How to Play STARDEW VALLEY THE BOARD GAME! A Cinematic Tutorial! -

How to Play STARDEW VALLEY THE BOARD GAME! A Cinematic Tutorial!

Tim Chuon
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In Stardew Valley, you’ll be playing cooperatively to mine, fish, gather, farm, and tons of other actions in order to save Stardew Valley from Joja’s corporate takeover! Learn how to play this game in an easy, simple, AND cinematic way in today’s video!

Check out cinematic gameplay of this game here!

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  1. 🐺🐾🦊 I want to play the board game because stardew is the first game I actually got into! I've logged so many hours 🙈

  2. I'm posting this before I've seen 1 second of footage of this game because I want to see my expectations and thoughts as a before/after from this channel. Might be some high hope. 'But', I'm enthusiastic and positive. And I have high hope with leveled lows. EDIT will come after end of video.

  3. Dude, Great explanations. Its hard to find a good guide video that isnt someone who likes the sound of their own voice. You are quick, concise and you reiterate. Thank you. Awesome job.

  4. Just wanna ask if a villager card/s doesnt require gifts, does he/she still give 2 hearts? or you need to gift any item except trash?

  5. Great job making this for us 🎥✨ and thank you 🏵

  6. This is a fantastic tutorial, thanks a lot man.

  7. I would play this board game but my friends would probably not like it as much as I would

  8. For some reason the way he talks reminds me of Chef John from food wishes.

  9. When you move during the action phase, can you move ANYWHERE else or only to through one of the white lines?

  10. My brain be like:help MEEEHHH

    And wait is the word say animals die???

  11. How many players do you need to play this?

  12. This looks like one really complicated board game..

  13. Does it have controller support? jk

    What would be cool is if the board game appeared in Stardew Valley (kind of like the Sims playing The Sims in Sims 4).

  14. Since this board game were soldout, is there any other board game that has fun images like this Stardew BG?

  15. Can anyone who has actually played this vouch for it? Would you still enjoy it if you've either never played the video game or aren't a fan of the farm Sim games?

  16. I wish the spouse is as useful as in this game board

  17. I wanna play but my friends wouldn't like this :,)

  18. It's more complicated than
    "The Cones Of Dunshire"

  19. thanks for this, it actually helped us getting started today unlike that bs satire garbage video of with nearly the same name.

  20. I just bought this board game yesterday

  21. I'm liking this video but not because you asked me to.

  22. The setup on this game seems WAAAY too long.

  23. The production quality of this video was super impressive. Truly top shelf stuff. The editing, the framing, the effects, just wonderful. I really enjoyed the way you organized and presented the information, too. Insta-subscribe. Thank you.

  24. I need a time off of playing stardew valley to play stardew valley

  25. Ahhh waiting for the shippment of it. Looks good!

  26. Brilliant explanation of the game without ruining everything. I don't like watching playthroughs so was trying to find something that explained the game well before I bought it, and I've found it. Subscribed now. Clear, concise, well presented and you are very watchable. Thankyou

  27. !! NOTE: Setup: the players as a team COLLECTIVELY start with a TOTAL of 3 Gold

  28. Amazing video. Just a couple of questions. Sorry if i missed it. Question 1. If im playing with a group of 4 for example. Do we all trigger end of turn actions or just the player with the animal token. Second question…. What does the animal token do? Does it pass on to the next player in a clockwise fashion? I dont see the purpose of it. Thanks for any help

  29. commenting to help you in the algorithm, thanks for the great vid!

  30. Super well made video, thanks so much for sharing! Can't wait to play with friends! 💙

  31. Great video; very well done and too the point. Love the setup and editing as well, cheers!

  32. Thank you so much kind sir for teaching me Stardew Valley! 😊👏🏻 Amazing video!

  33. I just played three hours of spring for not looking at this first comment….

  34. Great video, recently purchased the game and will be coming back to this no doubt 😁

  35. Wow. Did not know a BoardGame Tutorial can be so entertaining :O

  36. This was so helpful. Bout to play our first game tonight. Joja's prob gonna win, but this looks fun as hell. Thanks man

  37. Thank you SM for sharing this!

    I really struggle w written instructions and easily get distracted due to ADHD

    This visual explanation, combined w the guide, made my first really boardgame experience amazing!

    5h just vanished in the fun!

  38. I love your video style! our teenagers are huge Stardew Valley fans and we brought this game back from Origins.

  39. I felt dizzy around the 5 min spot. Setup is more tedious and complicated than in actually interesting games like Euthia or Zerywia.

  40. Feels like being in the game again, but on a board. Great that you can play with friends and experience the world together too. I want to see it in action – would be great to see a video of you enjoying it with your friends to see what it's like when you're playing it.

  41. Hi. I am new to this channel.

    I think it would be nice to have a short introduction about the game (what kind of game it is. How many players/time for a game.) I watched this video even if I don't have the game. I was just curious about it.

    And have chapters so we can easily find the part we are interested in.

  42. A very well explained, well spoken tutorial on how to get a game of Stardew Valley The Board Game going, thank you for the great video.

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