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I Can Only Keep 10 Board Games for the Rest of My Life!

Totally Tabled
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What if you could only have 10 board games for the rest of your life, which 10 would you choose? My picks will surprise you!

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00:00 Intro
01:10 Cosmic Encounter
03:10 Dominion
05:16 Doomtown Reloaded
07:26 Gloomhaven/Frosthaven
09:06 Kanban EV
11:00 KLASK
12:34 Marvel United
14:57 Robinson Crusoe
17:09 Star Wars Rebellion
18:35 Viticulture
20:16 Outro

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  1. I need to try Robinson Crusoe, it has always interested me but I've never taken the plunge. In my list I'd include Pax Pamir, Inis, Imperial 2030, Power Grid and Terraforming Mars. More heavyweight games but with different mechanisms and play well with wide player counts.

  2. Couldn't live without AHtCG personally. Enjoyed your commentary with your choices.

  3. Well done as always. Dominion is my #1 by far. The pace and infinite combos. Android app against the AI will last my lifetime!

  4. If you were getting into Doom Town for the first time would you pick up the AEG version (Doom Town Reloaded) as the starter core set or the newer Pine Box version (Doom Town Weird West Edition)? Both seem to be currently available.

  5. For me,Star Wars: RebellionNemisis (lockdown) and all expansionsFrostpunkArk NovaKemet: blood and SandMonuments (deluxe edition)ScytheWar of the RingHeatStar Wars: outer rim

  6. Great channel that I've just come across. I really liked this list. I have Doomtown reloaded but yet to play. I found the instructions confusing. Any tips about learning to play?

  7. Yeah, Spirit Island would be a must for me. Eclipse Second Dawn would be my "epic one," and I agree with Gloomhaven. Otherwise, my gut tells me Ark Nova would be a good choice since there are so many different animals card and Quacks of Quedlinberg for some light-ish fun. But from there I'd have to give it a lot of thought. I suspect my incoming blinged out Kickstarter of Castles of Burgundy might make it, although I have actually never played the game, lol.

  8. 11.* KLASK 😎10. Glen More II Kroniki – ta gra jest genialna w swojej prostocie zasad9. Pax Pamir – gra trafiła na radar dzięki materiałowi Gambita i jest GENIALNA8. 51. Stan – świetny klimat, świetne mechaniki i świetne znaczniki zasobów7. Brzdęk! Nie drażnij smoka – pokochałem tą grę od samego początku 7*. Brzdęk! Raban w próżni – jeszcze bardziej dopracowana wersja Brzdęka6. Diuna: Imperium – ta gra świetnie odzwierciedla klimat Arrakis i całej DIUNY5. Mage Knight – świetny klimat, świetny świat, po prostu Mage Knight !!4. Anachrony – bardzo fajnie pomyślany świat i klimatyczna gra3. Etherfields – klimat tej gry, mechanika i piękne grafiki urzekły mnie…2. Scythe – klimat tej gry jest genialny… Świetnie odzwierciedla klimat konfliktu…1. Bonfire – jak wzajemnie zazębiają się mechaniki w tej grze, to jest po prostu niesamowite !!

  9. Too Many Bones and Zombicide would definitely be on my list

  10. Great video. INTERESTING choices. Nothing like ANY of the other creators' picks. Have played almost all of them, and Viticulture would probably be my FIRST pick.

    On a side note, you mention "every gaming situation". What were the 10 categories/mechanics you setteled on before starting the list? I am helping a friend START their game collection, and that would be a good starting point.


  11. Mine: 1. Dominion 2.Twilight Struggle 3.Time’s Up 4.Dixit 5.6 Nimm’t 6.Antike II 7.Chess 8.Go 9.Rising Sun 10. Azul

  12. So if I would have to choose 10: Spirit Island, War of the Ring, Aeons End, Dwellings of Eldervale, Cascadia, Frosthaven, Everdell, Inis, The Loop, Cthulhu death may die.

