Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game - AJ's Tabletime S3EP3 - cutlassboardgame.com

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game – AJ’s Tabletime S3EP3

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe, Alex & Ray play the Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game in preparation for the Upcoming Big Budget Triple A Sequel Forbidden West! How is the game in physical form? Find out!

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  1. I personally really like the Dark Souls game. This one needs more tweaks, though, from the look of it. I could see myself enjoying this one with a few house rules and a couple rules ignored.

  2. Good vibes in the videoBUT PARENTS!!!! if you care about language/swearing and your kids do not listen to this out loud around the family

  3. U didn’t even played the game properly. How the hell u r going to judge the boards game

  4. Thank you Joe for making these kinds of videos too! But please, don't pronounce her name Alloy, it hurts my ears

  5. Think you might have made an error with the Merchant phase (hard to tell when its clipped together) but items get replaced by an item of the same type when purchased so there is always armor to purchase as long as its still in the deck.

    That said, you hit a lot of valid flaws with the game. It is too long for what it is; I've found doing 3 Hunts, one of each level, and then the Showdown helps. Some Hunters are better than others, a balance/testing issue that seems to be common in many 'big' SFG games. Yes, the game is not hard enough when the biggest thing you're supposed to be worried about is getting knocked out. They should have removed any mention of a Co-op from the project, it really is meant to be played competitively or the balance is even worse. And don't get me started on all the printed errors on the cards which is unacceptable for a game of this price point.

    With some tweaks it's a pretty fun game but as is just disappointing.

  6. Funny enough the new game also has a board game inside…

  7. Have you guys ever heard of the table top game battletech

  8. How are these board games even made?

  9. Bloodborne the board game is where it's at.
    I had the base Horizon board game in my hands ready to purchase, until I peeked at the review on my way to check out. Immediately put it back on the shelf and shed a tear for the gorgeous box art. Reviews for Horizon are not favorable on board game geek.
    Love the content. Board games are popping off, more will get on board 😉
    Cheers 👍

  10. Warhammer is so entertaining from you guys should stream it more 👍

  11. I wish you guys spent less time doing "tabletime" content and invested that time to angry reviews and reviewing more games. Live streaming the games you review also brings you guys money which you do but could be done more often.

  12. Are u guys doing a full angry review for forbidden west

  13. WTF!?! I thought it was an angry review 😒

  14. Can't have a show without a black guy without being racist right lol

  15. Hope we get a licensed Strike Game. Would be a perfect game to sell for Sony.

  16. Have you played any of the Resident Evil board games yet? They're pretty good. I went all in on the latest ones pledge based on the original game.

  17. I’d rather see you play the new game, than waste time on the board game. I know table top is your thing, but cmon now.

  18. $200 for one pack and Joe said didn't get not even half of it :/ damn. $1000 for 5 boxes…….

  19. I really don't get these "themed" board games. They look lame af. I understand the appeal in games like Warhammer 40k, the extensive lore, the different armies, the beautiful models, the strategy… but stuff like this? Just playthe damn ps game

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