How to play The Queens Gambit Board Game -

How to play The Queens Gambit Board Game

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Learn the rules to The Queens Gambit Board Game quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to have the most points when the last chess token is taken. Lay out the board. Pick a random setup card and set out the chess tokens on the board as indicated. The color of each piece does not matter. The number on each token indicates that token’s point value. Each player takes a gambit token and matching colored deck. Beginning with the oldest player places then proceeding counterclockwise, each player places their gambit on any available start space. The player who places last will move first when the game begins.

Gambits have the movement ability of the card you play. The card options are: Bishop: move any number of spaces diagonally. Rook: move any number of spaces vertically or diagonally. Queen: move any number of spaces horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. And Knight: move 2 spaces in 1 direction then 1 space at a right angle to that one. The knight jumps over any pieces in its way while the other pieces slide to their destination and cannot travel through other pieces. Move your gambit to the same space as a chess token to capture it, placing it in front of you. You may not move through or capture another player’s gambit. Only the players’ gambits can move on the board, the chess tokens do not move.

All the players shuffle their decks then draw 5 cards. Each player places 3 cards face down in front of them, one next to the other. Then each player draws 1 card from their own deck. On your turn, flip your leftmost face down card faceup to a discard pile then move your gambit based on the card you revealed. Then place 1 card from your hand face down to the right of your last facedown card. Draw 1 card from your deck then your turn ends. The next player clockwise takes a turn. If your draw deck runs out of cards, shuffle your discard into a new one.

Play continues until the last chess token has been captured then the player with the most points wins. In the event of a tie, then the tied player who had the closest to last turn wins.


  1. No way! Its what they were playing all along!!!

  2. What happens if you do not have a valid move (You cannot capture gambits, so if your opponents just so happened to block you in, what happens)

  3. All memes aside, these "play X moves ahead" games are usually quite fun.

  4. All jokes aside, I wonder what it would be like adding a programming element like this to conventional Chess?

  5. This is an interesting game idea that feels like the result of a stroke because of its licensing.

  6. What if is your first time playing and is a tie😂 there is no last game

  7. The Queen’s Gambit Board Game is called Chess

  8. They should make s tv show about this game

  9. I thought this was a video referring to chess to trigger people

  10. This really does feel like the boardgame tie-in to some show where they play some non-existant game, but the actual game doesn't exist and the tie-in one you can buy is clearly different from what they play in the show and has a bunch of extra mechanics never mentioned in the show…. but for chess.
    …it's kinda genius?

  11. bro why is this a thing they could've just sold like a chess set with beth harmon's face 😭

  12. Orange is the new black, the board game. The rules are like regular chess, unless otherwise noted. There are no black pieces. They are replaced with orange pieces. /video

  13. Wait, what? I thought this was a joke video, but this is a real game?
    How is this not just chess? I mean I'm impressed that they've managed to make something that was not chess while still being sort of chess, but still

  14. I was really expecting this to be just chess

  15. Ooh, a knight! I think I'll move my piece two squares northeast and then one square southeast.

  16. If someone asks me if I want to play this game, and I say no, is that queen's gambit declined?

  17. i fully expected this to be an april fools video until i checked the date

  18. (Sees the values of the piece tokens)
    …ex-freaking-CUSE ME???
    (Continues listening to the rest of the directions)
    …EXCUSE ME?!?!?!?!?!

  19. Светослав Петровски says:

    So, this is chess with extra steps.

  20. Chess for people that don’t want to play chess but you still have to learn how chess pieces move

  21. I'm gonna use the gambit cards in regular chess to morph my queen into whatever😂

  22. I thought he is showing how to do the queens gambit opening 💀

  23. The show does so little with Chess that this might as well be what they were playing; it'd make no difference.

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