HUGE Gen Con Board Game Haul! | 30 new games! -

HUGE Gen Con Board Game Haul! | 30 new games!

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Hey friends! Let’s chat all about the games that I picked up at Gen Con and a few additional games! So many games are now on my shelf of opportunity and I am so excited to hop into all these games! Let me know which games you want to see played live or have content made for down in the comments!

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Huge thank you to Arcane Wonders, North Star Games, Th3rd World Studios, IV Games, PIKA Games, Fowers Games, Looney Labs, Birdwood Games, Warped Reality Games, Disney Lorcana, Ravensburger, Thunderworks Games, Split Stone Games, Lucky Duck Games, and Asmodee Canada for the review/content copies!


  1. So many great games! My son and I are slowly working through Eila and Something Shiny (we backed the Kickstarter edition). We’ve completed a few chapters so far 🙃

  2. Congratulations on the haul, Jenna! I hope you have a great time playing all of those games.

  3. Sweet haul! I didn't make it to Gen Con this year (only been once before for Gen Con 50 in 2017) but hopefully next year. Eila and Something Shiny highly intrigues me so I would love a playthrough/stream and a review on your thoughts of the game. That was my #3 most anticipated/intriguing game from Gen Con this year.

    My top two were Barcelona (Board & Dice) and 3 Ring Circus (Devir). I just pre-ordered both of them yesterday from Gamers Guild AZ after watching some reviews/previews/playthroughs. I'm super excited for those to deliver next week!

  4. Potions of Azerland has caught my eye!

    Planet Unknown is one of our favs. 😁 We actually right now store the tiles in baggies anyway, as we play mainly two player and so we like to shuffle them between games.

    But it’s SO good with more players! We played a 4 player game with Kovray. Enjoy playing with your family!

  5. I want Forever Home!!!!🐶🩷
    and I'd like to try Planet Unknown. In France, we don't know what a Lady Suzan is. So I used to say a "Lazy Suzan", not knowing exactly what I was talking about… 🙄

    It's the 1st time I hear about Mr Garbagehead Garden! The art is surprising but very well done. I'd like to try it too.

    I don't know most of the other games, so I'm happy to discover them here!

    At the moment I feel like playing Aeon's End again; this game is so amazing, so clever. I'm going to play the Legacy box and then the New Era expansion (which is not really an expansion as it is a standalone box).

    I ordered some games that are coming this Fall here: Ark Nova marine world, Septima, The A.R.T. Project. I ordered one Lorcana box just out of curiosity (and because one of my little she-cat's name is Lorcane, oh my world she's so tiny and beautiful! I didn't hear anything about the Disney card game when I chose her name). I'm not in the Disney thing since I'm 8… which is a long time ago!

    And my furniture has been ordered at last ; among them my lovely Kallaxes! 😃 (but as the walls of my house are not straight, they have to be secured against the walls. I expect this to be done in September.)

    I'm so glad you've met so many people! And now: many games to play and test! (just have to find time!)

  6. Dixit Disney is a must get for me. Eventually 😊

  7. The Red Cathedral is one of my favorite games! You scored in that trade! (TRC would be a good solo game for streaming too, IMHO.) Would also love to see/hear more about Paperback Adventures, Inheritors, and Eila. Nice haul!

  8. I definitely wanna see how Mycelia is played! I'm a sucker for beautiful art on a board game. But if there are mushrooms of any kind included in it, my goblin brain cells go nuts.

  9. Was NOT too long. Really nice overview, engagingly presented. I looked up all the games you mentioned that I didn't know about on BGG or the publisher website. Looking forward to your playthroughs/reviews of these. THANK YOU!

  10. Thank you for picking up Redwood! Hope you enjoy! 📸

  11. Forever Home looks so beautiful ❤️

  12. The Red Cathedral is an awesome game, one of the favorites here at home! Also, I hope you have fun playing Neotopia 😊 — André Santos

  13. Totally thought Mr. Cabbage Head was an Alien

  14. That's so great that the board game store in BC shipped to you. Can I ask what the name of the store is? I live in BC and haven't found any that ship so I usually order from Ontario stores.

  15. I'm so excited about Lorcana!!! It's so great that you got to go to the event. I'd love to see a gameplay video of Lorcana.

  16. Got a few of my GenCon releases but have a whole bunch of pre-orders still to come 😂 so many games to play lol

  17. Hahaha so you were the one that got the last copy from the BC store 😆 I was so close to buying it but then it said sold out as I was checking out lol

    All good though I finally got a copy from Board Game Bliss! ❤

  18. I also picked up Aurum at Gen Con! Hoping to get it to the table tomorrow night at a local meetup.

  19. It was amazing meeting you at Gen Con! It was cool meeting someone I have been following for 9 or so years in person. Thanks for dealing with my awkward self!

  20. We kickstartered Redwood and they have not started shipping to backers yet. I get why they sold at Gen Con but so bummed because we did the learn to play and loved it but now have to wait for our deluxe version.

