i made a bookish board game to pick the next books i read♟️ 📖 - cutlassboardgame.com

i made a bookish board game to pick the next books i read♟️ 📖

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Huge Shoutout to several YouTubers who I saw do this video idea first!
Destiny’s TBR game video:
BeingDaphne’s TBR game video:
Cailey’s Books TBR game video:







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Description so this video is more searchable: In this video I made a bookish board game that has random prompts to choose my tbr (a.k.a. my november reads). I chose a variety of fantasy, romance, and mystery/thriller books.
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  1. I made a monopoly TBR board like destiny did and I don’t even do monthly TBRs because I’m a mood reader lol but sometimes when I really don’t know what to read I whip it out to get a prompt

  2. I love that your mom helped you make it 🥺 so sweet

  3. Ali you don’t have to read Shadow and Bone before Six of Crows! They’re in the same universe but none of the major characters or plot points are in SOC. I actually read SOC first and it definitely didn’t matter

  4. Hi all! Just wanted to pop into the comments to see if anyone knows the original creator of this trend? I'd love to credit them! I've seen this idea a ton on tiktok and by smaller creators on YouTuber. Then more recently by Destiny Sidwell. I couldn't figure out who to credit as the original creator though.
    I'd highly encourage you guys to check out Destiny's video & the other content creators I saw do this first. I'll have them linked below:

    Destiny's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkiFoKtIvfc&t=1126s
    Some early creators I saw do this video idea:
    BeingDaphne's TBR game video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lho_o11tZk&t=251s
    Cailey's Books TBR game video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0BEJvACBvc

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    Write a book my favorite boss is in my story some of my friends in because he told In meting with my dad and I one favorite because I listen to him and + he believes in me I can do anything i put my mind but I sad because he will been lever two months

  6. This is so fun!! I would love to see bookworm again more consistently. ❤❤❤ Happy Reading to you Ali and everyone! 😊

  7. I LOVE YOUR CAT!!!! 🐈 SHE WAS SO CUTE!! ❤❤❤

  8. Next time you do the random letter genorator count how many books have that letter then but that amount in a genorater then count down ex. If there’s 9 books but random number 1-9 then if you get like 2 count 2 down!

  9. I don't have a preference for your videos! I like tbr games so I would enjoy if you kept using this

  10. Keep the board!!! Even everytime would be cute!

  11. I love it!! Omg, please repeat this kind of video

  12. I hope you like Ruin and Rising! Some don't care for the ending, but I enjoyed the whole book. And Six of Crows is also a great series. You can also read the King of Scars duology after SoC duo (only after) if you want more of the world/characters from both previous series.

  13. a good book i would recommend if you want to try more true crime is in cold blood by truman capote. it's kind of a classic, but it's got a unique narrative structure and it's somewhere between true crime and fiction which you'll learn more about as you get into it

  14. Girl I just read dance of thieves and vow of thieves this month and I LOVED it! I was giggling, screaming, kicking my feet, crying! Like literally 5 star duology!

  15. This was so dope I bet it took you forever to make ! Very creative! 🙂

  16. YES! ASSASSINS BLADE! Enjoy!!❤❤❤ and it IS where start!

  17. This is such a cute way to choose your tbh! 💗 Also this might ruin ur idea of Dance of Thieves only being 2 books because it’s sort of like Six of Crows. Where it has also a trilogy, The Kiss Of Deception trilogy by Mary. E. Pearson, that is set in the same world with different characters! I would definitely recommend it but it is not necessary to read it before Dance of Thieves. 💞

  18. I vote to see The Bookworm Game again when you feel like using it for your TBR. It's super cute, you put a lot of work into it and I love that your Mum helped you with it!

