How to Play Dead By Daylight: The Board Game -

How to Play Dead By Daylight: The Board Game

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Death is not an escape. Grab your flashlights, throw some pallets, and get ready to experience the thrills and chills of everyone’s favorite asymmetrical survival horror game in board game form. Level 99 Games’ Dead By Daylight: The Board Game lets you take on the role of an intrepid survivor or a monstrous killer in a thrilling multiplayer game. Join Becca Scott as she breaks down everything you need to know about how to play Dead By Daylight: The Board Game.

This video is made in paid partnership with Level 99 Games. Learn more about Dead By Daylight: The Board Game here:


  1. Not authentic unless survivors are t bagging and telling me to kys

  2. I do have a question though. What if by chance all 4 survivors are hooked? Is that an auto won for the player who is playing the killer?

  3. The best thing in this game is there’s no gen rush or tunneling lol

  4. cool cool but survivors are overpowers just go ahead and remove them leave killers only

  5. It has the same feeling like dungeons and dragons

  6. the fact geek and sundry hasn't fully croaked is wild to me

  7. THANK YOU! This makes things so much more helpful 😂

  8. It's good to know that if my internet goes out, I can still play monopoly

  9. Pretty annoyed that everyone who contributed the most to the Kickstarter will get their copies about a month after retail release. I don’t mind waiting for kickstarters, but how they’ve handled it is very unethical business.

  10. So what button do I press to use Dead Hard?

  11. Yeah that's cool and that, but can you tunnel in this game?

  12. Can I loop the killer on the board game too

  13. If you want to DC, you just flip the table….

  14. step one: buy the game.
    step two: complain about the game not being a different game.
    step three: ruin the game for people who actually like it and want to play.

    Congratulations you are a DBDsimp!

  15. This game seems really complicated though… 😅 Or is it just me getting old. So many things to keep track of and to consider. 🤔🤔 Id have to watcg this video at least 5 times before I’d feel confident enough to sit down and play it 😱

  16. Those miniatures are surprisingly well detailed. They'd probably look really good painted.

  17. The survivors have to speak so the killers can hear, what he can't hear is they are all using their phones under their table on Discord.

  18. Okay this actually seems like a really cool little game to play once in a while with friends

  19. Did the developers of this board game get on their political soapbox like they original developers did in the video game?

  20. Wait for survivor mains to demand the company reprint the game with new rules to give them a higher chance of winning.

  21. Bring back table top and play this game there!!!

  22. Blimey that's a lot to take in (gonna watch the play through in a min). At first look this seems similar to Betrayal At House on the Hill (my favourite boardgame) but with more "book keeping" steps. Thank you 👏😍

  23. As someone who backed the collecter’s edition this gets me really excited! The game looks fantastic and faithful to the video game itself! It’s one of my favorite games to play and I’m gonna love playing this with the family:)

  24. And if the killer stay in the room he could interact?? I think I read that, if the killer don't move, he can't interact with props

  25. Excellent video, very entertaining and explanatory, but I have a small question: If the survivor who is hung on the hook is not rescued in the same round, does he die or what happens to him?

  26. How does it compare to Terrorscape?

  27. Pretty sure I could watch Becca Scott describe farming equipment pretty happily. I find her unbelievably charismatic

  28. I have this on the way from Kickstarter can't wait for it to arrive.

  29. It's good to have you guys back. I've missed the how to play videos.

  30. Thank his no huntress I would’ve die fast from her hit box

  31. This looks more balanced that the original videogame

  32. This is more balanced than the damn video game

  33. This is not what I would have thought for a dead by daylight board game.

    Videos well done, unsure about the board game.

  34. Why is the audio mixing on this so bad.. Becca's voice is so quiet so the bleep and intro jingle are deafening if you turn it up to hear becca

  35. Thanks. Will buy when they make it 2-6 players.

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