Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game - AJ's Tabletime S3EP3 - cutlassboardgame.com

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game – AJ’s Tabletime S3EP3

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe, Alex & Ray play the Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game in preparation for the Upcoming Big Budget Triple A Sequel Forbidden West! How is the game in physical form? Find out!

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  1. Gracias por tu sacrificio , nos salvaste de invertir en el xD

  2. Barely any of my friends play video games anymore, let alone board games. Treasure them Joe, treasure them.

  3. Due to Elden Ring coming out would you guys play the Bloodborne board game

  4. What did you think of the board game in the game? I instantly got reminded of you guys

  5. I wish AJ would use this show to play some good non-licensed boardgames. Most of this licensed stuff is just awful.

  6. Glad you could review this one. I'm still waiting for steamforged games to live up to their licenses

  7. why play the board game you didn't review the video game. Anyway good content 👌

  8. So they are playing a very boring bored game…and then say why they are behind on the Video game review

  9. That is a 3d printed miniature on a SLA resin printer, quality isn't really good for that type of a printer.

  10. You guys should check out the Rainbow Six board game coming out in June!

  11. Please dont skip on reviewing Horizon Forbidden West Joe! You ditched the first game for zelda before.. that still hurts btw.. Forbidden West deserves a proper angry review!

  12. You guys should buy a Warhammer 40k army each and start making batreps. I think they'd be fantastic.

  13. First Sani then John Faavrowl then Economics now Alloy. Nobody butchers names quite like AJ😂!!!

  14. If you stop doing these kinds of projects, you should have more time for the big screen (Reviews)….

  15. You skipped a chunk of the game but give it two stars? I dunno, man…

  16. So the game is released with like 6 expansion packs!?

  17. Do you think you guys will be covering the new Deep Rock Galactic board game when it comes out?

  18. Jesus Christ Joe, play the video game. You pronounce everyones name wrong which would be impossible had you actually played the game.

  19. Holy shit, how can basically every modern board game be so fucking boring…

  20. Think you need a separate camera for showing cards. As it is now it's just a blurry mess when you show them. 😵‍💫

  21. You are missing the best content. The boss fights are the best, like with Dark Souls. Remove the grind and fight the boss. Try with good equipment then try again with less good stuff. There is a facebook community with many house rule ideas, solo modi etc. Of course there is Boardgamegeek too.

  22. Welp seems like Joe forgot to do the warhammer 3 review

  23. Damn that's cool, being able to casually spend $1000 on a board game!

  24. 2:54 – That isn't 'all-in' though. That's just the base Kickstarter Pledge! You're missing another 6 more expansions. Surprised you didn't at least get the Thunder Jaw expansion if nothing else.

  25. Board games not my cup of tea. but did press on like any way 🙂

  26. Yoooo! Mortal Kombat miniatures board game! When is this happening? I’m here and ready!! 😌

  27. just remember everyone. AJ supports antifa.

  28. Impatiently waiting on the SFG monster hunter world kickstarter. Have an all-in pledge for it and can't wait to get the massive box.

  29. I love the big minis that come with this game, definitely needs house rules or Stramforged to release a v2 ruleset that is fun and maybe full coop with a shared victory point pool.

  30. Deep Rock Galactic also has a board game in kickstarter that’s doing very well. Gameplay looks very fun, awesome models and definitely has a great dev team behind it

  31. AJ and Gang, you should look (and do a AJ's Tabletime) at Core Space or/and Core Space – First Born

  32. Please look up how to pronounce "ablative", Joe. You are absolutely butchering it.

  33. I waited for the Kickstarter. The delay was what over one year? Stores got the core game before backers did. Ok fine they had problems. The game arrives. One of the big miniatures is broken out of the box….. great. And the quality of the miniatures is SUB PAR. These miniatures look like they are sculpted out of chewed gum and I was looking forward to painting them.

    By the point I finally got this combined with the quality of the miniatures my enthusiasm for the game was deflated.

  34. What are the 5 B's for Joe's rating system?

  35. Been watching u guys for a while, i even watch these crazy ass board games cuz i like how you guys interact, ima mafkr on a budget, i got 2 kids from 2 diifferent bby mommas so a mafkr on child support. I wont buy a game untill i know if its good hearing from you guys. I even like alex negative ass

  36. Lowkey feel like Ray got pseudobulbar (The Joker’s laughing condition)
    Prayers 🙏

  37. Daniel Son... WeFallDownButWeGetBackUp says:

    Make a witcher 3 board game 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  38. The only board games i grew up with and ever known was monopoly, the game of life, chess, checkers you know the standard stuff never dabbled through any of this so this is fascinating indeed

  39. Allow me to apologise. When I saw that AJS was covering such a dumpster fire of a gane from such a terrible at game design SFG, I lost a bucket of respect. Given the company that is so lazy as to released wuch boring, and untested games on IP that people have strong attachments to is pretty bad. Hell, even the Dark Souls Tabletop RPG they are throwing on KickStarter soon is just re-skinned 5e.
    But I gave the video a chance. I made assumptions and it was wrong of me to do that so I am sorry.

  40. It sounds as if Angry Joe is constantly on coke these days. Loud breathing, pulling his mouth, grinding his teeth.

  41. AJ keep up the great work 💪🏽 just keep doing what makes you happy and don’t listen to these weird ass people in the comments.

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