How to Play Board Games Online I Playing Remotely with Friends -

How to Play Board Games Online I Playing Remotely with Friends

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Playing Board games online is a good alternative when you can’t meet your friends in person. Here are 8 ways to play board games remotely, you can even play them solo or with random people on the internet.

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0:22 Tabletopia ()
0:55 Tabletop Simulator ()
1:54 Roll20 ()
3:17 Boardgame Arena ()
4:50 Virtual Versions of games
5:29 Video Call
6:10 Your turn My turn ()
6:42 Boiteajeux ()

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Catan Universe:
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^ They also have mobile apps ^

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  1. BGA is crushing the competition right now. They have been adding 1 new game every week and have the largest game library with many classics and award winning games and biggest playerbase by a mile. Plus it's easier and takes less time than TTS, because you don't need to set-up the game, count points at the end and you won't be able to make any illegal moves (useful for beginners that don't know all the rules). It even has ranked ladder for those who want to really test their skills. All in all it's fast, easy and community is super friendly aswell.Although if you have experienced gaming group that is looking for more immersion then TS might be better, especially for some RPG's like DnD, Arkham, etc.

  2. I really like Play there almost daily since 2012. It's turn based with no actual live play, but I guess I like it becauce of that.

  3. woah dude, that stoner zoom video effect,
    I am huge fan of TTS, since it gives so much freedom and power for advanced users:
    – ability to get games which aren't available in workshop (hit by DMCA takedown) by sharing save files
    – ability to modify tables to suit your houserules or improve incomplete mods
    – it's really easy to import your games, if you have an access to scanner

    Also it's often goes on sale, so you can often get it with 70% discount.

  4. Is there any cool online boardgames for 10+ people? 🙂

  5. Really good list! I'd also recommend looking into Vorpal Board. It's an amazing platform that lets you actually play your physical board games remotely.

  6. Online sites I have mostly used:
    yourturnmyturn (jijbent)
    boiteajeux (over 50% non french users)
    conquerclub (tons of Risk-system maps and variations)

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