How to Play Dominion in 3 Minutes - The Rules Girl -

How to Play Dominion in 3 Minutes – The Rules Girl

The Rules Girl
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Learn to Play Dominion, the original deck-building game, in just 3 minutes with The Rules Girl. If you’d like more ultra-concise rules explanations, considering subscribing to our channel. If you’re interested in getting a copy of Dominion or our other recommendations, consider using an affiliate links below:

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  1. This is an awesome video. Straight to the point and told me exactly what I needed to know. Keep up the awesome work!!!

  2. Brilliant! I love the concept. Quick, right to the point and suggestions! Subscribed!

  3. Just bought dominion and it seems very fun

  4. Does anyone else enjoy calling the Duchy cards "dookie?"

  5. I wish every rule overview out there was as direct and straight to the point as this. Fantastic.

  6. Awesome video. Short, direct, concise, straightforward, clear, simple and comprehensive. Thank you!

  7. This is amazingly concise. Thank you for that! I just wanted to quickly point out for anyone who may misinterpret like me that when she says the game continues until 3 stacks of cards have been entirely purchased, this INCLUDES the yellow, green and purple cards and not just the kingdom cards in the middle. Nothing wrong with what rules girl said, just my misinterpretation based on what the video was showing. By the way, if like me you're curious as to whether there are any rules in the rulebook that wasn't covered in the video, keep reading

    -Each turn has 3 phases – action, buy, clean-up. You must finish 1 phase before moving on to the next

    -You can play an action card even if you can’t do everything on the action card, but you MUST do everything you can

    -You must fully resolve 1 action card before playing another

    -When card tells you to discard, they mean discard from your hand unless otherwise stated

    -The top card of a player’s discard pile must be visible to all players

    -When discarding multiple cards into your Discard pile, you only need to reveal how many you’re discarding. You do NOT have to show what cards you’re discarding

    -During clean-up phase, when placing both your used and unused cards into the discard pile, you do NOT have to reveal what the cards were

    -The next player may start their turn when the previous player starts their clean up phase to speed up the game

    -Trashed cards are removed from the game and are NOT available for purchase

    -Reveal = show card to all players then return it to wherever it came from (unless stated otherwise)

    -If your deck doesn’t have enough cards to reveal, shuffle the Discard pile to create a new deck, then reveal the required number of cards

    -Set aside = place card on table face-up without following the card’s instructions

    -Any unused cards/resources/coins etc from the current turn does NOT carry over to the next turn

    -The game ends when you have emptied the pile of Province cards (6 victory points) or ANY 3 supply piles (not just Kingdom cards)

    -Supply pile = any pile of card that you can purchase

    -A player may count how many cards are left in his Deck, but not in his Discard pile

    -A player may not look through his Deck or Discard pile

    -A player may look through the Trash pile

    -A player may count cards in any supply pile

    -If an ability of a card affects multiple players, and the order matters, resolve that ability for each affected player in turn order, starting with the player whose turn it is.

    -When an Action card allows a player to gain a card costing up to a certain value, he may not add coins from his hand or other action cards to gain a higher-valued card.

    -The rulebook clarifies what each kingdom card does

  8. Not one second of precious time wasted, yet left knowing everything I need to in order to play. Just getting into boar gaming, why the game company doesn't release something like this idk, but def. subbed and threw a like to support.

  9. Tried the game once, feels so short when the game ends once 3 stacks has been depleted.

  10. So it's bad to have victory point cards show up in your 5 card hand since they won't do anything?

  11. Rules Girl, Are you trying to impress me? Because it’s working.

  12. After years I've shaved down my new player spiel to a tight 25 minutes. Instead I'm just going to link this from now on.

  13. I played this game once. It didn't do it for me. Funnily enough, Arctic Scavengers did.

  14. I've been playing for years but I didn't know the number of victory cards (we always freeballed it lol) or that the game could also end with 3 empty piles… weird!

  15. What is your accent? It sounds so familiar to me

  16. Great and concise explanation!! And I liked the end it where you recommended games based on dominion!!

  17. wow that was hard to follow..just read the instructions

  18. Thanks, nice and short, no messing around.

  19. Some mistakes:
    1) You don't add up Treasures in your hand, but Treasures that you play. This is important with many Expansion cards.
    2) Kingdom cards you can buy are not just "special Action cards".
    3) The game ends when any three piles are empty, not "entirely purchased". This includes for instance Curses, which will pretty much never be purchased.

  20. My version does not have the "wood cutter" card

  21. This channel is a thing!?!? I love youtube. Great work!

  22. You are awesome thank you for this! You got a new subscriber for sure!

  23. Dominion is no longer available in Hungary. Can you please help me, if there is other similar games out there like this one?

  24. "What's your favorite card in Dominion?"
    It's hard to argue with his assessment.

  25. Rules Girl and 3 minute board games are the bestttt

  26. I love your accent. Would you ever date a dumb guy?

  27. this game is the stupidest fucking thing i've ever seen. how would you even know if you're winning or losing, there's no way to tell how much estate you have other than trying to count cards for not only you but the enemy. there's practically no interaction with any other player throughout the game, everything is completely reliant on rng, so much so that you cant even use the cards you purchase…you're just supposed to buy and hope for the best. this game is 0% skill and 100% boring as fuck.

  28. tie breaker rules if same victory points ? also do both players get equal number of turns or game ends immediately when piles are empty, if it ends immediately 1st player will always have an advantage I'd think

  29. Thank you my copy didn’t come with a rulebook

  30. Excellent! I was looking for a quick refresher, since it's been years since I last played it. Your video was just what I needed, thanks!

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