How to Play Resident Evil 3: The Board Game | How to Game with Becca Scott -

How to Play Resident Evil 3: The Board Game | How to Game with Becca Scott

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Becca Scott teaches you how to play Resident Evil 3: The Board Game from @Steamforged Games! See if you have the grit to make it through each individual scenario, or take on the full overarching storyline campaign in this co-operative zombie survival game! Click SHOW MORE to check it out!

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  1. Now would need same set of rules for the new Resident Evil 1st Board Game, it is very similar in many ways, but many new rulings as well seem to be there!

  2. Becca always = a good time! ❤🥰💐

  3. It needs an advanced explanation. What do you do with the critical rolls on the red dice?

  4. I would've loved to watch her and her friends play it 😀

  5. The best resident evil tutorial, Thanks a lot

  6. Great intro to rules. Looks a fun zombie monster crawler.

  7. Beautiful components. The game looks nice too… Great presentation!

  8. Ah, Becca, here is a Resi game. It might be handy if you, the master of unlosing, teach it to us.

  9. Fingerless gloves, ultimate signifier of badassery. Respect.

  10. 10/10 outfit. 3/10 cash-grab board game.
    This weird trend of turning video games into dungeon crawlers is …odd. Even weirder than so many board games getting turned into video games.

  11. Respect to your makeup person and set decorator. The bloodstains exceed my expectations.

  12. My zombie survival plan includes sheltering with Becca & playing board games until we’re rescued

  13. Loved the presentation, i have the game but didnt had time to play yet, need to play with some friend

  14. Will there be a Resident Evil 3 board game play though?

  15. I love this game, hours of fun and replayability

  16. The old clock tower? But that got hit by lightning back in 1955!

  17. Becca looking good as always. And I really like the explanations as now a proud owner of the game myself. Yet could you guys please make a playlist on your channel where all the how to game videos are united?

  18. The game is a garbage!
    Don't buy it unless you a big ip fan and it's on huge discount!
    Rules are mess and quality of components is bad!
    It seem Steamforged games don't even have QA team.

  19. only rule I didn't like in the re2 game was how you are supposed to restart the whole game if you fail on a scenario to many times.

    I just took a picture of my starting equipment and if I failed I'd look at what I started with and retry kind like a save in the real game

  20. Thank you! Amazing video as always.

  21. Question about tension and encounter cards.
    1. If a scenario adds specific cards (like uptown 3 will add some dog cards), do they stay in the deck for the next scenario or do I reset the deck before adding new cards for the next scenario.

    2. Same about encounter (white) cards. The manual says to temove them from the game after resolving but there are some that provide a choice and only choice B states that after X condition (like defetaing a Nemesis) you need to remove them. Which one is it?

  22. This is the best introduction and explanation of a bord game I’ve ever seen! Honestly flawless!

  23. Can you do the same for alien bord game please!

  24. I like how it has the aesthetic of the original RE3. I freaking hated the remake that came out in 2019.

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