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I Played 50 NEW Board Games in 50 days… 🤯

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Hi. I played 50 board games in 50 days and got them off my shelf of shame.

My brain is 100% too fried to write a decent description, so that’s all ye get— ” ” (´・`*)


Let me know in the comments below: What games have you gotten off your SoS recently or want to? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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  1. 00:33 Space Ship Pod00:47 Rove01:12 Radlands02:11 Juicy Fruits03:01 Cape May03:43 Black Angel04:59 Let's Make a Bus Route05:36 Shelfie Stacker06:11 Hibachi07:10 Botanik07:53 Set a Watch: Swords of the Coin08:21 Glow09:02 The Magnificent10:18 Dollars to Donuts10:47 Deep Space D6: Armada11:40 Praga Caput Regni14:27 Deus14:58 Cubitos15:26 Arkham Noir16:33 Crystal Palace17:44 Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden18:09 Ramen! Ramen!18:26 Iki19:10 Proving Grounds19:39 Hostage Negotiator20:03 Pick-a-Seal20:36 Keyflower21:22 Atlantis Rising22:31 Beasty Bar22:48 Tokyo Jidohanbaiki23:48 Maquis24:25 Winterborne25:04 Three Sisters25:40 It's a Wonderful Kingdom26:21 Rococo: Deluxe26:53 Bucket King 3D27:15 Unsurmountable27:35 Bitoku28:51 High Society29:21 Tussie Mussie29:45 Time Chase30:00 Eiyo30:35 Metryoshka31:31 Vivid Memories32:25 Thief's Market33:02 Corrosion33:39 Muse34:04 Potemkin Empire34:57 Mint Delivery35:17 Ghosts of Christmas36:21 The Ratcatcher37:41 Tiny Epic Dinosaurs38:06 Embark

  2. A note on ROVE: ButtonShy did not do a KS but they sold out during the Black friday weekend, and they released a bunch of reviews the previous weeks, so it was a really expected game! I still need to get my copy but it looks like a great brain burner

  3. Well THAT was impressive 👏
    You have two of my favorites : Starshipped and Maquis. I just got Micro City and am awaiting Shephy and Regicide to arrive.

  4. Me.

    Click on video. Read video title. Spit out coffee.

    Wow. Impressive. That’s some serious motivation. Love to see a part two; what are your favorite 10 games of the lot?

  5. Loved the video. That edit at the end was hilarious. 😘👌🤣😂

    Also, wanted to say that all that shameless promoting finally got to me and I ended up buying Capital Lux 2: Generations and I regret not getting it before. It's amazing. Thank you for that discovery.

    Love your channel.

  6. So jelli. BITOKU!!! Well I'll get it sometime soon. Lol. Btw my latest game I've played that I can't seem to stop playing. Tiny Epic Dungeons, its now my favorite lite dungeon crawler. The design around the dice rolling and dice feel so good. Plus the loot set collections. It's no gloomhaven for sure. But I don't always want something so heavy.

  7. Sounds like “Praga Caput Regina” might be a top 25 all time game for you! 🤣😅 It looks amazing, but at this stage way too mind melting for me. 🤯I agree “Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden” is quirky, charming, quick fun with some challenge to it due to those pesky neighbors! Thank you for this excellent summary and descriptions of these 50 games.

  8. My recent first plays are “Scythe”, “Mr. Cabbagehead’s Garden” and “La Granja, No Siesta! The Dice Game”. I backed the KS for the deluxified with added game modes for “La Granja”. I do not have the original version of “La Granja”, so I was glad to purchase the KS reimplementation.

  9. Thank you so much for the shout out! So happy you love Praga! What a great game! You nailed it on the head with your praise. When playing solo, make sure to print out the updated solo cards!

  10. I’m still amazed that you had the stamina and backlog to support this achievement! 🤩😳😎
    Please save these games for the next game day: Glow, Bitoku, Corrosion.
    Games I’ve had too long based on how good everyone says: Whistle Mtn., Dwellings of Eldervale, Viscounts of West Kingdom

  11. What a wonderful video T. Juicy Fruits, Let's make a bus route, and a couple of others are also on my shelf of shame… time to get them out!!

  12. So glad that you liked The Magnificent! I love it so much. Many games here that I have seen and must try!

  13. Firstly, wow, what a feat! I need help getting through my shelf of shame, and at the rate I typically go… it’ll be a while. As usual when you do lists or rundowns, my wallet is going to wince pretty soon. Fortunately, my wallet already did some of it’s suffering in advance as I own a fair number of them. Praga so good! And I still have to free Bitoku from its shrink 😞
    I was wondering about the solo modes or variants you might have tried, specifically Radlands and Crystal Palace (variants), and Winterborne and Corrosion (official). I’m intrigued by all of them, but like I said, that Shelf-o-Shame needs some taming. I’m sure I’ll remember other questions to bug ya with later, but I’ll part with a compliment to the photographer (and for including those elegant Iron Clays I’m so many shots). Be well!

  14. Not making the video 50 minutes long was a huge missed opportunity. Could have been easily remedied by going on about Praga Caput Regni for another 10 minutes.
    j/k, love videos like this! I first watched it last night half asleep and now I am going over the most interesting ones again.

  15. Great video Tia! So many games!!! Praga is tough solo but I love the mechanisms so much the difficulty doesn’t bother me that much. I’m going to have to try Rococo solo with the Jewelry expansion tacked on this weekend!

  16. This inspires me to try to get through my backlog and just play more games!

  17. Awesome job here! Did you have a chance to try Black Angel solo? If so, what are your early impressions?

  18. Wow! Fifty games in fifty days AND made videos AND still lived IRL. Kinda puts me to shame. Shelf of Shame…. 🙄🙃

  19. I've been on the fence about Arkham Noir. I like the theme, the $ and that's it's a small solo game, but I wasn't sure if the theme would come through or if I'd enjoy it since I didn't really like Onirim and this has a similar icon collection mechanic. But I can't seem to find anything that can kinda replace AH Lcg at a reasonable price, cause I can't fall down that rabbit hole.

  20. 50 games in 50 days is incredibly impressive! I need to do something like this to get those games on my shelf played. Iki is one I'd really love to try!

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