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I Moved! Selling 500 Board Games & The 15 I Kept

Gnarly Carley Gaming
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I moved from DC to the UK. And everyone asked what games I brought along with me of the 500+ I had in my apartment before I moved. When I made this video and thumbnail, I would’ve sworn it was 15 games I brought with me. Turns out it’s 16 so please enjoy my ranting about the games I love and forgive my inability to account to 15/16.

Timestamps to appease those who like less rambles and not make you hunt for finding the list if you want it:
00:00 Introduction
00:35 The Choice to Purge my Games
03:18 Addressing the Evident More Than 15 Games Behind Me
04:57 15 Game Kickoff
5:05 Number 1
5:33 Number 2
6:26 Number 3
7:25 Number 4
8:04 Numbers 5,6, & 7
8:56 Number 8
10:08 Number 9
11:28 Number 10
12:39 Number 11
14:37 Number 12
16:16 Number 13
17:18 Number 14
18:48 Number 15
20:27 Bonus Number 16…Cause I’m Bad at Math
21:46 Wrap Up on the List
22:18 Shipping the Games
23:00 My Hopes for the New Collection and Goodbyes

Paid Promotion/Gifted Product Disclosures: This video was done without sponsorship, encouragement, or agreement from any of the included game publishers, though one game was gifted to me by a publisher (Namely Kelp). All other games I either bought or was gifted by loved ones.

To be forthcoming in talking about products, it is important and legally required to disclose when you’ve received anything of value from a 3rd party. This can range from getting a game for free to cover or payment for the video/post/talk itself. My priority in doing sponsored content (paid or game gifted or both) is always to maintain integrity in the process. My time/video production can be bought, but my opinion and integrity cannot. I know that folks spend money on games and don’t have infinite resources to do so. My goal is always to present a game as clearly as possible, the joys and difficulties of my own experience, and who a game may be best for. If you’re a content creator, publisher, or even fan and want to discuss monetization and integrity, please feel free to reach out. And attached here you can find my philosophy on review content that I share with publishers I work with:


  1. Hampshire? If you find yourself in the north-east corner (Fleet) on a Thurs night you’re welcome to the table with my mates. Likely games: PaxPamir2, Carnegie, Viticulture, Spacecorp, Ra, Arcs (🫰) and 1923 Cotton Club 🎯

  2. i've slowly been getting more seriously into board games first trying out Terra Mystica in 2020. now I'm slowly getting more involved in the hobby, and i was searching for UK-based board game content creators on IG, and i actually chanced upon you there first then your YT videos came up on my recommendations. i also recently moved to England (2022) for my PhD, originally from Singapore. stay warm and enjoy the quirks of living in England!

  3. haha, love it: all three lacerdas you kept are the only three I own.. 😀 love On Mars, really liked Kanban and am looking forward to play Lisboa soon.. ^^

  4. The more you talk about Kelp the more I can't wait to buy it!

  5. I sold 500+ games before I planned to move to Stockholm, during summer/fall 2020, an absolutely ideal time to sell board games 🙄 best part is, I never got my work permit so I never ended up moving. I kept the games that I knew would be near impossible to reacquire, so my collection now is basically all weird games and I just play everyone's more common games. It worked out.

  6. I still need to give Boonlake another play. Didn't care for it the first time. I really like GWT, and Maracaibo is one of my favorite games, so was expecting to enjoy Boonlake as well. Someday, I'll get to it, but currently I'd rather play one of the other Pfister games instead.

  7. Obsession would definitely be on my list if I had to pick 15 games to move across the pond. Need to play Encyclopedia more and still want to play it with other people, so far I've only played it solo. Of course, Anno 1800 is in my collection because of you. Enjoyed the campaign solo game so far but another one I cannot get others to play. Made some mistakes in my one play of Boonlake before a sudden influx of new games so I need to get it back to the table. Must be worthwhile if you made it one of your 15. Really appreciate your insight on these games. Watched the last video on your top games of 2023 with my youngest daughter and she has been talking about playing board games again since. Both girls stopped playing a lot of board games with me once they got to high school age and I think seeing someone like you excited about games reminds them of why they used to love playing. Glad your move went smoothly.

