How to make a board game in 2021 -

How to make a board game in 2021

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0:00 Intro & Credentials
0:50 The Idea : Theme, Mechanics and Player Experience
2:26 Places to find game idea inspiration
4:56 Making a prototype
5:51 Places to find components for your prototype
7:52 Play-testing
9:16 Refining your ideas
10:00 Publishing your game
11:46 Look out for more game design tips!

Using all the knowledge I picked up interviewing designers, reading books, watching TED talks and YouTube vids and listening to podcasts on the subject, I’ve made a packed 12 min video of EXACTLY how to make your own board game, step by step!

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  1. Thank U so much again. Thanks for sharing your energy, enthusiasm and so on. You are so inspiring! Keep going!!! ☀️🍀

  2. I have a question, could you recommend any application or mapping program for board games? .I've already done everything but I have a problem with the board

  3. I've just found your channel and watched a couple of your videos after having watched so many other videos from others and read so many articles about board game design and here, within minutes, I found a few solutions to issues with the game I'm designing so thank you very much.

  4. Design Games really Good Idea,much fun during these, you can share speical games with your friends.some times i do this with my daugther.But most time we produce large quantity Games for the designers. Really Fun.

  5. Question? Is it legal to create am add on/ mod for an existing commercial board game. Not using any of their art or logos… just referencing some of the locations / names and properties in the game. No logo or artwork use at all. Just curious before I develop… if it is a 50/50 perhaps I will use an S-Corp to protect personal liability

  6. Great video. Subscribed. What file format do I need for cardboard manufacturers?

  7. God knows I needed this video. Thanks Ali!

  8. Can you please suggest me some idea of board game for accounts

  9. This is actually really helpful! However I’m still having a bit of trouble with making it

  10. Me hearing there are over 200 mechanics ha rookie numbers

  11. Great channel. Great to meet you. I've just uploaded our game of influencer to my channel. Gave you a shout brother!

  12. Nice overview but like any other of these videos you go from "Have an idea" to "make a prototype" and I'm pretty sure there's a few steps in the middle people always miss out. Y'know… The hard bit where you actually design the thing.

  13. I have started building a board game or atleast I would call it that but its done with lego and there is an attacker and defender the defender has to defend there posistion and the attacker muat take it over the attacler starts with 600 men and defenders have 450 (i dont have that many minifigures but I just put in about 8 on one side and 10 on the other) and each turn they can do something but each thing is different for example only defemders could dig a trench and get machine guns and attackers could get artillery and tanks and charge but both sides can do a shootout and recover and each of these will take up one turn and thats it im still working on it but probablly not making it official or anything like that but hopefully no one will steal the idea

  14. Happy New year folks! I thought I would start the year with a quick summary of how to make a board game using the knowledge I've picked up in the last year chatting with "proper" board game designers! Let me know if you think I've missed anything out or if you have any questions I can help with!

  15. Hi, I'm planning on makinng a channel with simple design challenges for new designers. If it is ok, I will add a link to this.

  16. Excellent video, Ali. Amazing and thorough recap. Would love to see more of the games you and your son have been working on.

  17. Another excellent video Ali. This is really one of the most professionally produced board game channels; it's thoughtful, content is balanced and accessible. Ali, what can we do to help this channel grow? We really need this to land on people's feeds.

  18. As someone that's also developing a board game for the last year, I agree with everything you said on the video!

    You CAN'T burrow components from other games on Tabletopia. You can do it on TableTop Simulator, wich is another platform.

    PS: The background music was too low, I couldn't listed to it in order to judge it, but it seemed cool from what I could hear hehe

  19. You made it look so easy and accessible.. You are a great teacher sir.. Keep it up

  20. This is a comment to help you out with the youtube algorithm.

  21. Great video Ali! Think you really laid it all out very nicely. I definitely think the theme of the board game is extremely important. For example the great board game Santorini started out as a totally abstract (rather ugly) logic game, but when it got the new theme of Greek mythology sold much better, looks amazing and I think it's a superb gaming experience. Love the music too Will+Lydia! (Or Lydia+Will…?)

  22. Awesome! So when will you show us your card game? 🙂

  23. Excellent and motivating video for 2021, thank you!

  24. Thank you for the tabletopia tip! I will definately use that one for my board game!

  25. Love seeing you back! Great start to the new year videos.

  26. What I love is that your pronunctiation is so clear I can train my ear as I learn about game design, as english is not my main language. Also your videos are just the right lenght. Congratulations, mister.

  27. You packed a ton of information into this video. As someone who has recently gotten into board game design, this was super helpful.

  28. Hey Folks – Thanks for all the kind comments! Just a quick correction to my vid though : as Panon Corvo da Tempestade says "You CAN'T burrow components from other games on Tabletopia, but you can do it on TableTop Simulator".

  29. Tip number 6 has been very helpful for me so far!

  30. Hi, I would like to see some videos about production and more economical aspects about game production and industry. For example what are options of self productions, what companies can do it, how expensive it is, how to set a final price of the game to not be overpriced, how to set kickstarter campaign correctly, how it works when I want to find a publisher, how to deal and communicating with them, what is usual profit share with publisher, what are usual mistakes during publishing, how to marketing board games etc… more practical things after getting a game to the playable and satisfiing version. I'm from Czechia and our board game market is not that developed as yours, but we are getting into it and I think it will be tredny as yours in a few years, so I would like to know this things from your point of veiw. Thank you!

  31. A quick question for a friend of mine. She's looking to create a board game that is based on a popular piece of media, specifically an anime. Obviously the majority of anime is owned by whatever named company in Japan.

    My guess is that she's been wondering how to go about creating this game based on that piece of media so as to not face any backlash from whatever company owns it. Would there possibly be a way to get around that or is there something more intricate that she needs to do in order for her game to come to fruition?

  32. So when you write the rules you keep changing them based when your playing with people and while refining???

    I don't know if you understand me …..?

  33. I would like to see a video on the types of materials to choose from for the Board itself, player pieces, community chest & chance card material, paper money material.

    Approximate costs and places to buy the materials would be nice if included as well

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