  19. Assassin’s blade is the BEST way to start imo!!! So excited to hear your thoughts as you make your way through TOG

  20. Hi Ali! I wanted to give some book recs so… here they are
    1. The serpent and dove series is one of my faves. It's set in France when the church was the government and people believed in witches, except the witches were actually real and there are chasseurs (witch hunters). You follow the story of Louise Le Blanc and Ried Diggory. They are forced to marry and so on, and THE PLOT IS CRAZY!!! You do need to keep in mind that all three books are basically consecutive, so where the first book ends, the second book starts right away. Due to this there are SO MANY cliffhangers. 5-star series for me!!! Also, the books are like 550 pages each so…. good luck!!!
    2. The Plated Prisoner series by Raven Kennedy is a 6-star series for me!!! It follows Auren who is called 'the king's gold favoured'… like she is LITERALLY GOLD! The books are so crazy and there is a kind of love triangle… it's hard to explain, so it would make me so happy if u read it!!!
    3. Twilight. It's self-explanatory. Maybe you could do a Twilight reading vlog to see your thoughts!!!
    4. On the edge by Joanna Mazurkiewicz is a romance between a rich, Scottish man named Dexter and a nurse who is a pole dancer in her free time named Sasha. This book is SPICY, like spicy from the first sentence. If you are in the mood for a really spicy romance… this is it.

    Anyway, those are my book recs! I hope you take them into consideration for some of your next reads! I love your book videos, they are such chill vibes and always get me in the mood to read!

  21. If you know you're going to stick with the series even if you don't dive right in like in Throne of Glass, then it's 100% a better choice to start with Assassin's Blade! That way you'll experience everything with no spoilers 😍🥺 My biggest wish would be to be able to read it for the first time again.. Hope you'll enjoy it!!

  22. PET YOUR KITTY PLZ 😭😭 that poor little face

  23. I read the TOG series in full and DIDN’T start with Assassin’s Blade but tbh, looking back, it wouldn’t have changed my experience at ALL if I read it first 🤷🏼‍♀️ so I think go for it

  24. your cat is so cute in this video oh my goodness

  25. You make my day every day and we all love you!
    Could you do a Christmas/ new year recommendation nearer the time?……

  26. Ohhhh 😮where did you get that special edition of My Killer Vacation?? It’s beautiful!! 😍

  27. I've been wanting to do thiiss!! a TBR game. but the mood reader in me can never. 🙁

  28. This was fun! I'd love to see this again but also love a little bit of everything. I'd say do what you'd like and have fun with it!

  29. i found you from alexa and i already love your content!!👏🏽💗 this is such a fun way to choose your tbr!📚

  30. I love watching videos series. It just makes me so much more invested. I love the finishing series I started video series

  31. If you want to read more true crime my favorite one of the genre is In Cold Blood by Truman Capote!!

  32. i definitely want to see more tbrs with this game, it's so fun! 🤍

  33. This is such a fun idea!🥰 also, I’m so excited to see what you think of the Asassin’s blade, i’m on the 5th book and I LOVE the series❤ also, a repeat of the bookworm game would be sm fun!:)

  34. I love how like half of your nov tbr is half of my oct reads! I can’t wait to hear your opinions! ❤❤

  35. I love the board game! Maybe maybe different themes to it and/or different book picking ideas so its not super repetitive, but that’s just me. This video gave me sm motivation to read when I’ve been in a slump for so long.

  36. Love your videos so much❤ by the way in indigo ridge its the female love interest thats the new chief of police the male is the owner of qyire a bit of land and a farm(indigo ridge) which was passed down from his dad

  37. Your cat looking at your bookshelves with you is so cute 😂

  38. Hey, if you need any video ideas, a good video idea is to read books that are middle grade. Ideas like this could be keeper of the lost cities, A school for good evil, land of stories, hunger games, Harry Potter, and etc. I hope this helps if you need any video ideas it was just a thought 😁

  39. Indigo Ridge and the whole Eden’s series is my fav! Really hope you’ll love it!! I also love the Chestnut Springs series and Powerless is my favorite book of the whole series! Love your vids girly🩷

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