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I Own Too Many Board Games | Game Brigade Table Talk

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  1. Buying is definitely a big part of the fun of the hobby. Having said that, I definitely have too many games – my living space and my wallet are hurting for it. Also, with a large enough collection, choosing a game to table is like choosing something to watch on Netflix.

  2. There is definitely such a thing as too many games. But I agree that buying and exploring new games is part of the hobby that I don’t want to miss. I have around 120 unique games and the rule that me and my husband agreed on is that they have to fit in the shelf. No spreading to other rooms. I am also tracking my plays with the BGG app. Interesting to see what gets played and what not. This makes culling decisions easier.

  3. I have about 125 not including expansions, and about 10 coming from crowdfunding…I feel like I got too many

  4. I'm currently at 167 games, and really, it's way too many since I don't get to play them. 20 is probably enough, but I also love the collecting aspect of it, which is how I justify my continued spending

  5. I think I am at around 200 right now, but I got a good 100 on crowdfunding that didn't show yet and none of that's including expansions. I think I can stop, but I am not ready to stop yet. I however have seen myself Slowdown, like for example Elden Ring Board game popped up, and I had a pledge then I canceled thinking, do I really need another big fantasy adventure like this when I have many on my shelf I haven't played yet. The main problem I have is getting more stuff for something I already have, like I recently did with Aeon Trespass. Do I really need 4 more giant campaign boxes with 150 hours of content each, or do I just want to have it in my collection for the sake of completion.

  6. Yes too many but few I want to trade. I will not be buying many new ones, a few expansions maybe and maybe the odd game that is of a different "genre" to one I have but likely at retail. I have great games in what I determine each class/genre for me e.g. KDM, Ashes Reborn & Red Rains, Anachrony, LoTR JiME, Xia, Mistfall & HoTM, Space Hulk Death Angel, Albions Legacy, AQ, Battlestar Galactica, War of the Ring, Seal Flix, S&S, Gloomhaven, LoD, DnD, 5L, Uprising, SW Rebellion, SW IA, Core Space, Darkest Night, Elder Sign, Arkham Horror(2nd), Marvel Champions, MCP, Oathsworn, CoD, Pendragon, Tainted Grail, ISS Vanguard, Hexplore IT FoTA, FoF, AC, Operation Dauntless, WaW85, BWN, Combat Commander, SpaceCorp, AoM, Arydia, SE 4x, ….
    A few on way but yes I feel I can stop buying anything new.
    Being a gamer is in no way dependent on spending money, I have great games to play and not enough time to play them all.
    I have great miniature collection and don't want need or have room for anymore, easily proxy anything and big mini games actually put me off now, personally prefer high quality artwork standees, I am awaiting on Oathsworn 2nd ed and chose it because of the mainly standee option over others that just have tons more plastic that I will never have time or inclination to paint, they look awful as a sea of grey.
    Have 300 plus produced this millennium, plus pre 2000 games.

  7. Why do all your video thumbnails aesthetically, and tone-wise, reek of Quackalope?

  8. I am probably at about 120 games but some, like Warcry and Massive Darkness (1 and 2) are made up of many different boxes/warbands and so have a greater footprint than a single game. For 3 years running I have vowed to only back 5 games on crowdfunding…and failed to do this! Sometimes I have resisted a game on crowdfunding and then bought it once it is available ( this had often been for the same cost, in some cases less, than if I had pledged on it).
    I have realised that my capacity for big box campaign games has diminished and I no longer want 100+ hours of content, that I will never complete. As a painter, these games are a huge commitment and some I have bought just to paint the minis e.g. Ankh. I really don't need anymore big games, at least for the next 10 years!
    It is an interesting question and I often reflect on which 20 games I would keep if I had to reduce my collection. With no intention of doing so!?

  9. My restriction is 6 Kalax shelves and no more than 3 crowdfunding games per year. Try to stick to 20 games plus expansions. Plus a BGA subscription.

  10. I have 60 games and this is counting the uncomming crowdfunding projects. Still sometimes I found I have too many games. I try to keep a ratio of 1/4 ''versus'' games (Dwellings of Eldervale. Tyrants of the Underdark, Summoner Wars, Cockroach Poker Royal), 1/4 ''solo'' games (Iron Helm, Nemo's War, Dawn of the Zeds, Spire's End) and 2/4 are ''coop or semi coop'' games (Too Many Bones, Detective: City of Angels, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Maximum Apocalypse).