  8. What methods did you use to find the games a new home?

  9. I should be slightly envious of a +500 game collection. But no.
    I'm envious of your ability to do an unscripted video like this with so few jump cuts.

    FWIW, much of my collection is not there because it gets played all the time (or often at all). But because, like a photo album, there are memories attached to many of them. Looking at them, talking about them, owning them, fills me with fond memories of the game and the wonderful people I've shared them with.

  10. You sold/gifted 500 games but have access to others so what is the number of games you are at now? I keep checking my BGG account and once I went over 300 I was like, “Ok, way past time to stop acquiring and play what I have until I no longer enjoy them!”

  11. Loved this list! Your eloquent delivery in videos is so appreciated. I'm excited to see Kuiperium in the background, we are LOVING it and I'm curious what you think! Such a unique tactical 2p game.

  12. I don't understand, you forgot to bring your copy of Sidereal Confluence with you?

  13. Congratulations on the move and I look forward to seeing what you have in store next! 🙂

  14. You are a wise woman. Good luck on your adventure.

  15. Thanks for this awesome video. Even I'm of different taste for games I just love the way you're talking about games. Still, I can't imagine how I would choose 15 from 500.

  16. Sleeping Gods! I don't think I ever heard your thoughts on it, although now I know they're obviously good 🙂

  17. Honestly you shouldn't get sad over a little banged up boxes. Games are meant to be loved and played and get worn out. Travelling with them makes the boxes not be 100%, but that's ok. If they were torn in half, unusable, with holes in them or whatever, then yes, be sad. Otherwise just enjoy the game inside that much loved box.

  18. Very thoughtful and well put. Really appreciate your commentary. I think you chose well! Good luck in the UK!

  19. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck with his new chapter of your life

  20. So, you like Darwin. How's that racism going for you?

  21. Congratulations, I have been through a similar thing to yourself when moved from the UK to Sweden. Cutting games was hard and there's still a couple I regret letting go, I hope you don't suffer too much with similar pangs. All the best for your time in the UK, hope you're in a county with beautiful countryside.

  22. A lovely video. Great to hear about the emotions and experiences that the games bring. Board games are more than just their mechanisms. I was surprised that Scythe didn’t make it. It is still a game that is close to my heart. Great to have you over hear in the UK and I wish you lots of happiness in your new home.

  23. You have a great taste in games, all the games you kept are in my top 50, Lisboa is my number 1, Obsession is my 2 and Revive my 3… I subscribed immediately. Welcome in Europe, hope you get settled in fast, it is a big move.

  24. You can add me to the list of people that bought Anno 1800 because of your recommendation! Really glad I did as well because it has become one of my favorite games and I've taught it to more that 20 people by now.

  25. Curious about your copy of Kelp. Was it sent to you by the company as a review copy? I’m a backer and Wonderbow sent out a message that all copies being sold online are by scammers. Just wanted to make sure you weren’t a victim of some bad people online.

  26. It is kind of amazing how I've only come to know you through BotC, but then the Venn diagram of the games we love looks to be ~90% aligned.

    Curious to know if you've delved at all into Splotter's designs. They are my favorite publisher; meaty, crunchy, very interactive eurogames.

    Good luck with your new life in UK. It's one of my favorite countries as I do love the mood of "grey weather", I quite like the achitecture of the suburban areas and the local dishes are nothing short of incredible, to me.

    I know that with the entirety of my last paragraph I do risk my passport, coming from Italy which is universally loved, but, you know, to each its own…

  27. 500 games…! Fair play on whittling that down to just 15.

    I hope you are enjoying the UK and settling in. The weather also does get better (sometimes).

