How New Board Games are Ruining the Board Game Hobby? -

How New Board Games are Ruining the Board Game Hobby?

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New board games. I love getting and playing new board games. However, I think it is killing the hobby for me. Well, not if I can help it!

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  1. It's so true! There's way too much coming out to keep up. FOMO used to get me but it became overwhelming to the point where I don't really car anymore. Haha

  2. Haha great vid! Very relatable, luckily money has forced me to slow down on the forcing of 'new' games. 😅

  3. Currently playing 7th Citadel, with ISS Vanguard languishing, but I did playthrough Earthborne Rangers and have 2 endings done for Sleeping Gods Distant Skies… I'm just supposed to play Glazyr as and when I can right? … but then we get to my 'backed' & pre-ordered list… which are all due to arrive by next spring… Mythwind, Stonesaga, Spirit Fire, Agemonia, Black Sonata, Cascadia (plus their new roll and writes), Inventors of the South Tigris, Diatoms, Forage, Kavanago, This War of Mine, Mycelia and expansions for Earthborne Rangers, ISS Vanguard, Expeditions, Earth & 7th Citadel…. and I'm considering the expansion for Zoo Tycoon… with Skara Brae, The Anarchy and Vantage later in 2025.

    We won't even discuss my unplayed list…. and deciding between Frosthaven, Oathsworn and Jaws of the Lion.

  4. About 1/3rd of my games have never been played. I'm right there with you. My goal is to stop buying and start playing.

  5. Love all of the outtakes at the end! Always keep that sense of humor, and good luck with resisting the newest and shiniest! 🙂

  6. Been there, but now I have control. The two unplayed games I have in my collection are games I got in the last week (and it's summer, so most people are away, hence very little gaming opportunities), I also aim to play my games every year, and I'm actually right on track there 🙂

  7. great video…. I guess it is a balance to keep that we all do. Getting the new shiny thing seems to be a constant in all hobbies.

  8. I'm more of a quality-over-quantity enjoyer. I try to get the best game in the particular niche or theme and pass on all the games that are "just ok". How I know that the games are the best or just ok? – I usually check if anybody in our playgroup (~50 people) has the game or join online discord group for the game and play the game on Tabletop Simulator once or twice to get a feel for it, or watch somebody play the game online – only if it passed my test I add it to the list of games to play/get – and I only buy it if it was an excellent game or there is some cheap option that popped up and nobody in our group had the game. Then every time the game is played I add some bling to it – paint minis, 3d print some pieces, buy expansion or Etsy add-on. We play a game every ~4 days and on average we play 30 games per year, so every game gets played 3-4 times (not every game is played every year). Haven't been excited about any game for a couple of years though, they all feel and play samey or not my cup of tea. Only waiting for the Iron Forest as I don't yet have any dexterity board games yet.

  9. This is me after buying close to 20 games in less than 3 months. I realized I need to stop myself urgently, my wallet and shelf can't handle my spending.

  10. I would relax the campaign rule if i were you – otherwise it could stop you playing new games or abandoning great campaigns because you want to move on.

    You could say that you cant have more than 4 going at the same time?

    Also 3 is a reasonable buffer when you've got so many games.

  11. How about the campaign games that have been bought but never started?

  12. I limit myself to a 250 game collection and sell regularly. I have a target ‘little buffer’ of 1 but sometimes go to 2 or 3 not played – but never more!

  13. Best strenght to you from Lithuniana, brother!

  14. Was a problem when got in the hobby. Have since fixed and focused more on playing what I like and limiting myself to a handful of new games in my collection each year.

    Content creators should try sharing their H index instead of how many new games they have played each month.

  15. This year, I'm actually avoiding new games in favor of expansions for games I already like. But honestly, I'm at a point where I'm more excited about playing the games I already love than trying to find a new hidden gem.

  16. The biggest problem is not too many games… It is to get one or more regular groups to play each week.

  17. Should be only one campaing game at a time hahahaha

  18. I would keep a bigger buffer especially with war games or post convention buys. Qoting the moniker of your shirt "Never Say Die". But yes limiting new games especially with non gamers is the way to go

  19. I try to not replace a theme anymore or I get rid of the previous one.

    I have Camp Grizzly and won’t get any other horror/slasher game unless I’m ready to get rid of that one.

