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I Played The World’s MOST HAUNTED Board Game.

Lighthouse Horror
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If this game ever appears in your attic, don’t play it!
By JGrupe


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  1. The dolls are my buddies worth a few bucks the girl may be rare. Playmobil are good. Not real valuable. But still worth a good few bucks. I started to watch you during COVID and will keep watching. This year has been bad but we made it. Next year it will be better

  2. I know im a little late… lol but freaken awesome. I love playing games so this one really felt amazing. great work.

  3. Deferent but , captivating not your usual ghost or goulash tail . Thank you for the entertainment

  4. That's sounds better than my current life I'd play for sure to live as an adventurer or die a warrior sounds better than working as a machine operator till I'm 85 and dieing as an old man

  5. What the hell kind of broken meta let's you use a full team heal once per dungeon. That's so busted.

  6. I like this story. Like Jumanji meets UnEpic 😀

  7. Similar traps are layed in modern games. OOP. THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER. DON'T MISS OUT

  8. Ngl a rated R jumanji horror movie would be a good idea.

  9. I really love this one. I love pretty much all of your stories, But this one may be a little more than others. Would love to hear more stories of going into games kinda like this one.

  10. Shout out to Jumanji and Zathora movie. This is awesome.

  11. This was an amazing story, used to fantasize about stuff like this

  12. We fight, or we died maybe a little bit of both.

  13. Hey Stephen 🌹🖤🍃Wat a Kool Story‼️Had everything & the Narration ❤️💛💚I Love the way you bring a Story to Life🌈☀️🌺🌊🌴✌️💚😎

  14. Thanks for narrating my dungeons and darkness series from Nosleep, Lighthouse! Love your channel, you do such a great job!

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