How to Play Frostpunk: The Board Game - How to Game with Becca Scott -

How to Play Frostpunk: The Board Game – How to Game with Becca Scott

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In Frostpunk: The Board Game, based on a bestseller video game by 11bit studios, up to four players will take on the role of leaders of a small colony of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world that was hit by a severe ice age. The gameplay is brutal, challenging, and complex, with society members issuing demands and reacting accordingly to the current mood, so every decision and action bears consequences.

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Becca Scott:

Director: Jake Michels
Cinematographer: Sam Bermudez
Editor: Samuel Bermudez
Set Design: Katie Michels
Equipment: @Blackmagic Design

00:00:00 – Intro & Overview
00:00:34 – Start of Setup: Scenario Selection
00:00:55 – Setup – Map
00:01:44 – Setup – Bank & Expedition Display
00:02:37 – Setup – Boards & Tokens & Cards
00:05:17 – Setup – Advisor Selection & Remaining Setup
00:06:31 – Gameplay – Start
00:06:48 – Gameplay – Loss Conditions & Winning
00:07:40 – Gameplay – Phases Overview
00:08:03 – Gameplay – Dawn Phase
00:08:34 – Gameplay – Morning Phase
00:08:51 – Gameplay – Generator Phase
00:09:51 – Gameplay – Weather Phase
00:10:29 – Gameplay – Preparation Phase
00:11:05 – Gameplay – Action Phase & Types of Actions
00:13:12 – Gameplay – Dusk Phase
00:13:38 – Gameplay – Hunger Phase
00:14:21 – Gameplay – Night Phase
00:14:38 – Gameplay – Night Phase & Extra Mechanics
00:15:06 Outro

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  1. Looks like the difficulty on the boardgame is about the same as Survivor mode. Bloody hell

  2. Why are the citizens called meatballs?

  3. I saw first screenshots, I thought it looked basic. Wtf is this game! 😂

  4. Me and y wife love the video game of this..was excited for the board game..but then we were thinking, lots of things are automated in the pc game.. so this one might be tedious And look at the area you’d need to play

  5. i believe this game is not well suited for board games, not that it cant be done but some things are just better in a certain way. It's harder to understand how to play the game rather than actually playing the game lol.

  6. I love complicated games but JFC this was way to much. Good luck finding any group let alone spending the hours it will take to make any non massive hard core board gamer to understand.

  7. Mmm, I imagined designing a frost punk board game myself. – This one seems overly complicated. Mine was more simplistic.

  8. With all that setup i've already decided I am NOT getting this game. That's way too much stuff to setup, it's just absurd.

  9. I kick-started this game but haven't played it yet. After seeing the 5 minute setup video I now know that I never will.I had no idea the game was going to have this kind of setup. There are many games that we are already tired of before even beginning. I wish they would make go games where setup is part of the game and is gradually built up organically as you play.

  10. LOL the setup just kept going and kept going. Every time I thought it was done, it just went on and on. I had to check the date of the video a few times to check to see if it was April 1st.

  11. Wow, that's a beast of a setup. Great tutorial, thank you.

  12. Looks like an amazing game that I could NEVER convince anyone else to play.

    These video game based board games always seem to add a bunch of mechanics without considering that it will all need to be ran/tracked manually and how complicated it becomes. It’s like they forget that board games don’t run themselves like video games do

  13. This is the best tutorial that I have seen for this game thus far! Nice work, and thank you!

  14. This is the first time I'm watching any of your content.Absolutely fantastic presentation! I always prefer short rules presentations like this one.I do have one problem though. I had to restart the video several times as i got distracted by your brilliant smile 🙂I'll look for more of your videos in the future.

  15. That's alot of set up for a gimmick. Was interested in this but now it's a hard pass.

  16. So excited to see this game finally featured on your channel! Such a concise breakdown of the setup and the general rules of play. I think this is exactly what our players have been waiting for! 💜

  17. I just finished playing my first run! What timing! We lost all hope but it sure was fun lol

  18. Thank you so much for making this! I was looking for something exactly like this that would give a high level overview of the rules and flow of the game. Can't wait to start playing this game 🙂

  19. I would watch Becca read a spreadsheet.
    And then go buy that spreadsheet.

  20. Remember to Like or something little might get frozen

  21. A lot of set up and a LOT of steroids each round. But after one playthrough it was surprisingly easy to keep track of. There is (good) theme in everything so things like cold, weather, death etc. just make sense.

  22. I'm exhausted just watching the board get set up.

  23. Video is great. Jumps right in to teaching with minimal preamble. Clearly presented and quality overview.

  24. Awesome job. Great overview. I'm just putting the finishing touches to my full video today, which is slightly longer 🙂

  25. Never heard of it but it sounds like my kind of thing. Great video.

  26. Yesss! My first kickstarter for it arrived a month ago, can't wait to dig in! Thanks for the video!

  27. Is it very luck-based as This War of Mine tabletop version?

  28. I'm trying to not buy this one i have too many boardies

    but you are making me want to buy it becca

  29. Thank you. This will be excellent for new players to get them oriented before play. There is a lot to the game. It's intimidating. But, it actually plays fairly well/smoothly. [First time I played it, we made it to round 5, playing a friend's copy.] I am a lot less worried about running a game myself thanks to this video. Keep up the good work.

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