Horseless Carriage - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Horseless Carriage – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Food Chain is still hard to find been trying to get a copy since your guys review of it.

  2. "So that's the first half of the game…" and that's when my brain exploded.

  3. I'm hoping they do roads and boats 2nd edition so it has art, but I know splotter would rather make something new that update an old design

  4. That weird feeling again of wanting to own but not play a game

  5. I wonder what it's like inside Tom's mind.

  6. by drinking multiple full pots of "decaf" coffee you're getting the same amount of caffeine as just drinking a reasonable amount of regular. Decaf doesnt mean no caffeine. Congrats on feeling invincible though.

  7. Why do we keep marrying mechanics together? I get that that’s part of game design sure … but I’m bad at Tetris so I can’t play the market part

  8. You should review Tokyo Tsukiji Market. 😀

  9. I love how the last shot is him purposely using a wide angle to show all of the game and Youtube decided "You know what? That's an excellent place to put the recommendations for other videos!"

  10. I feel a kinship to Tom, this game looks like so much fun to me but I know I’d be forcing most of my group to play it (and they would because they are awesome). I need to find a group that lives games like this just to scratch this itch on occasion!

  11. that mario 64 in rainbows cover really is fantastic eh?

  12. Soooooo… Galaxy Trucker for ultra-nerds. Amazing review, as always!! Fully agree with the Pipeline recommendation at the end as well 👍

  13. Tom, drink green tea or Assam tea as a coffee replacement. Wakes you up just as well, but minus the anxiety.

  14. Is that Weird Fishes by way of Mario 64 I’m hearing?

  15. I want this game. I checked at my friendly local game store. It costs over AUD300. I no longer want this game.
    Not mentioning the completely unjustifiable cost of this game is a huge oversight in this review. This is so much more expensive than any of the bloated crowd funding games with much less actual cost in components.

  16. just to let you know, decaf coffee has caffeine in it! if you need to drink multiple pots of coffee to 'trick' your brain into not giving you a withdrawal headache, you're just actually giving it enough caffeine.

  17. glad to see some mario 64 weird fishes appreciation on my favorite channel

  18. The more I watch these videos, the more I want to be friends with the SUXSD crew. Mandatory new boardgame nights? Hell yeah.

  19. Was totally expecting Tom was about to represent his personal fiddle to faff ratio on the market board.

  20. I keep reading comments saying this game is not for them, but they don't seem to get the enigma that is Splotter: their games seem like they're not even meant for the people they're meant for, and then end up being for basically everybody, and I can absolutely attest to that. Imagine if Fluxx didn't have it's initial bizarre appeal, only the bizarreness of it, and it was a Euro game. That's Splotter. Chunky, massive confusing, endless wormholes of packaged creativity that turns everyone who plays them into Darth Sidious. So yeah, it's box and pieces may not be for you, it's lengthy rules explanation may not be for you, but it defies everything we expect board games to end up being, getting excited just looking at it but then realizing it's a totally lame game in practice, and then completely flips it on it's head, giving you a game that's a chore to start and teach, but endless peaks thereafter. This company is special, and by extension their board games are special. You don't have to buy it but please promise me (or at least pretend to) that when presented an opportunity to experience one of these infinitely unique boxes filled to the brim with beautiful possibility, take it. You might not love it, but you won't regret it.

  21. I see a big excel sheet and a bunch of gray boring tiles. Hard pass

  22. Def a lot closer to Antiquity with the personal player board, surprised that wasn't compared.

  23. Another great review of a game that is probably really good. A game that would never see the light of day in my gaming group,which is sad…I suppose.

  24. This game IS for me! I look forward to trying it eventually! (They're really working tom to the bone out here, is everyone at SUSD ok?!?)

  25. Wonder how the rest of the group is doing. Just been Tom for a bit

  26. I miss Matt’s reviews. Feels like Matt and Quins aren’t associated with SU&SD anymore, with how few reviews they do.

  27. Huh, seems like a good game play digitally instead if you want to play it optimally.
    Sometimes in these very hard games, it's also just enjoyable to goof around and see what happens, journey over results, theme over points sort of thing.

  28. By the looks of it, I think cat owners should look elsewhere.

  29. Great review. It tells me that I would need to run hour+ teaches and reteaches for each group I play with and at the end of every game players would say 'we need to play that again' and we never would. Seems to be a game for people who play in the same group at the same table week in week out so they can mine it's depth. That's just not me.

  30. you will drink decaf for a while, then you will see you do not need to drink it anymore, as long as you won't start to drink coffee occasionally, then the need for decaf will be continuous 🙂

  31. Tom: "I chose this big wide angle so you could see exactly how much space this game takes up"
    Link to another video immediately covers the whole table as soon as he starts speaking
    Never change, YouTube. Never change.

  32. If this game doesn't include a trivially cheap and easy way to lobby politicians to ignore protests about the deaths your product is causing, it's historical revision on a level with any game featuring euphemized slaves.

    It does look pretty fun though. But, like… Fun in a way that we should extrapolate from guys who make you pay to play chess with them to a system where the winner of any Splotter game should be required to pay all the other players an actual dollar per hour.

  33. Quinn – Biting critique and insightful honesty

    Matt – Surreal entertainment and abstract nuance

    Tom – Passionate appreciation and enthusiastic creativity

    Ava – Technical precision and friendly encouragement

  34. I truly do not understand the love for this company's games. They're ugly, fiddly, and, worst of all, completely unfun. But Tom is a damn good reviewer.

  35. What a beautiful twist! You nearly had me in tears for sheer awe!

  36. It’s a pity, because I like the look of the game a lot but I am way too clumsy. Why not go for a magnetic player board (think fridge magnets) or even fuzzy felt?

  37. Tom, Re: caffeine and anxiety: Not sure if you're even going to see this comment, and how helpful it'll be, but I was in a similar situation, dropping caffeine because it seemed to be bad for my anxiety, and I found out that the major issue was that I was having sugar with the caffeine. Just sugarless coffee or tea doesn't have the same effect, and neither do sugary drinks without caffeine. I know every metabolism and brain chemistry is very different, but worth a try to experiment with the different variables if you really enjoy coffee like I do 🙂

  38. I would love if you did a whole Splotter Spotlight. Food Chain Magnate is great, and I only played Roads and Boats once, but I'd love to see your take on all the others.

  39. Great work as always Tom, I'd love to see you review Dungeon Degenerates, after your Turncoats review I know that tiny independent designers aren't off the table for a review anymore

  40. TOM IS THE ONLY REASON I WATCH THIS CHANNEL. You can tell the other guys already lost their passion for this. Tom still has hope in his voice

  41. Everybody loves shopping on the Wii shopping channel

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