  13. ELDRITCH HORROR! The game I want to play but I just dont have the time to. I have the base and 3 expansions and it just collect dust in the shelves of my board game shop XD I cant even recommend it to patrons because it takes too dang long!

  14. Too many bones , marvel champions ,imperium classic/legend , Dune Imperium, will be on the list

  15. Well i own only 10 games so.

    But my top 5 would be
    7 wonders
    Mage knight
    7 wonders duel

  16. Star Wars Rebellion, Viticulture, Le Havre, Terraforming Mars, Elder Sign, Fleet, Wingspan, Agricola, Goa, (Whatever game I most recently purchased is usually a "favorite" game – for now).

  17. Great List! Your 8-10 really surprised me! But your logic behind it makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the great video! I tried to make my own list and could only come up with 3!!! Might be time to reevaluate my collection! 😬

  18. Can’t believe you left out Arkham Horror LCG 😮

  19. My list may change in a year since I have a few highly anticipated games on the way, but for now and using your rules of including all expansions I'd have to say: Massive Darkness 2, Lost Ruins of Arnak, Rococo Deluxe, Machina Arcana, Nemesis, Robinson Crusoe, Cosmic Frog, Oak, Marvel Zombicide, and Folklore the Affliction.

    Thanks for sharing your list! I've been eyeballing Klask as a possible gift for my niece, and I think you sold me on it.

  20. If all expansions are included:
    1. MoM 2nd Edition
    2. LotR JiME
    3. Nemesis
    4. Gloomhaven
    5. AH LCG
    6. Dune Imperium
    7. Ark Nova
    8. Pandemic
    9. This War of Mine
    10. SW Rebellion

  21. I would for sure put Aeons End with all expansions. here is so much variety and interesting and different game play it is, in my opinion, the best game out there.

  22. Well, this is an extremely hard question, but I think taking into consideration by husband also, it would be: GWT, Wingspan (all expansions), Hadrian’s Wall, Robinson Carusoe, Scythe, Nemesis, Vinhos, Spirit Island, Paladins of the West Kingdom, and Now Boarding. But ask me tomorrow and the list would probably be different. We love so many games and so many types of games I didn’t even include any small card games that I really enjoy. Such are difficult question to answer, fun to think about though.

  23. All great choices. Thanks for showcasing Doomtown Reloaded; I might be adding that to my collection.

  24. Interesting list! Since I play solo 99% of the time, I would not care about party and family games for this kinda of list. So I think I would get at least 3 more free slots to add games like mage knight, a feast for Odin and Gaia project😅. Great content as always

  25. Woah, this will be so tough…..but I’ll give it a shot.

    Arkham Horror LCG:
    Lots of expansions for this. No way I could leave it out.

    My favourite game. Period, especially with all the expansions.

    Heat: Pedal to the Metal:
    My favourite pure racing game.

    Final Girl.:
    Brilliant system. So many different possibilities by matching different boards with killers.

    Clank (with all variations):
    I enjoy deckbuilders in general and this is a very fun one.

    Totally agree on this one. A must have in the 10.

    Undaunted series:
    Wargame with deckbuilding. Great system.

    So many possibilities with this one.

    Mystery Rummy series:
    This one surprised me. I enjoy card games and there’s some interesting concepts in this series.

    Ticket to Ride series:
    Another real surprise at first but the original TTR got me back into board games and it’s the one game that my wife will play so it’s actually a no brainer!

    And I’m sneaking in a simple pack of cards too! Yeah, it’s more than 10 now but I tucked it in my back pocket so it’s all good…..

    Great idea for a list. Surprised how mine turned out, especially some of the choices.


  26. Haha thanks dude for making this shopping list easy for me to reference 😆😆😆

  27. Great list and production quality as always! I am really trying to convert my partner into board games, but she’s a tough nut. Nice to get some inspiration in these kind of lists that takes more perspectives into account! Btw, I would love to see you do a play through of Spirit Island!

