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Horror Boardgames | The Anatomy of Terror’s Least Likely Home

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A massive thank you to @DarkPactCosplay for their voicework in this video!

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The Night Cage:
Escape The Dark Castle:

– Chapters –
00:00:00 – Introduction
00:06:22 – The Bloody Inn
00:16:04 – Betrayal at House on the Hill
00:36:24 – Final Girl
01:04:32 – Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space
01:23:45 – The Night Cage
01:56:53 – Credits

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  1. I have been losing interest in MTG because y'know, lack of local playerbase after covid, the rising cost of playing, the fact Wizards sicc'd the literal Pinkertons on a guy, and the shallowing of the story, but I really love your content. This video was charming, and I was genuinely sad you didn't talk about your castle fav.

  2. This may be my favorite video from Great Value Russel Brand.

    ~ an opinion from a viewer who by totally unrelated coincidence doesn't play magic the gathering but does play/buy and then never play board games.

  4. Haven’t watched the whole video yet, but my first instinct for what the horror board game you have yet to reveal is Pandemic, though I know in my heart that that game doesn’t fit the description you gave of dusty and ignored.

    But pandemic, and all it’s variants, have always felt like horror games to me. While the base game may not be supernatural, some of its variants (spawned by corporate sequel syndrome) certainly are. And while I can only personally speak to the quality of a few of them, I am fairly certain that most play very similarly. And the sheer dread that I have seen on the faces of my friends and family, and the very same dread I have felt, while watching a chain reaction of disease undo what has been hours of hard work and dooming is to fail, with no hope of ever fighting back? That’s real. And it has rooted itself deep within me.

    Pandemic, while not technically Horror by this video’s definition, is certainly one hell of an experience with the right people.

    Edit: I appreciate the Lou Wilson reference! He’s great.

  5. Fantastic video! Thanks for the early Christmas gift ideas

  6. Please talk about the escape from the dark castle! This video was a blast I would love to see more like it, really anything horror themed through your unique lense would be a joy

  7. Can see time passing in the sunbeam reflected in the TV 🙂 (not a criticism)

  8. the dirge is such an unbelievably powerful game piece — as soon as you showed it and mentioned its name, i was on the edge of my seat to hear how it worked for basically the remainder of the video. i kept glancing at it, staring up from the table off to the side. it seems like the mechanical experience of it might be a bit deflating, but god, the effectiveness of the piece's visuals might just make up for it.

  9. Mort Castle! He's a very friendly dude, took time to talk to amateur writers through school writing competitions.

  10. Every time I consider Escape from the Aliens, my imagination always runs into the conceptual wall of the rule that dead astronauts become aliens–doesn't that mean the astronauts want to die early, and that only the last astronaut actually loses when they die?

  11. As an amateur game designer, I am literally taking notes while watching this video. I hope one day a game I make can be analyzed by a youtuber to this extent.

  12. Took me long enough to watch this. Excellent vid. Good rec's I didn't know all of these games. I had plenty of pausing and discussing with myself game design and where this was going.

    As much as your thing is video essays, I think shorter, individual review videos could do you well, if it's something you're interested in making. This was very much 4 individual reviews tied together into a larger point, each of which could have been their own videos.

  13. Subbed after the closet into 🤌🤌🤌

  14. Please make more board game content! I loved this video and love your style, but I quit magic years ago.

  15. Loved this video and love Escape the Dark Castle; I hope Spice has the opportunity to release more stuff like this – I feel like it's vibe fits very well within the board game review niche.

  16. Me only getting this video recommended 2 weeks after release caused me to finally hit one of those bells. Hope not to miss any further

  17. I really enjoyed watching this video and thinking about what kind of mechanics support horror and trying to come up with my own approach to a horror board game

  18. I don't even like the horror genre but I thoroughly enjoyed your analysis, awesome job!

  19. Thank you for this. I had seen a video review of The Night Cage a while back and for the life of me couldn't remember what it was called. When you teased the game at the start I immediately wondered if it was the same terrifying game I remembered and lo and behold it was.

  20. Loved this video. Excited to look more into The Night Cage, always chasing that atmospheric horror vibe wherever I can get it

  21. You know Spice have been ill when the true horror isn't the capitalistic society we live in.
    Anyway, Escape from the Dark Castle is the only game you spoke about in this video that I ever played (never heard about Betrayal)

  22. Monopoly is my favorite Horror themed board game

  23. This is the 3rd video I've watched on your channel, and your passion for this project really drew me in. I would like if you continued with videos like this.

  24. I've gotta say, I think you're the only person who could upload a video this long and have me watch all of it eagerly.

  25. Loving the video, and that moss pole philodendron you've got. I've got one similar, they're lovely plants!

  26. I found your channel via your SUAP appearances with The Professor. This is a very cool, unique presentation, and I like your style. Consider me subscribed.

  27. I think they found evidence of board games played in the dirt with stones before we even started farming, but I need to remember the source on that

  28. Hi Spice,

    Could you make some Warhammer videos? None of the other Warhammer content creators are hot enough.


  29. Have you played Pathologic yet? It's got a board game adaptation.

  30. New to the channel, came from The Prof but this is 100% the type of content I would like to see in the future

  31. Thank you for showing me some very cool board games

  32. 1:01:34 If it makes you feel any better, I started the joke about the same time you did, and I loved it. Don't pay any mind to the fact that I love bad jokes, and routinely make my friend group groan with exasperation!

  33. The scariest board game I've ever seen has to be Monopoly, seeing your friends and family be sad for losing everything they achieved, unable to feel happy for success of others or yourself because of the realization that that happiness comes at the expanse of other people's sadness, the real life lingo used in the game. If I play the game without actually gamefying the shit out of the experience Monopoly makes me feel genuine dread.

  34. The biggest horror is Gloomhaven, because you'll be stuck herding cats in the forms of your easily distracted friends as you try to play the starting scenario again and again in the dying visions of a legacy campain

  35. My favorite horror game is Dread. It's basically Jenga, but as a role playing game. Your characters do their thing, and whenever they do something difficult, or when the game master pushes them into something dangerous, they have to take a Jenga block from the tower. And if the tower falls, that action will lead to their death.

  36. Would love to see you check out and discuss some of the mechanical bits from the Arkham Horror LCG: Having weaknesses and even enemies in the deck you build is a really neat space to play in, as well as some of the ways the game tries to capture horror scenarios through game bits.

  37. I am concerned for you and think that you may need to have a discussion with a professional concerning coprophilia. "Getting your shit pushed in," "making a toilet of your mouth," and forced ingestion of excrement is maybe something to get off your chest, especially if someone dropped a deuce on your chest.
    I do understand where you are coming from, as a long time player of Magic the Gathering I have been force fed Hasbro's shit for years, but it's when you start asking for seconds there may be a problem. At least practice safe scatting by wearing a full body latex bodysuit that can be easily cleaned and sanitized. Put down a large tarp and remove any throw pillows from the living room if you invite friends over to have a "brown out." Most importantly, make sure to send the children, elderly, and pets away for the day when you poo poo play.

  38. I'm glad you made this video. I'm a big board game guy and YouTube threw this video into my recommendations. I want several of these games, and I've been able to watch through most of your other fun videos too. Glad to have found this channel!

  39. Obviously you have to turn the Silent King into the Twice Dead King

  40. oh you have sold me on the night cage for sure, i absolutely will be trying to get it in the near future! will also be reading on writing horror! Thank you very much for making this video!


  42. First time watching (or even seeing) a Spice8Rack video. Trying to figure out if this is a Boardgame Channel, a Horror Channel, or this is just a one off. Either way, I'm here for it.

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