How to make a board game in 2021 -

How to make a board game in 2021

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0:00 Intro & Credentials
0:50 The Idea : Theme, Mechanics and Player Experience
2:26 Places to find game idea inspiration
4:56 Making a prototype
5:51 Places to find components for your prototype
7:52 Play-testing
9:16 Refining your ideas
10:00 Publishing your game
11:46 Look out for more game design tips!

Using all the knowledge I picked up interviewing designers, reading books, watching TED talks and YouTube vids and listening to podcasts on the subject, I’ve made a packed 12 min video of EXACTLY how to make your own board game, step by step!

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  1. Great video, i never found yt like this. For me who never making boardgame and not playing loot of boardgame i stole idea and mechanic from online video game that i like to watch and translate to boardgame with adding some extra mechanic.

  2. I always starts with paper pen and LEGO ❤️

    This video is so useful thank you

  3. Thank you for your videos! I'm creating a board game for my college final project (studying Arts and Design) and it's being really hard to come up with the final idea :/ I love mythology, fairies/fantasy, mistery, science fiction, arts ahahaha To create a whole new game by myself it's harder than I thought ahah but will watch all your videos

  4. Wow so many words and so little information on how to make a game…

  5. Your videos are always helpful thanks for doing what you're doing!

  6. Thanks for your videos! The book "The Art of Game Design" changed the way I look at games and game designing, and nowadays I basically put the player experience above everything else. Increasing the player experience is a good thing, even if it makes the mechanics worse, the game less balanced, etc. (Example: I played "Talisman" as a kid. Later on I realize that the mechanics suck big time, but the joy I had as kid was real. Thus it was a great game, for me, at that time.)

    Of course, a great player experience is often helped by good mechanics, better balanced games, etc. But I try to think more in terms of "how do these game mechanics help the player experience" more than "what are good game mechanics". Also, the theme, and how the theme merges with mechanics, becomes more important.

    What are your thoughts on this? Player experience above everything else, or not?

  7. Its a good video, why it has so little like)

  8. Speaking of design and uniqueness maybe you want to take a look at this newly found game called "Lagim Card Game". It's a strategic type of game wherein you need to defend your baryo against evil fiends. You may visit their FB page and website for more info.

  9. Excellent video! I studying graphics design at TAFE (the Australian term for something like vocational college) and one of my tasks is to create a board game. Your video has helped me to not feel so overwhelmed by this task and to just give it a go. Thanks so much for all the helpful information and keep up the great work! 🙂

  10. thanks for inspiring me! i'm now going to work on making a game! hopefully i'll actually work on it

  11. Thanks! I'm a game designer and I've always wanted to make a board game! These tips helped me out a lot!

  12. I think nowadays there are a lot of card games instead of real board games

  13. You mean I can actually play games INDOORS ?!

  14. my game, plush warfare stadium is underrated ngl

  15. I think you missed the materials to make the board

  16. Excellent video! Thanks😁I really appreciate you taking the time to put together such an entertaining and educational guide into game design. I have a cool idea for a game and this video has inspired me to make it a reality!

  17. The most helpful video on YouTube I ever seen!

  18. Great information organized and clear. Just one thing…any ideas and suggestions about what a prototype game would cost someone?

  19. Valuable nuggets of information! I'm making a game for my firm to help win a new client… I perhaps bit off more than I could chew but your video will help me focus! Thank you for sharing your passion with us, and in such a thoughtful way!

  20. #9:15 if you like the suggestion you are totally allowed

  21. I'm working on a boardgame and this video really got my mind straight on what to do. For the longest time I've been focusing on getting everything right the first time, and not needing to refine anything. But this video showed me that that's not realistic at all. I've got my components for my prototype, but I still need a rough draft for the rules and some playtesters, but I'm not too worried about that.

  22. I made a board game once then forgot where i put it

  23. I'm currently in the prototype phase for my board game and was wondering what type of programming/coding should I learn. It's a turn base strategy war simulator game with the battlefield being discoverable location with effects.

  24. I like that you added "or girl" when you said to search for a guy to do your artwork. 😉 (or was it to write the rules? I ll have to watch again I guess)

  25. Thanks from Russia! You helped me have created my school project about these them. Thanks from all
    (Why you have very few comments and likes? Very good work of voice and video's idea)

  26. Hello sir! Thanks for this introduction. I just subscribed to your channel and this is the first video I watched. Wow! So helpful! Is there one (or two) of the books you mentioned at the beginning of the video that I should read first? I've been working on a game for a few months now and need to do this the right way. I'm kinda stuck now… Thanks!

  27. One quick question i see that many of your games are german so im wondering if your german or live in germany
    if its too personal you dont have to answer

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