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I played RuneScape: The Board Game – These are my thoughts.

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00:00 – This was my childhood.
02:48 – A weird puzzle to put together
06:34 – Sell lobsters and level up
09:55 – My inventory is full. I’m encumbered by graphics.
13:44 – Final thoughts and quick notes

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Grab your capes and party hats, ’cause we’re going to Gielinor! RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg is a cooperative campaign board game inspired by the record-breaking video game universe with over 280 million registered users worldwide.

Gather your group of 1-5 players and step into a sometimes epic, often irreverent fantasy world where your goal is simple: Become the wealthiest, most skilled, best-geared adventurer there is! Or, just enough of all three to succeed together. Or spend the whole time collecting eggs and let your friends do all the work. It’s cooperative, after all! (Still, who doesn’t enjoy a little friendly competition?)

Either way, Gielinor needs capable folk to help its inhabitants and keep monsters and nefarious cults at bay, and that’s where your group steps in. One minute you’re slaying a vampyre that’s been terrorising a village. The next, you’re helping Gertrude find her beloved cat!

Like chapters in a book, your tabletop adventure is split into campaigns, each one inspired by an iconic boss quest from the video games. Campaigns are made up of two phases:

First is the exploration phase, where you’ll explore the kingdoms of Asgarnia and Misthalin from above on a game board styled like a fast-travel map. Every location gives you different things to do — whether that’s gathering and sharing resources, levelling up skills, or drawing from the exploration deck for that region to see what unexpected thing you’ll need to handle next!

Don’t get too distracted, though: The exploration phase has set quests you’ll need to complete to keep your group moving forward. Spend too long gathering cabbages or engaging in goblin diplomacy, and the escalation track will rise, making the world around you more dangerous until you finally take on the boss…

…in the boss phase! Here, you’ll zoom in for face-to-face fights on dedicated game boards that bring the bosses — and their environments — to life!

The story woven through the campaigns will immerse you in the fantasy world of RuneScape, while the optional side quests, exploration decks, vault deck, and event deck will change your experience each time you play. And because it’s an open world, you can play your way!

Even your adventurer starts as a blank slate. There are no fixed classes in this game! You choose what skills to max and what gear to craft. Use those skills and gear to pass tests and complete quests to help your group win the day, then take what you’ve learned and earned on to the next campaign. Gain XP (even when you fail!) and rewards, and level up to earn your all-important cape!

But it’s not all capes and capers. At the end of every campaign waits a boss that’ll take all the skills of your group — yes, even cooking — to defeat. Pulled into face-to-face combat on unfamiliar terrain, your group’s shared health pool is all that stands between you and Death (and he wouldn’t be pleased to see you!). Roll the dice on your melee, defence, and magic to strike, protect yourself, and push the boss back. Use your wits to plan ahead and influence the flow of combat to throw the boss off balance. And don’t expect them to take your onslaught lying down. They, too, have ways to keep you on your toes…

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  1. yee gads I grew up with the game and I'm still playing.. just got my max cape! WOOOOOOT =))

  2. Quakalope is a beggar who tries to get people to subscribe. If you want those, EARN THEM! People will do them when THEY WANT to, not when you WANT THEM to. You do not deserve subscriptions.

  3. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a thing omg that's awesome

  4. Quakalope is a br./aea./in./de./ea./ad beggar who tries to get people to subscribe. If you want those, EARN THEM! People will do them when THEY WANT to, not when you WANT THEM to. You do not deserve subscriptions.

  5. got to Woodcutting 99 as well in OG Runescape, selling Yew Logs, to people who payed to play, completed most of the free to play content, at the time.

  6. I could see myself playing this! Really interested to learn the mechanisms!

  7. I think this was released after my game period, so I guess this is an easy skip. Gotta support Devon 😉

  8. I think this will be a decent success just based on a lot of nostalgia for people. Runescape isn't my jam, but my son (who is now in his 20s) loves it still.

  9. I just started playing ol skool Runescape about 4 months ago . Haven't played since 2005 and am having a fukin blast reliving and leveling up my new character. The game is a huge timesink but there are ways to afk and mitigate quite a bit of it to get up in levels. Was playing OSRS while watching this in wait to pledge on the KS. (4 months of play, and im at level 1834) not bad i think.

  10. A lot of adventure games looks pretty poor to me after getting Return to The Dark Tower, and this really seems pretty "meh". You roll a dice, see what happens…look a lot like Talisman but with a bit more freedom on movement. Very basic, not very original.

  11. Love the RuneScape IP on a board game.. but I wish the gameplay was more like either too many bones or something like architects of the west kingdom.. the way the map functions and extra lightness of gameplay has me questioning what should be a slam dunk purchase, for someone who played RuneScape for about a decade.

  12. Congrats on 40K:)

    Glad to be apart of this community!

  13. Once I heard there was going to be a board game version of this, I was excited – definitely spent a good many hours on and off through the past two decades mainly skilling. It's going to be interesting to see how it translates from open world PC to a board game tabletop.

  14. Wave:glow2: Free armor trimming!

    Runescape brings back so much nostalgia

  15. While Nostalgia has its place, this is a lot of money to spend for that experience. thanks for the review, it helped me save a couple of hundred! I know some will be thrilled, but after watching another kind of play through and now yours, just did not get me excited. So thank you! always appreciate the honesty and straight up.

  16. To confirm, it's Edgeville not Eggsville

  17. I think I almost exclusively fished back in the day. Got to like lvl 88. Got to the point I was selling lobsters for the cost of bait just so i could get back to fishing faster

  18. Good review but your mispronunciations of town names are killing me

  19. Good point, sometimes we become to much complicated. I recently play the last Descent and my friend, not at all in boargames, have tons of fun. Is simple quick and fun with the application. Of course I will prefer a game like Sword & Sorcery but is really hard to digest for a boardgamer beginner.

  20. 7:56 got a good chuckle out of me, how he pronounced Count Draynor 😅

  21. The company is called Jagex and they are based in cambridge UK

  22. Just pledged for the highest tier. As someone who has played RS (Now OSRS) for nearly 20 years, I felt obligated. Even if the tabletop isn’t good, it will make an amazing decorative piece for a game room.

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