How to Play: Monster Hunter World The Board Game -

How to Play: Monster Hunter World The Board Game

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  1. So I have question? About the Hunter tokens. So for example say there's 3 hunters playing. The previous hunter phase it says only 2 hunters can act, and after they do so they turn their tokens face down, and etc. On the next turn for the hunters, say the card says 2 Hunters can act again, does that mean only the 3rd hunter can act since he didn't go last turn, or can the previous 2 hunters attack again???

  2. Got a question about the rules, we broke 3 body parts of the barroth but ran out of time, do we still get the reward for the broken parts like in the videogame?

  3. Wife and I just got this and this video helped a ton! She understood right away but I needed a visual component to help explain some of the finer details. Thanks a bunch! Love the minis by the way. I just started painting mine too! 😀

  4. Where did you get the token carrier??? I need one lol I hate using plastic bags

  5. I'm not sure if I happened to miss it in the instructions or what, but I cant tell what the second dial is for on the monster health tracker. The one with the single digit values

  6. Thank yooouuu!! This vid helped my friends and I so much!! The painted figures look dope!!

  7. Great video we started playing so confused you helped out a ton

  8. Did i miss something? I dont think it explain how many attack card are drawn or if we are suposed to draw them into your hand or anything?

  9. What happens in the case of having 2 hunters activate, but only having 1 hunter token "active" does that one hunter take his action, then all flip back over to being active, then the team discusses who gets the other activation?

  10. Your tutorial is and has been most helpful. I love the franchise and never even knew there was a board game of it, so I've been trying to learn it. I'm not an experienced board game player by any stretch and this one feels quite involved to be honest, but I love the amount of detail and mechanical fidelity they managed to cram in. As for the question, Great Sword all the way, in both cases.

  11. Do you still play Dark Souls? Do you see yourself getting rid of it?

  12. Simple, effective, clean presentation of the rules without any major fluff. Top tier learn to play. Thank you

  13. So we played our first game just recently, and I'm glad we didn't do any major errors during our game. Some of the rule-description are not as clear, and leave some room for interpretation.24:55 I also appreciate the hand gesture for drawing from a empty deck 😁

  14. Tried playing this but found we always lose. Either we play too aggressive and lose to having little to no spaces for dodging, or we try to manage stamina and lose to time cards being horribly cruel.When we finally beat the first assigned quest we thought to fight a monster that would give good rewards for the weapons we were using. That monster was Rathalos, from playing actual MHW we assumed that 1 star quests would all be similar difficulty and that it'd just be a different moveset/resists but it's stats and armour are absurdly high.Assuming you still check comments, any tips on combat and the long metagame of campaign runs? I feel like I have to be doing something wrong

  15. what I am still hazy about on dodges and sprints is:You can play any number of cards face down for dodge (up to the necessary value to dodge the monster attack i guess?), but they will occupy only one place on the stamina boardIs it the same for sprinting? so I can play 2 cards with 1 agility, occupy one slot on the stamina board, and move 2? or in the case of sprinting I need to play the two cards in 2 different stamina board spot?

  16. Does hunting higher difficulty monsters (like 2 star Barroth versus 1) yield more rewards or is it the same?

  17. Just to be sure, my rules say I need to beat a 4* monster, but is it really a missprint ?

  18. I'm a huge fan of the video games, been a Greatsword main for a loooong time though I started out with the Lance and the Bow. Haven't had a chance to play the Board Game yet but I've got my all-in pledge and I'm hoping to get it to the table tomorrow! Thanks for the rules explanation!

  19. Great video!!!! Thanks!!! I want to fight agains diablos with the great sword!!!

  20. Great video, we were very confused and this answered all our questions

  21. Would love to see your finished painted figures up close and your game play videos. Nice work!

  22. Great video. One thing SFG always do is they always split up all the rules for each aspect too much. My first play it took me so long to figure out the hunter token assignment becuases it wasnt in the glossary. Videos like this help with that issue.Also charge blade gang rise up

  23. Thank you for the video, your explanation of everything is super clear and well, just excellent.

  24. Loved your dark souls playthroughs, watched every video. I hope you continue on Monster Hunter!

  25. I actually got into the DS as a result of watching your playthroughs. This time I already have the MHW and enjoy it immensly as shown on the channel:) Great video and very informative. Well done mate, thank you!

  26. Super helpful video! Definitely will make learning this game easier. Thank you.

  27. really cool paintwork, im planning on painitng my and was wondering what you used
    did you get a black primer first or just paint on the model directly?

  28. I would love to see the painted figures up close

  29. Hi, you explain it very well. You wanna do a playthrough for the beginner quest?
    Nice painting on baroth btw 🙂

  30. So what exactly did the terrain tokens do? Awesome explanation as I am hoping to play the game soon. Thank you!

  31. Thank you, you did a really good job with this one! I definitely learned a lot of the basics 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you play the campaign as well, to pick up even more rules – until I get my own copy!

  32. Where can you buy this? I missed the kickstarter 🙁

  33. Not gonna lie. Looking at the minis s giving me fomo

  34. Great video! And great job on the painting, just beautiful! Would love to see a more clear view of the minis!

  35. How are your pieces painted? I thought they come green

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