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I Played ALL 370 BOARD GAMES on Board Game Arena

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*at the time of recording, there were 370 games, and for you wise-asses, yes, more games have been added since then, at the time of upload (today), i’ve since played 387/389 of them (and will continue to catch up)

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  1. Thank you, I just discovered BGA as I was not able to meet with my local game group. I can finally play the games no one wants to play with me 😀

  2. Thank you for doing this video. I have a premium membership on Board Game Arena but have only played 2-3 games. This week I started searching for games to play with my adult children during our weekly call and it occurred to me that I should give the site another try (I can only play Jackbox games so many times!). You've given us several to try.

    The thing I like about Board Game Arena over other sites like Tabletopia is that it makes it easier for me and my kids to learn games we've never played before because a lot is automated. I gave up on Tabletopia (which, admittedly, is prettier) because trying to learn the controls AND learn the game sucked all the fun out of playing.

  3. What no mention of Abyss!? You heartless dry-bones monster!

  4. We played a ton of 7 Wonders and Can't Stop for the same reasons you had. 🙂

  5. Getting rid of a physical copy of Dice Forge for playing it digitally… Who hurt you?

  6. I love playing Euro's. And to me nothing like playing them in person. For the same reason, you can't laugh at someone to their face.

  7. Insanely appreciated video! I’ve been playing on BGG on and off for about 4 months but catch me playing the same 5 games on rotation! Excited to commit and try these out with a trusted recommendation

  8. Pretty sure it's pronounced Agri-Cola. Like a Pepsi made of leaves.

  9. Dang, we have a lot of overlap in board games we enjoy, I’m SO excited to try out the games I haven’t tried yet. I love your board game themed content so much, keep it up!

  10. Is President a lot like The Great Dalmuti?

  11. You should make a video on what you think are the best cooperative boardgames out there! I'm totally not asking because i need fuel to convince my friends to play with me now that we've found board game arena

  12. I just started this video.. but I LOVE BGA! … Also, Go Green! #MSU

  13. Which ones did you NOT enjoy as much as the others. Not to bash them but an honest review and maybe some well thought out feedback for the developer

  14. Oh that's fun, I listen yesterday to an episode of your podcast where you said this was your goal 😁

  15. Is Perudo the same game that Davy Jones plays in Pirates of the Caribbean?

  16. Nice challenge!

    I will go for Perudo as I love liars dice but I didn't know it was there.
    I will check out New frontiers as I love Roll & Race ftg.

    One thing I disagree I really don't like "Welcome to" which was awful and I will never play again.

  17. Tabletop Sim on steam! All community made games!

  18. I think Agricola is pronounced like Agriculture

  19. I'm surprised to see President on here, I haven't played it in a long time. It's hard to play offline in general since the only people I play cards with insist on euchre

  20. Love BGA! So cool to see someone that has played them all! Just recently heard about liars dice! Thanks for letting me know it’s on BGA.

  21. In my friend group we call the game 'President,' Capitalism. Or Caps for short. First leaned it in Boy Scouts where they called it that. Many fun hours playing that one.

  22. OMG! what an ad :))
    "I gave my copy away because it plays better on boardgame arena"

  23. The funny thing about president is that, I played it for years before learning its real name, when my friends taught it to me they basically called it "the biggest Moron" (but in spanish) so instead of being named after the 1st place they named it after the last place (and yes, the next lowest player was the Vice-Moron)

  24. I'm surprised no mention of Russian Railroads?? One of the greatest euros ever!

  25. Ya know, I think they should probably sponsor him

  26. I've been looking for new board games, but have a limited budget for new games. Board Game Arena sounds amazing and I'm going to try out all your recommendations. Seems like it might work as a good preview to see if I want to buy the physical game.

  27. To Affiliate manager of boardgamesarena: Dear guy, contact this MAN already! You won't regret this for sure.

  28. I’ve always known president as Thirteen. I think Vietnamese call a similar game tien lien. It’s pretty popular there

  29. Since starting BGA, I played quite a lot of 6 nimmt!, it's such a fun game. I'll also try Perudo then :3

  30. I played president as a kid, we had ass and vice ass as the bottom two players :p

  31. Hello SungWon, I have never been into board games, and never owned anything above the basic scrabble or monopoly. I played Catan once and really enjoyed it, which left me so surprised that board games didn’t have to be so bland (and that they could be so expensive!).
    Through lockdown I discovered your board game series, especially the ones along with your dear wife. And they inspired me to purchase my first game, Azul!
    I have ADHD and I’m trying to get through med school, the lockdown really fcked with me, because I became so addicted to my smartphone and to the dopamine rush I lost track of real life and literally lost all motivation to do much in terms of my college life, because we had a long hiatus from the hospital, before being called in for emergency duty. My life was an utter mess, but then I gradually managed to wean myself off my screen dependent dopamine rush and slowly return to using my brain and getting involved with real life because I managed to supplement my entertainment with board games!

    I’m eternally grateful to you! My collection now includes Catan, Wingspan, Terraforming Mars, the Crew, Forbidden island Architects and Coup!
    I do wish you all the best. Special love prayers and good vibes for you.

  32. Have you ever streamed your board game plays before?

  33. (Brazil) Parabéns pela iniciativa, senti falta de um jogo chamado "the Boss", particularmente um dos meus favoritos…Mas só de Teres posto "president" no top 10 já concordo contigo kkkkkk

  34. I'm immunocompromised so I'm still trapped inside because of covid, this is gonna help me keep connected to my friends so THANK YOU

  35. i just got the BGA Nobel Prize, too.. i finished at the count of 434 games on BGA.

  36. What do you think of Castles of Burgundy?

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