  11. I'm below 100 and I already feel like it's starting to be too many. I think stopping a full year is probably super hard to do when we are used to buy many games a year. I think a better way to go about would be to challenge us to not cross a certain threshold.

    This year, I challenged myself to try to back between 0 to 5 games not counting expansions for games I already have. Can't say I succeed at that unfortunately. I'm about 7-8 games backed.

    The main thing for me is that my group ain't super active, so there is no reason to keep getting more games.

    Since I never sold any game, I think that would probably be the next step for me. Selling before buying some more aka rotating games, feels more healthy.

  12. I am at 320. I own a board game shop in Northern Thailand. And I have about 10+ games that I am always trying to sell. I teach most of the games and my brain just can't hold more than 300 rule books in my head. Also I know shy away from bigger games with complex rulebooks like Nemesis which I have lockdown but haven't even cared to read. I want to get down to about 250 but lots of games have small boxes so maybe I need to think about X amount of small boxes verse X amount of big box games. love your channel.

  13. This hobby is very toxic, it makes you buy, buy and buy more. You buy games you will play once or twice max if you have a "normal" job and limited amount of time. In terms of sustainability, this is a disaster as well, this pushes us to have a FOMO behavior that's absolutely illogical with the challenges we face forward. It's a vicious circle for content creators as you guys live out of new games coming out, reviewing them and creating hype. This is why I stopped watching most content creator. i realize it made me buy too many overpriced games that I didn't need. In reality, my gaming group loves a few games like Dune: Imperium, or feed the kraken and we prefer to play them 10-15 times and having a blast rather than jumping in every new games being released.
    I'm trying to sell a lot of games because I'm still waiting for several kickstarter from my FOMO period 😀 but I think I'm done now. I still love playing board games but I will only buy 2-3 per year, like the very top rated ones (similar to what dune imperium represented for us).

  14. Start worrying when you are at 1000! Nah I am just kidding. Start now. Dont be me. I am 1000… But without new games, would you still have things to talk about? My last few crowdfunding video had me saying, not backing this or that or that… I start to realized its not helpful…

  15. I’ve kept my collection manageable by selling games I don’t particularly like but are still good. Stuff like Terraforming Mars. I like buying expansions for games I love. Moving forward I think I may limit myself to purchasing 1 game a year.

  16. I'm buying less and less games. It takes me days to paint the minis and while I'm painting I'm not playing. And I do have too many games and will only buy really special stuff that comes out. Needs to be incredibly special and not another dungeon crawler, another bloated expansion. For instance I just received Scarface and they're already launching an expansion and fomoying people saying it will be crowdfunding exclusive, bla, bla. I'm out. Didn't even played the main game. This companies are these days counting so much on Fomo and buying addiction that I want to be done. I already passed on many good looking games and will pass on many more. I want to play my games more than a couple of time and with different people. People these days don't the many strategies of the games they possess because they play them very little and are always thirsty for the new stuff.

  17. My wife and I made an agreement, buy one Squishmallow for every board game I buy. Right now we have just under 15 of each.

  18. first i started out saying 20 will be enough if i have specific genres, then it got 30, now its around 40 to 50, but selling to get down to the 30 to 35 cap to have an awesome game collection my friends and myself enjoy. Mainly i focus on mid-heavy games that i unpack on one night and pack away the same night after playing 3 to 8 hours and filtering out specific genres i don't necessarily like with a few exceptions. my criteria is heavy on 1. theming (very important, also trying to keep the theming apart from each game, because a lot of those are fantasy), 2. genre and mechanics (mainly co-op, semi co-op, tactic and in general how everything works together with the theme, because i want the game to tell a story for everyone involved) and 3. niche (i want my games not to be the generic market games, even though i might miss out, but if i wanna play TI4, Dune or whatever is super well known i know where i can play them, i don't need those in my collection)

  19. I feel like I have less games than you, I also feel like I have too many games. I like the concept of mastery with games, and I own more games than I have time to play them, let alone gain mastery of them. During the pandemic my wife and I had another gaming couple that were in our bubble, we played terraforming mars 40 + times. Terraforming Mars is a game I feel I don't need to play again. I have too many games to have that be consistent. Dopamine is a hell of a drug. It's hard to not chase after it. Fun fact, anticpating a game (ie crowdfunding) gives more dopamine than getting and playing the game.

