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The B3
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In this video, I take over 15 popular board games and turn them into LEGO, recreating your favorite classics like Monopoly, Chess, Jenga, and more!

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My name is Josh, but you can call me The B3! I’m building a LEGO city for collectible LEGO minifigures series 24 (71037) called 24-ville… with a twist! It’s all part of one big time travel story, where I build a LEGO world for each time period: prehistoric, medieval, colonial, and now in the modern day, this football referee (some people call it soccer) is roped into judging a competition between the civilians and an evil robot: WINNER TAKES ALL. Will they save their LEGO minifigure city from getting taken over? Watch until the end to find out! Other games include LEGO Jenga, LEGO Risk, LEGO Clue, LEGO Twister, LEGO Guess Who, LEGO Chess, and even more!


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