How to Play Jumanji the Game from Spin Master Games -

How to Play Jumanji the Game from Spin Master Games

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A game for those who seek to find a way to leave their world behind. Beware! Do NOT begin unless you intend to finish!

Stalking lions. Charging rhinos. Snapping crocodiles. In the wild world of Jumanji, they’re only a die roll away. Grab your pawn, roll the 8-sided number die, and move through the jungle. Draw a danger card. Use the decoder to discover the secret message and see if disaster strikes. Your fellow players must race against time to rescue you. The jungle threatens and begins to fill up the Doomsday Grid. If the grid fills up, the jungle overpowers you and your fellow players and everyone loses. If you are the first to reach the center before the Doomsday Grid fills up, yell “Jumanji!” and win!





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  1. I'm 31 and thank you lmao . Oh this is old I'm looking for the new one that came out

  2. Its Chrismas and we got this in the bargain bin.Its now on the open fire!

  3. This game has too many rules!! Very confusing.

  4. My friend’s and I would play this game as kids, we would roll the dice, move our characters and then pretend that a jungle creature was released, we would run around the Neighbourhood pretending to be running from monkeys or a stampede. We would go all out and be as dramatic as possible! One of us would be dying, one would be turning into an animal, and at the very even someone would say Jumanji and be the hero!

    Sigh. I miss those days.

  5. Hi friend can I use your video for dubbing in tamil language and if I get any revenue I can share. Just let me know. Thanks

  6. Why your SPIN MASTER JUMANJI Wooden box game or paper printed game board map look different than the original JUMANJI board game ?! Why you didn’t put a speaker in wooden version of the game with lights and sounds of the game ?! Other games of yours as SANTORINI or MARVEL UNITED are amazing. Good job in most of your board games.

  7. What happens when not all fellow players, but only few of them roll either the matching symbol or the hourglass.

  8. Thank you. What happens if a player is trapped behind a rhino and another player escapes the jungle space so all players move forward. Does the player behind the rhino stay in their place?

  9. Or you can just play any other modern board games. Spin Master even has much better games, like Santorini.

  10. What’s the difference between a blank space and a jungle space?

  11. Based on the fantasy movie about a game that comes to life. Break the spell you'll have win the game

  12. Thanks bro you helped me understand how to play Jumanji, thank you

  13. The best explain and it is very fun game thank you

  14. Thank you I just got this for my children it's raining all week so we are learning to play

  15. I remember as a kid I was bummed for not being the same model as the movie lol.

  16. with nano's you can make pig human babies – well you know you got to hunt them – they was cheating taking all the good healthy parts to make a kosher meal

  17. those rules are very good, very related to movie.

  18. sticker dice is a deal breaker for me, they always fall off. Shame, Looks fun though

  19. Do not begin unless you intend to finish…………….CAP!

  20. Best rules explanation I've come across but I still don't get the following.
    If you land in jungle and you get saved and you get to move 1 space but your still in the jungle after the 1 space move do you do the saving thing again until you are out?
    Not very clear

  21. I bought Jumanji 3 times because the stickers kept coming off the dice for no reason. I only got to play it once.

  22. In the rules the timer is supposed to be about 8 seconds but the actual timer included is about 35-40. Anyone know why?

  23. Personally, for me, this game was a little boring. When we play a game, we all think of winning. This game is like a loop which never ends with winning chances of 2%. Every round, it's the same boring thing, pick a card or blah blah blah. I prefer Monopoly

  24. What is really amazing is that there aren't any playable Jumanji board games that exist as far as I know that have tokens which are shaped like a rhino' elephant' crocodile and monkey together like in the movie. There's one where they're all rhinos but that's about it.

  25. Just picked this up today at an antique shop for 7 dollars.

  26. I had the Jumanji board game once.

  27. That game sux . Didn't enjoy it at all. Is boring boring boring

  28. I still have a question tho, what if only one player matches the symbol on the card ? Is the other player safe or not

  29. I really need to know all of this because I got the Jumanji game

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