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I Made a Board Game to Torture People

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Oh, the Misery.


Company of Heroes
Total War: Warhammer II
Crusader Kings III
Crusader Kings II
Democracy 4
Hearts of Iron IV



  1. When youre in a nuclear bunker , and the game says "go outside and touch grass".

  2. Now make risk but it's geographically accurate and to scale.

  3. “You now have to speak in only star wars quotes as shrek. You also must end every sentence with a car noise. Glory to Pain.”

    “You must now speak in a west country ascent and say only air force one quotes. Continue to end sentences with car noises. Glory Pain.”

  4. ahhhhhhhh in a Shrek tone of voice then car noises

  5. Why does the thumbnail ha "turn to fart"?

  6. Im bringing this one to the table whenever my friends say "ok one last game"

  7. I would like to introduce this pain to my friends. It needs some extra pain cards or a limiter on how many times the "everyone returns to start card can be drawn before it is removed from the game"

  8. i wish you would put that game in the steam workshop so me and my friends would play it

  9. I don’t know what it is, but the Gregor Samsa bucks… I love them like my own children

  10. Does Maivi have a channel? I'd like to watch her stuff

  11. i was really expecting "you 'win'" to just unveil an entire second board

  12. I wish I could have watched the full suffering, though that would have affected my mental state as well ;3

  13. This seems like something I’d unleash on my friends

  14. “Using shift with your thumb” just unlocked a core memory of mine about some fucking freak in a streamer discord I was in who was convinced that using your keyboard like that was was completely natural and normal, and the dude had like a 4 inch long thumb and thought everyone else was crazy.

  15. I feel bad for the children of the mom who sorts by the tag 'Christion' lol

  16. Sad there no German shrek that could have been gone funny

  17. Please tell me this board is on the workshop

  18. Running this game is oddly similar to running a DnD campaign

  19. This video was so hilarious to start with to watch but was torture by the end

  20. > … 1<=9 …. 10<=20
    So it's <10 and >9. Are you like stupid or sth?
    You also could have said 1-9 and 10-20 for visual clarity.

  21. wow how pathetic this guy played music from a video game soundtrack as a quiz lmao

    dude no one would know this but you. i would worry about you if you didnt have internet

  22. i never seen a youtube video with more of a control freak

  23. Sprinkle in some tasers and you got a perfect Michael reeves video

  24. i wish there was a download for this, i wanna torturer my friends too!

  25. Please post this to the steam workshop

  26. Being Joe Biden? So just speak in gibberish?

  27. According to CIA/BI GB 66-22, how many rubles did the USSR receive from Finland during the five-year construction period?

  28. 30:00 i have scoliosis the effect of that card should be you move half of the spices you rolled (roll a 4 move 2 ) because you back hurts

  29. I want a physical release of this game. Name it Hell 2 electric boogaloo

  30. i really wanna know what the "WT" option lead to, imagine if it was something like "grind out all rank 1 vehicles from 1 one of the major factions" the game wouldve literally taken forever

  31. "You remain a star wars Shrek making car noises"

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