  28. As someone who has moved over sees with games. I found packing 4 games in a box vertically, wrapping them with saran, then bubble wrapping them worked well. I used mostly medium boxes.

    For many of the big games I would even bubble wrap them first. The key was not putting weight on them. Shipping hundreds of games that way is difficult, especially when so many are big boxes(and require almost a medium box by themselves). But this is the best way to ensure your boxes stay intact.

    Glad they made it there safely. Enjoy England.

  29. Stretching neck to see if ToT was on the wall behind you somewhere

  30. At one point i had 300+ games. I was single, had a job that allowed more gaming time, and LOVED collecting things. Collecting board games made sense to me because it wasn't just something i bought and then kept in a box on a shelf. Plus they typically hold their value pretty well. Three years into my collecting i got married. My wife wasn't a gamer, and 6 years later she still isn't. We have a little one now as well. Currently my collection is down under 100 and that's where i want to keep it. Buying/selling games has become part of my love for board games. I watch content creators (like you) play games. If i think said game is up my alley, I'll pick it up. But i hold zero attachment to that game, and if it sits too long, or i want to buy something big that has a ton of boxes and is expensive, i will sell. My philosophy now is buy/try/love it or list it. I don't always get 100% ROI of course, but i usually get enough to justify what I'm doing. Congrats on the cull and best of luck in the UK.

  31. I'm curious if there were older, more hart to find games, that didn't make sense to bring or ship that you left with a friend or storage because it was impractical but would be hard or expensive or both to acquire again.

  32. Totally understand that feeling with Lacerda. I don't care about fashion, and I have no interest in sewing or whatnot, … but after watching a demo of Rococo, I had to have it.
    Also… I count more than 15 games behind you. 😅

  33. Another great video, Carley! Loved the thoughtfulness that went into each decision. Though I'm not surprised that the Singaporean games didn't make the trip, I hope the bag did 🙂

  34. Welcome to the UK Carley! I'm always on the lookout for recommendations for my local board game group- I think this culling illustrates just how many there are to choose from!

    Any KOTOR fans out there that also think throw on a robe and Carley has a cheeky Bastila cosplay? Love that game.

  35. where did you sell them? im culling games now and could use some help with that part

  36. Welcome to the UK… hope you're enjoying the rain! Better get used to it 😉 Seriously though – welcome!

  37. Some good inspiration for more games to try. We definitely more like minded boardgamers like yourself and my friend down south. He always recommends some good co-op/2 player games.

    Looking forward to checking out Revive, Bitoku, Kanban EV. Looking on BGG they are high on the complexity which helps having said kind of people who enjoy those type of games too.

    Finished my first game of Star Wars Rebellion though 7 hours for a 4 hour recommended playtime made me chuckle. This weekend we will be trying for the first time, Castles of Burgundy, Bullet Heart, Zombicide, Unmatched Tales to Amaze and The Witcher.

    As you have so many games, as gathered you have a lot of board gamers, how do you remember the rules? Though I believe if you've played the gateway games and similar styles they are all easy to follow and catch up on,

  38. I found you by NRB, but have thoroughly enjoyed your thoughtful content, this video just makes me immensely jealous now, I am an American, living in the US, but grew up in the UK (East Anglia) until graduating high school, now I just want to move back. But work and all, not an option. Enjoy the games, enjoy the country, live your best life!

  39. Perhaps I missed it in the video… what did you do with the other 484+ games?

  40. Welcome to the UK, Carley! Hope you enjoy your new adventures on this side of the pond 🙂

  41. What I’m interested in is how did you manage to sell 500 games in a month.

  42. Did Carly ever mention why she moved? I know Blair and Brooke moved for school, also knowing how hard it is to move into a different country. It'd be interesting to know if she moved for a job. If not how pleasure was able to move her into the uk

  43. First I was shocked that you will sell Kanban and On Mars. Then readt the title again…Good collection😅

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