  20. I think if you enjoy the collection aspect of it, then there are only too many games in your collection if you think there are. It's a problem though if you start purchasing only out of FOMO or your purchases are compulsive. I'm at about 125 games right now, not including expansions, and my purchasing has slowed the last couple of years. I would like to get my collection down to 80 games or so, but then do a one-in one-out for new purchases.

  21. I am at 100 games not including expansions. I try not to go over 100. I sell or give away games that I don't need any longer. It is also easier if you have a friend that has a collection and you can avoid getting games that they already have in their collection.

  22. I've set a hard limit at 150, at one point was near 300 plus and found myself not playing certain games for years.

  23. I'm new to this space but it really does seem to be as much if not more about collecting than playing the games.

    People are obsessed with playing new games and rarely play them multiple times or obsess over one game like it's the only game. I'm at a point now where I want to stop buying new ones and spend more time enjoying the ones I already have and love.

  24. Kids suffer the same problem with video games, we only had a few games growing up so we played them… Over and over and actually finished them.

  25. I basically have stopped buying games, I have already too many, I don't play them that much and they offer the same (in avg) the same level of fun…I started looking it like that and my purchases have decreased nearly to zero

  26. I have less than 50, and probably get to play some 3 or 4 of them a week with friends, plus a similar number solo. I already think that's too many because I live in a small place and games take too damn much space 🤣

  27. Just crossed 150 mark in unique games (300+ expansions) and have 20+ pledged still yet to arrive but only gotten ~45% to the table :(. After receiving, Frosthaven, Clash of Eternia, Monster Hunter, Witcher and ThunderRoad in the last few months – Im about out of room and entering buy/replace phase of the hobby. Got to many games.

  28. I set myself the goal to always have the right game for the occasion. And always want to have three choices. Sprinkled with some Unicorn games that are just special to me.
    I differentiate, Playercount (best, not just possible), Complexity, Mechanics and Theme.

    For example: If i got a group of 5 players, that are gamers but no experts. They like competitve games, but one person dislikes the standard fantasy theme. I want to have 3 options, that are awesome. I let them chose and i want to be happy with either of them.

    Another example: Scotland Yard type games – Mind MGMT, Beast, Specter Ops are three games with different themes. That do the same and i am happy playing any of them.

  29. Can I stop cold turkey buying games, sure. Should I stop buying new games, sure. Will I stop… Eventually I'm sure, but today is not that day.

  30. Ive had to really redduce my spending for money reasons. However the slow trickle of kickstarter games i backed helps keep things fresh.

  31. What a great video. My reason for constantly buying new games, especially dungeon crawlers, is fear of missing THE near-perfect game. I envy people that can become totally addicted with just one, or a few, game systems. I have drastically cut back on backing new games although I still use Kickstarter to back RPG's (mostly digital) because I love reading RPG rule books for some weird reason (as well as inspiration for custom rules in other games).

  32. That’s what happens hen you run a YouTube channel about board games. Put it on pause, stop consuming board game media, explore a new hobby and then cull your collection.

  33. It’s the same 2 lines as with any other collectable art form.

    If maintaining the collection results in more work than joy then you have too much. If your financial means can not justify the value of your collection then you have too much.

    All other metrics are just personal preference

  34. I feel buying games is apart of the fun, getting new games to play is always good. But I think there is a balance. Capping the amount of games per year or making sure you've played your other games in your collection before getting new games.

    But there is also the collection factor. Witcher old World for me was the collection and being able to play it was just the icing on the cake.

    I'm still newish to the board game community, so I've tried to limit the amount of campaign games. So I'm more likely to pick up smaller games for now.

    I've learned from my Video game collection, I don't need everything I see 🤣

  35. I am starting to hit the I have too many games feeling again (250ish Unique) I am pretty good about cycling the collection and don't have many un-played but the space they take up starts to feel smothering. But I really enjoy playing new games and backing a few titles a yr on crowdfunding. I think I need to probably find a way to condense some of my big kickstart games down in to fewer boxes to help on the space front. Thinking maybe I need to start trying to make some DIY foam inserts

  36. I feel like these questions open the door to dark questions we prefer to not think about. For example, why are you buying a new game? Is it a game that has proven to be more than a flash in the pan? How long have you wanted it? Do you genuinely have good reason to believe it could be a huge success with you and your gaming group? Or are you just pressured by crowd funding fomo?

