I am exactly around where Frank is and nobody plays like that. 💀💀💀

  9. As a youtube viewer, i can confirm from needs a new comment section

  10. Nxa1 also should be a Blunder??!
    And also, I think your opponent just gave you a lifeline. 😅

  11. Black really went for the fork instead of the queen. What a dumbass

  12. I literally hate it when people put brilliants on their moves and this one is worse because it’s not even a sacrifice. It’s a great or best move.

  13. A move that is checkmate cannot be brilliant, only the moves leading up to it can, a checkmate move is always a best move no matter what it is

  14. Wth just happen but nvm levy not gonna roast this match

  15. As a piece of bread, I can confirm I was buttered up

  16. As a new editor i can confirm this was buttery

  17. This moment when you accidently checkmate and the editor says it was a brilliant move

  18. Why Frank can't stay on 800 longer than a decade

  19. Ok, DID HE JUST CHECKMATE RIGHT AFTER BLUNDERING HIS QUEEN, damn bobby fischer has been reborn!

  20. how do you get the brilliant moves and blunders at the top of the pieces?

  21. just looked at the game review for thi game that queen move wasnt a brilliant move wasnt even considered a great move stop editing lies on your games it just makes your sub par chess plays look even worse

  22. socialist federal republic of Yugoslavia says:

    Botez gambit:checkmate variation

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