    I had Nemesis and Lockdown and backed Retaliation but have since sold Lockdown and got a refund on Retaliation.

  20. We are living in the golden age of boardgaming. We are spoilt for choice but the problem is also we are getting BGs with sub-par design that is probably flashly, bloated with content etc. Not to forget that we have lots of influencers who are pushing games to the community without providing honest opinions.

  21. I can't afford to ruin the hobby with too many games. US economy is shit because we have a dementia patient running it.

  22. I build a cool fort with my board games
    They also keep me warm at night

  23. The worst part about this is, I paused this video three times to look up one of your games on BGG, then two of them I went to Amazon to check the price and availability. What's wrong with me!

  24. This is why I love Leder Games. If their designs are for you, you don’t need anything else! They’re made to have massive replayability and allow you and your group to really sink your teeth into them. Root and their newest, Arcs, really stick out in this regard.

  25. Tout est dit !!! Super cool vidéo. Mais vous avez de la chance j'ai le même syndrome avec les instruments de musique électronique 😂😂 best Channel ever

  26. Yep, I'm sick of it and needing to get rid of half of my collection in short and having to really, really reckon with how many games I have that have 0-1 plays and more than 5 I can probably count without using my toes. If there's something new that's really good then someone in one of my game groups will probably buy it so I've stopped buying and backing and are not trying to get some of my favorite games played and taught to new people. Going to reevaluate at the end of the year as well and probably cull more. Both feels bad to get rid of something that I know I would like but will also never actually get to enjoy but having started the process it's also not as bad once you do it.

  27. Now I feel guilty for trading you earthborn rangers…. No take backs 😂😂

  28. I play a game 3 times when I get it – which makes me enjoy the excitement I had when getting the game and explore it sufficiently before putting it back on the shelf. If I don't play a game in a year, I get rid of it. I've also found tracking my plays helps me focus on playing my games vs. buying them (especially with the Cost per play metric)! Finally, I don't start a new campaign game until I finish the last.

  29. I would love to have a home is where your games are metal poster if you guys are expanding on merch!! Would be a nice piece to put in my living room above my boardgame table!

  30. I think it’s hard to not introduce new games to non gamers friends. That’s likely one of the main ways to play unplayed games. If not how do we clear the unplayed games?

    Btw 30 unplayed games is impressive

  31. How dare you target me with this video.
    I'm the only one in my friend group with games, and I definitely feel I've turned them off by always trying to play new games.

  32. I'm so glad you guys are making a video like this. I got into the hobby just a few years ago and I've really taken this message to heart. Be careful about buying new games all the time, and try not to overwhelm the people you love with new games all the time because it might ruin it for them.
    Also, great production on this video! Fantastic job, very entertaining too!

  33. 100 is the limit. One in. One out. Been sticking to this rule years now

  34. Have exactly the same issue. Have recently made a conscious decision not to buy any more games until I have fully ‘explored’ the ones I have! Also need to finish Oathsworn and Frosthaven off before any new campaign games!

  35. This is the truest video about board gaming in a LONG time!

    Brilliant stuff guys 😆

  36. I tend to find I'm less enthusiastic about the new games coming out because so many of them are functionally just re-themes of the same mechanics I've seen a hundred times before.

  37. I have nearly 500 games… I have such a problem.

  38. I finally played Isle of cats with my kids after having it in my pile of shame for 2 years and we love it (we play the family version so far). Finding unplayed gems or unread gems (books) in your shelves feel great.

  39. If you go to the movies with a friend it’s going to set you back $60 including food. You probably never see the movie again. I always think a minimum of three plays for a game is a decent return on your investment. Similar price to a date night at the movies but enjoyed three times. Don’t sweat it bro!

  40. Just play Vijayanagara, 2 hours, full experience, doesn't require 10 plays 😀

  41. I mean if you don’t want Earthborne Rangers or find you’re not playing it, feel free to send it this way!!!

  42. Now add my steam library to my board game collection, and the stress and anxiety is crazy!, yeah me too, not buying anything else. enough is enough.

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