How to Play Backgammon -

How to Play Backgammon

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Learn how to play backgammon, a fun classic two-player board game! To win, move all of your checkers into your own home board and then bear them off. Brush up on the rules and sharpen your skills with our quick video guide.

Video Transcript:

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  1. Thanks bro I have subscribed you I see all your video

  2. Chess is better in my opinion, but nice explanation!

  3. This seems a lot easier than it looked

  4. Ok…. my board does not match their board. My colors are different…

  5. The illustration is wrong . The spikes or whatever they are called are colored wrong

  6. …… I watch it multiple times… I just chuck the game set out of existence
    My little sister want to play but
    We playing checker now

  7. This is how you explain a game to new players. Thank you so much!

  8. Thank you ….what animation program was used for this tutorial?? do you have a wikiHow on this program …Thanks

  9. I’ve just watched two videos to learn backgammon but I find the instructions spoken too fast and I simply don’t get it.

  10. So roll the dice and get your pieces off the board? not exactly a game of skill, is this a good game? I can't even tell.

  11. Watched this thing 7 times, still have no idea what’ to do

  12. The first part of this video shows the wrong colours on the right hand side, the bottom rightmost triangle is black instead of white!

  13. Sooo, what the HELL was that piece in the middle all about? What do you do, and how do you roll it back into play, or what happens if you don't? Why the F**K can't I get a straight f**king answer on how the f**k to play this sonofabitching game!?

  14. I've had my chess board that can be used for backgammon for ten years and I've only decided to learn it today lmao

  15. I’m 38 and I still have no idea how this game is played. I don’t even understand after reading the instructions. I barely understand even after watching this video.

  16. Ludo maybe played like this in some other universe

  17. Good explanation, finally grasped what the other videos had gabbled.

  18. This video is ok, but has one example that is incorrect. If you role a 1 and a 2, you cannot move 3 if both the 1 and 2 spots are blocked.

  19. Great, now I have to send this vid to my friend and we can play together.

  20. That was not good from a technical standpoint.

  21. Well i guess this game would forever be the game on the backside of my chest board

  22. Ever since I was a child on my dad's Nokia phone I wondered how this game worked
    And now I still dont

  23. My Palestinian dad and his iraq freinds play this game it’s really confusing I still don’t understand trying to learn

  24. That actually makes a bit more sense now. Thank you!

  25. I don't understand with help of this video

  26. I don’t get it Ive watched this 10 Times and still did not get it

  27. This How-to is not confusing. Watch other vids and all of them were confusing.

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