    In regards to the current collection people have before purchasing more, how many unplayed games do you have? Do you really need to buy more games if you have a backlog of 14 unplayed games?

    In regards to holding onto games, when was the last time you played x game? When will you realistically play it again? Do you want to play it tonight? Why not? Why are you holding onto it? Sometimes there is an emotional attachment or a sad hope to one day play it with friends that you know will never want to learn it.

    It's a bit sad but if you're honest with yourself, the hobby becomes a lot more wholesome and less stressful.

  37. I agree there can be to many games. We reached 200. This added some stress. So over the last two years we culled down to 40. We trade more than purchase. We are at the point of purchasing mostly expansions to our existing collection. Now we enjoy the games in our current collection.

    In general overtime I shift to something else. This is not abandoning the hobby but spending less time on it

  38. I’m at 109 unique game titles. I need to sell a chunk. Having a game for all situations, time limits, player counts etc is what made it get this big. But there’s gotta be a point in which you just say no and sell some games you love.

    I love rune wars and eclipse but didn’t see me playing them. So I sold them.

  39. Presently have 44 games. Track my plays, which are between 20-55 a month. Have backed on crowd funding, so far no duds.
    Resell games which eiher dont work for us or are getting played.
    Do our best to keep the best of the best.

  40. I have games on my shelf which I haven't played for years. I can live with it for now as I have decent storage space, but I accept that I will need to cull the collection at some point. I'm not a collector, so for me the joy of owning a game lies in playing it!

  41. Yes, it is a huge problem within the hobby, too many games comming out each year, a lot of FOMO and hype leading people to buy more and more games, event though game mechanics are similar ir same as other games we already own, but with some smal twist, different theme and/or better component or artwork quallity. And it is really hard to get rid of the games, they are our “babies” You know 😅, we have memories associated with them, we keep lying to oursleves, that I’ll have some time when I get older, when my kids will grow up, etc, etc. But yeah, huge problem, not mentioning lack of space to store all of those new games comming in, event the old ones 😅

  42. The problem isn't owning too many games. The problem is not having enough time and/or willing participants when you have the time to play them.

  43. I have around 80 games. 20 of them are small box games. But I keep culling games to keep it manageable.
    I like to buy new ones to get new experiences but mostly on second hand markets and sell them off again if they are not for me. Mostly breaking even.
    I tend to keep the ones that are special/Deluxe or rare. And sell off those that I easily can get back if the urge to play it again suffices.
    All in all I feel like it’s good to have a collection as long as it doesn’t ruin your economy and keep budgets.
    I even keep games that rarely hits the table. Just because I still like them and they can stay forever. Because they are always there to be played.
    Not like digital games that can lose support of get unplayable because of the tech specs isn’t supported anymore.

    Have fun. The part of Buying new games all the time isn’t liable. I tend to shrug off. Because it’s buying new experiences and keep what you like. They will be played at some point. Later in life you’ll have more time to go back to them.

  44. Lets see here, I think I have to many boardgames now that I have realised that I dont have a place to put the new one I bought last month.

    But I only have like 30 games 😂

  45. Dunbar’s number says humans can comfortably maintain 150 stable friendships. So 150 board games is the max a collection can be; one per friend.

    You get an exception as a content creator. You need to be able to compare and contrast games. So 1050; 7 games per friend (seven being the highest number of objects a reasonable human can hold in their mind at a given point in time, comfortably)

  46. A change of heart for less plastic and more game packed inside a box will do 😉

  47. Yes Bryan, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing 😁. I used to own and buy too many titles; as a result of that I've sold off many as they were not played or fell out of favor. In recent years, I've learnt to let go of this feeling of FOMO and just enjoy the excitement of tabling a game where everyone has good old fun with friends / family.

    Backing a Kickstarter game or buying games that end up just on shelves for years with only 1 or 2 plays or no play is a complete waste of money and space. It also fuels our shopaholic tendencies or worse addiction habits.

  48. 2 years ago, you made a video how to combat FOMO. Now we are still FOMO.

    I have 5 games total
    1. Arkham horror lcg
    2. Lord of the rings lcg
    3. Kilforht series (waiting for Call of Kilforth)
    4. Blackstone fortress (FOMO bought)
    5. Relic (FOMO bought and sad)

    I won to cambat FOMo aganst
    1. ISS vanguard
    2. Etherfield 2.0
    3. Trainted Grail 2.0
    4. Aeon Trespass

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