How board games are made! -

How board games are made!

Czech Games Edition
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We visited the O.K. Oriens Karton factory in Czech Republic, which makes lots of the board games you know and love! Here’s our vlog from the visit, showing the process of creating the cards, punchboards and all the boxes!

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  1. So that's where dreams become reality. Is that a Dungeon Lords card game at 04:39?

  2. Are you guys producing Arnak's expansion in Spanish?

  3. Wow that was awesome to watch. Thanks for the video team!

  4. This is the way to do it, controlling your own production. Kudos to you for having the foresight to make that decision. Are all the people in this video employees of CGE?

  5. Tanto cuidado en el proceso para que salga un producto de buena calidad, para que al final Amazon te envíe la caja dañada.

  6. Thank you guys for this great insight into the birth of a board game. Plus I love the Willi Wonka reference 😅

  7. I'm going to watch this video again and look for games that have a solo mode other than "Arnak" (it's on my to buy list already). Knowing that these games are made in the Czech Republic means they are not being made in China and I want to support non-Chinese made games more.

  8. So interesting to see 😊 Many thanks for uploading 👍

  9. I love CGE as a company! I love their games and the quality of their components but knowing that their games are made in Czechia, under humane conditions, makes me love them even more!

  10. Amazing insight, thanks for sharing! Nice job to all the employees, thanks for your hard work!

  11. Thanks for the tour! Some interesting insight into how much of the process is still done 'manually' – more parts than I expected.

  12. ¡Gracias por mostrar cómo se hacen estos maravillosos juegos!

  13. CGE produces boardgames in Europe?! Wow!

  14. Awesome tour! If we could get all production and manufacturing for board games out of China, I'd be good with that. We need more companies in America and non slave countries to make this hobby perfect.

  15. Cool.

    And, well, that factory couldn't exist in the US. :-/

  16. This is fantastic ! Excellent video, thank You Eleni for the holistic overview!

  17. Wow! Tak to znamina, ze musim zase navstivit Prahu a videt tento zavod! Is there a factory store?

  18. Toller Beitrag 👍🏼😅 vielen Dank dafür 😍

  19. Woah! Does CGE print their games in Czech!!?? Im going to but every cge game I see just to support this! Every company eho dont use china is a winner in my book!

  20. Great video! I really appreciated the tour. Thank you!

  21. Very nice! If paper was used instead of shrink wrap, could that be automated? I’m glad that the company is able to manufacture locally and support the local economy.

  22. Board game makers & editors: Make more boardgames in Czechia! Do not produce them in China! Support our factories!

  23. Fascinating watch. Personally, it makes me appreciate work that it takes to makes the games we all enjoy.

  24. Outstanding human innovation! I wish Americans could make a comfortable living doing this in the USA.

  25. Always nice to have a look at production process. However, I thought more would be automated so a bit surprised of how much was done by people.

  26. Fantastic video! Honestly I'd love to work there 😀 I like touching and smelling everything what's made from paper like books and of course board games 🙂

  27. Fantastic Video, I wonder who prints the artwork, same factory? Or a different one as i didnt see a Printing press there? Also with the price of greyboard doubling in the last year it must be a tough time to make games. What a great company CGE are, fantastic games!

  28. I can only imagine the fresh board game smell in there:)

  29. So this is what a factory looks like without delays & Genocide. KS Campaigns should start sourcing local and not from Panda.

  30. Exactly such a "Hello, have a look" attitude makes Companies much more personable.
    Very nice video now I could even watch my "Ruins of Arnak" being produced ^^

  31. Hi, is there a reason for no more automatisation of completion and production the fact that you produce different games each week (if not each day) with various components and sets and that machines would be harder and more costlier to "upgrade and learn" to each new set than humans are?

    And I also think the words at 0:58 should be "words of manufacturing boardgames" instead of creating, cause there is none in creative process in the video 😉

  32. Sneakily glossing over that all plastic components are imported from china 😉

  33. Amazing, jolly clever these humans.

    I always imagined printing onto thick card, not laminating a thin printed sheet to the card.
    Those machines are a lot more precise than my manual gluing.

  34. Thank you for this! Was really interesting! 😃🤗👍🏽

  35. Trochę burdel na tym magazynie, ale pracował bym.

  36. I really like CGE and their games. My only complaint is that they have no insert in their games. So all the cardboard is in the box goes all over the box when shipping. Usually what happens is that the edges of all cardboard corners get dents and dings. Almost all of their games I’ve bought have issues. Notable examples include Tzolkins board, the player boards in Dungeon Petz, and the circular map of Pulsar 2849.

  37. Sorry the Oompa Loompas were on strike when you were there. New crew seems capable, but I understand the song and dance numbers aren't the same.

  38. "first loosely like pajamas" – I never thought I would hear shrink wrapping being equated to wearing pajamas

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