How board games are made! -

How board games are made!

Czech Games Edition
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We visited the O.K. Oriens Karton factory in Czech Republic, which makes lots of the board games you know and love! Here’s our vlog from the visit, showing the process of creating the cards, punchboards and all the boxes!

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  1. SSSSSNNNIIIIFFFFF… Ahhh, I love the smell of "fresh" cardboard in the morning.

  2. Just going to pretend that factory machine didn't have a pin up model on it?

  3. Thanks for sharing your inside view of the game-making process. As always, your video is entertaining and instructive. I'm surprised to see so many workers handling games without gloves on. I would think that a necessity to avoid marring any game pieces.
    Really an enjoyable visit. Well done! I hope you also had the time to enjoy the magnificence of Prague!

  4. Looks like a group of happy workers, awesome video I do not regret owning these games.

  5. If the answer isn't "by magic", I'm gonna be disappointed!

    EDIT: 15,000 games every shift??? Wow. It was magic.

  6. Your video was suggested to me a few minutes ago, and what a really enjoyable and enlightening one it was! Excellent… just excellent!

  7. Manufacturing is one of those things that seems so mundane (and is in its own ways) but has a lot of really fascinating intricacies. Love seeing stuff like this.

  8. So many board games are manufactured in China.

  9. How do you not love someone who loves the smell of 'fresh cardboard'?!

  10. As somebody who works in logistics at Pegasus Spiele in germany, it's been pretty interesting to see how the games we buy from you are made 😛

    If i only would have people to try these games with then could have bought few myself

  11. " I love the smell of fresh cardboard in the morning!"

  12. Really do wonder what’s production is like for the ppl that makes Aeon end board game. Cause their material quality is pretty bad and being dead serious here. First set wasn’t that bad but the second is questionable.
    Years ago when the 2nd core set released the store me and friends fo to called black diamonds games had to return a lot of them do to missing parts, damaged or misprints. Note: this was 2018. Eventually they said screwed it and the bunch they had just put them up for sale for 60% off do to the hassle of contacting the rep of the company and getting them returned/money back.

    Even ppl ask questions when they had the Kickstarter for a new set. Stretch goals invovled new features, monsters, etc. anything about upping material quality and if ask in comments that gets shut down fast. So as a company that tells you something.
    Hence why I buy them super cheap or used at avg $25 or less instead of $45+ they charging for them. If buying that much or more the quality has to be decent/good and not cheaply made.

  13. Very cool. I was a bit surprised though that the hand sorting work was done without the use of thin white cloth gloves.

  14. All the best from North America, úžasný!

  15. This was SO COOL to see! Thanks for posting this 😊

  16. I had to stop and add a comment to say thank you for such a well done look into board game manufacturing. Who would have thought it takes 2 days to make one sheet of cardboard cutouts! A great look through the factory, nice and short yet pleasing voiceover. So many of those games on our shelves here at home in Australia!

  17. Wait aren’t you the cardboard rhino lady? How did you sync up with CGE?

  18. where is the oompa loompa there singing? 🙁

  19. 0:13 calendar aside, I need whatever that Peppa Pig game at 2:24 is for my daughter

  20. what a dream!!! seeing those boardgames come to life is amazing

  21. I had no idea this was such a manual process. Thanks for showing us how games are produced.

  22. Prague is also a beautiful woman factory… just saying….

  23. Wow, this is awesome! Is it possible for everyone to come it and take a tour (after asking for permission, of course)?

  24. Is nobody going to mention the pin up poster on the machine at the beginning of the video?

  25. Cool, love being able to see this process.

  26. My excavator from under falling skies might be there yet… Still waiting for it

  27. Good video, except the Johnny Depp Willy Wonka. Gene wilder is the only Willy Wonka.

  28. Thank yoy very much for the journey. I love your games 🙂

  29. Fantastic idea! Love this mini Documentary of your's for us

  30. Great video. CGE is the best company in the business. Always fantastic!

  31. Would have missed this if I hadn't seen it linked on Twitter. A fascinating look at game production from my favorite game presenter. Thanks, Eleni!

  32. I NEED the picture of you in the top hat. I have a NPC tinker that is a woman in a top hat and that picture is perfect. She is a major NPC who throws out plot hooks to players.

  33. Show us how Gloomhaven is made.

  34. The title of this video sounds like something I'd like to show my children. But then I see that poster on a machine, visible for a few seconds starting from 0:13.
    While it's nothing really baffling, bad or special, it's noteworthy nonetheless and one might wonder what it's doing there. It might raise an eyebrow or two, and some might even dislike it. In the end, this video is about making games and I don't think that poster is especially fitting for the entire target audience.

  35. Can I get a golden ticket too? As a board gamer game enthusiast and industrial engineer, this is like Disney to me

  36. "Pajama" and "tattoo" haha, what a delightful video!

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