  21. Only your second dog was adopted? 🤔

  22. Definitely into many games from Gencon. Lorcana and Bonsai being the top ones, probably. Already preordered Bonsai 😅. I was NOT expecting to be interested in Lorcana, but the former Pokemon collector in me REALLY wants to get into this.

    Of the games you got that you showed off here, Paperback adventures intrigues me so much! I backed Planet unknown because I have wanted this game since it came on my radar.

    You’re one of my favorite channels. Keep up the amazing work, I will be a supporter of the Garden forever. Hope to meet you at a con some day.

  23. I picked up Cat in the Box too! My brother recommended it and we played his copy that night, so I picked it up the next day. I’m really interested in Mythic Mischief and might pick that up when it comes to Kickstarter. I also had my brother pick up Tiger & Dragon because he got some other Oink games, and I heard good things about it. I also got Queen by Midnight and set it up by myself to figure out the gameplay and am excited to play that with co-workers/board game group. Glad you got all of those games under 50lbs — great haul!

  24. The Red Cathedral is excellent! Interested to hear what you think of it

  25. I couldn’t make it to GenCon. Don’t know if I ever will, especially with the crowds being as large as they were. I just have a hard time enjoying myself if it gets too crowded to move freely.

    As for the games that interested me…probably 3 Ring Circus and then a lot of the demos of games coming to crowdfunding or fulfilling soon. Mythic Mischief Vol. 2 and Sweet Mess both look lovely. I watched the run through of Sweet Mess on Rhado’s channel and added it to my Unconscious Mind pledge. I also wanted to support Yoma and Fantasia games with another project.

    Thank you for the content.

  26. Hi, great vid of your GenCon haul. Excited for Lorcana. Never thought I would be, for a TCG (i never played or collected any before).
    Please let us know how you like/dislike the game.

  27. You mentioned liking Cat in the Box, but that only goes to 5. And Aurum only plays 3-4. There is a 2-6 player trick-taking game called Enemy Anemone by Daniel Newman that you may like. Must not follow trick taker where you get something if you cannot follow suit.

  28. Maybe it was Eric from What's Eric Playing who gave you Point City? He's a cool guy so I wouldn't be surprised. Glad Paperback Adventures arrived safely!

  29. Great video as always, and it was great meeting you at GenCon! I am interested in Eila and Something Shiny, The Stuff of Legend, and Paperback Adventures. I plan to get Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden soon too, because I love the artwork and I’m starting to have interest in solo gaming. I got Robot Quest, Sanssouci, After Us, Blazon, and Mutton Bustin at GenCon. Happy gaming!

  30. Where can we get this shirt ? i love it ! Just played flamecraft so i'm really hyped right now 😀 Can't wait to see some content on Potion of Azerland ! Great haul !!

  31. Holy manoly… what a nice haul post. ❤ the stories…

  32. I didn’t go but go but got a copy of Sky Team, waffle time and pre order of everdell farshore came in early. Very excited to try some of these games when they release

  33. Great video. That’s sone Gen con haul. That Redwood game looks beautiful and has a nice clean design. Would love to see more about that one

  34. TCG Playmats don't have layouts on them, usually. It's just some cool image and a mat to protect the cards a bit more…

  35. Really looking forward to any content you do on Planet Unknown. That game has been #1 on my most wanted list for a very long time. I did back the recent Supermoon campaign for the base game and expansion, so I'll have it eventually, but until then, I'll have to enjoy watching content on it. 😅

  36. Someday I hope I can finally go to GenCon 🙂

  37. Forever home looks adorable.

  38. Planet Unknown is a great game. Once you get the rules, it's pretty intuitive to play. Very fun. I also backed the expansion. Gotta have the lid!!

  39. Red Cathedral is so good! I hope you love it!

  40. Oooh I didn't realize that "Sweet Mess" was made, is it going to retail? I was going to back this when it came onto KS but I didn't, then I remember there being some problem with it and I was like thank goodness I didn't back it. So glad to hear it has been made.
    I still haven't got into doing my own content creating for youtube. When I first started board gaming there weren't that many women content creators, so happy to see that there is now 🙂 Would just love to be friends with all the board game content creators, but wouldn't be able to make it to Gencon. I live in the UK.

  41. Ah, we hope you love Forever Home, Jenna!

  42. I didn't hear "Kinkstarter", but being German I swear every single time you say Henry Audubon's name I just hear "Autobahn" :')

    Also, no idea how you managed to fit all of those games you received or purchased into your luggage. I couldn't travel with a big number of games as it would simply be too nerve-wracking an experience.

  43. So many amazing games! We hope you love Inheritors and Eila (you nailed it Eye-Lah) and their adventure!

  44. Red Cathedral is really good! Devir is also such a good publisher. I would love to try Roll Player, but it's a bit pricey here so am looking to borrow it from a friend. 😊

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