  28. Cosmic Encounter is a GREAT game! The bajillion amount of aliens make it so unpredictable.

    Thanks for the list Shaggi! A feast for odin would have to be on my list, as well as glass road which is fantastic solo.

    The question i’m left with is…. Is Klask a board game? 🤔

  29. As I own more than a hundred base games, narrowing it down to just ten is impossible.

    That being said, there are at least seven I wouldn't want to be without, those being: Dice Masters, Star Wars Armada, Star Wars Imperial Assault, Combat Commander Europe (et al), New Frontiers, Among the Stars, Munchkin.

    Vying for the other three places would be (at least) the following, among others: Star Wars Rebellion, Twilight Struggle, Western Legends, Earth, Neuroshima Hex. And, if not for Dice Masters, Star Wars Destiny would have been in that top seven.

    EDIT: While technically not a board game, I would definitely include Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG (the entire system, naturally).

  30. Hey shaggy. Thx for all the great videos.
    Great list.
    You should guest some podcasts. I love your voice and way of explaining yourself.

  31. Robinson Crusoe, finally gets what deserves. Alien Frontiers is incredible also

  32. Nice list!! Could you make a video about Doomtown? That game has been always on my list, but never get the courage to play it because the rules.

  33. What a well-rounded list! I'm surprised you didn't include Frostpunk, you seemed to really enjoy that game during your playthrough and review. Although I imagine Robinson Crusoe will scratch that itch a bit. Thanks for sharing this, and great video as always!

  34. I only really need Mage Knight and spirit island, everything else is just added bonus maybe lost ruins of Arnak as another must have

  35. Love it when you say "dominion has thousands and thousands of different combinations.." NOT EVEN CLOSE… the actual number is more like 1.2606454269981×10 to the 21 power… which is 588 different kingdom cards with all of the expansions, which is like taking a grain of sand and dropping into the grand canyon and filling it up 28 times… that is how many combinations you get with dominion… so maybe you should edit your video when you talk about the different combinations with dominion..

  36. Wild list, definitely zero overlap with whatever list I'd make. I am interested in Kanban though

  37. Oh mai, that would be a hard list to make. I will ponder upon it… 😉 I liked your list, I felt it was missing a good engine builder however. One could argue that Dominion fits that to an extent…

  38. I would definitely agree with many of these games, even though I've never played any of them, I've heard a lot about them, and they seem very good. Doomtown look very interesting, but for my card game, I would have to pick Magic: the Gathering, as I've played it for many years and I'm actually good at it (XD) Gloomhaven also seems good, but I feel that there might be many TTRPG's like D&D, etc. that accomplish the same goal as it (unless I've missed some interesting features?). But RC would also be a must for me. Thanks for another amazing vid 😁

  39. Nothing about this list is "different". It's not a fun question, it's a fad.

    I suggest a list of suggestions to try instead of certain top family games.
    Maybe try to find some shorter variants of long play games or even other games that feel similar but play shorter. Just some ideas.

  40. Do you have the 1st or 2nd edition of Robinson Crusoe?

  41. I would add Conan by Monolith. So many scenarios available that keep interesting with changing objectives and special rules that completely change the game each time you play.

  42. Marvel Champions,too Many Bones,7w duel,mansion of madness 2:nd,blood bowl tm,Cascadia,clank,lost ruins of Arnak,Ark nova ,wingspan.

  43. Dune imperium, spirit island ,marvel champion, gwt,code names, Concordia , hansa Teutonica,inis, war chest

  44. Mage Knight
    Marvel Champions
    Ark Nova
    War of the Ring
    Study in Emerald
    Fields of Arle
    The Gallerist

  45. I just found your channel. Awesome content! New sub.

  46. There's a lot of heavy games here. I think if I had to choose 10 for the rest of my life, i would have to include some non-gamer friendly games to play with my normie friends. I think mine would have to include something like snake oil or balderdash for those hilarious memories with friends. I could also never throw out catan. It is such a perfect lightweight game.

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