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I Ran A Board Games Tent At A Festival And This Is What People Played (With Dr Hope’s Sick Notes)

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I’m joined by Dr. Ed Hope to share the Top 10 Board Games that we taught at Camp Wildfire.
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10. Anomia –
9. Herd Mentality –
8. Crazy Eggz –
7. Hey, That’s My Fish! –
6. Codenames –
5. Dobble –
4. Rhino Hero –
3. Scrawl –
2. The Mind –
1. Just One –

00:00 Intro
00:15 Camp Wildfire
02:03 Honourable Mentions
05:17 Ten
06:02 Nine
08:19 Eight
09:57 Seven
11:21 Six
14:01 Five
15:57 Four
20:40 Three
22:17 Two
25:27 One
30:40 Reflections

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  1. This was a super interesting experience to hear about!

  2. It seems so fun. I'd like to go next time. But I'm from Brazil. Do you guys have any idea when will it happen again?

  3. I miss going to festivals, hopefully they will be opening up more next summer

  4. Awesome list. It made wanna have a family of 8 to play with, lol. How about Hive for chess lovers? I think it might get some success as well.
    Anyways, great vid!
    P.D. It's true: like with music, there's a game for everyone.

  5. Amazing video guys! If I was there, I would have been happy to volunteer as a rules teacher as well.

    Some other games that I’ve used in a similar setting involving people who don’t play a lot of boardgames are:
    – Strike (Dice chucker that has lots of stand up moments)
    – Fuji Flush (UNO-killer for large groups)
    – Time’s Up (Always a classic party game)

  6. I loved this video sooo much. I watch gaming videos every day, lots of them and this was very funny but more importantly for me inspiring to find new ways to introduce a wider audience to the hobby.
    I absolutely love introducing new folk to the fun in all sorts of settings, most recently I had a group of wedding guests in the late evening craving for games of these sort. Your experience gave me so many ideas for future opportunities. I also teach so sharing games with pupils on the odd occasion can also be great fun. Thanks
    Hope you repeat this – maybe next year, or a family Christmas get together version although I know you’ve done a funny video similar to this where you match games to different people; granny, Aunty, kids etc which was really good.

  7. Covid really isn‘t a thing in the UK anymore I guess.

    But yeah, this just sounds like exactly the Festival I would Go to, sounds and looks amazing.

  8. Thank you for creating and running such an inclusive space. Both times I went to the tent as a solo and was introduced to a group of lovely people and had a fabulous time. It's wonderful that you can just drop in, meet other festival goers and that there's such a huge range of games as well.
    Amazing space, and a great video. Can't wait for CW next year! 👏

  9. I was intrigued by the Lacuna Coil card game that hit kickstarter, Horns Up – it sounds like a heavy metal concert themed version of Saboteur from the description, and in theory if they had waterproof cards etc, that could be a kind of meta one that could be played at festivals. Kind of hate the name though, even as a rock fan…

    How much of the choosing of games for this is a war against footprint? It's something that I'm kind of curious about in modern game design in that where it's made for the US audience, there can be a substantial amount of space required, while for people in Europe (and presumably more expensive places to live in the US like New York and San Francisco), some of the games start to become things they can't physically fit at home because they just won't have a big enough table. If you were to do a small foot print top 10 I suspect it would be pretty similar.

    There is a phenomenon called 'overchoice' which I suspect is a real problem with boardgame cafes – when people see a large selection, it's basically overwhelming so they plump for what they know or can't make a choice at all. I suspect that may be one of the things about your setting that helps people in in that you can't have tons of games lining the walls like works or art, you just have to have a curated set that is intentionally welcoming. If that is true, I don't think it is going to be easy for boardgame cafes to replicate, as they kind of need to have the more niche titles too.

    Thanks for a fun video, I'd be interested in how you go about picking which games should be there – I'll be honest, I was expecting Diamant/Incan Gold but I wonder if that may occupy a bit too much space? Also curious if you had considered games like:
    -Welcome To The Dungeon
    -Love Letter (or maybe the new Infinity War version)
    -Bloody Inn
    -Small Detectives (it's a game that Hasbro should frankly buy and rebrand as Cluedo Express)
    -Bang The Dice Game

  10. What an absolutely superb video – unique topic, genuine friendship and a setting that I’d bloody love to try. Top quality stuff, Jon!

  11. Looks like a lot of fun! Tell me about that interesting looking microphone on your jacket?

  12. I wonder if Happy Salmon would work at an event like this. Probably would need to teach it outside due to the limited space, and the noise the game makes 😛

  13. At 10:52 he says "I previously had (zero) as well" what is the board game he is mentioning there. Zero? Cero? Sero?

  14. Such a great video. few of my favourites in there, Wilderness sounds great!

  15. Uh, okay….to be young and wild! Ya'll had fun! Do your thing…..🙂❤❤

  16. This is an absolutely amazing video. Amazing stuff. Everyone in the hobby should watch this so that they can understand why Great Western Trail etc etc are weighted where they are.

  17. You guys have great chemistry and just the love for simple party games really shines through. I sort of class my self as a bit of a gamer, but really I just like to see people have fun and enjoy themselves. I just smiled all the way through this video as that's exactly what I was seeing.

  18. What a jolly brilliant idea to have at festivals

  19. Brilliant partnership! Hitting FOMO hard that I missed the event! Looked like a wonderful atmosphere

  20. 4:33 sounds like you need to level up and head to a gaming convention ^_^

  21. If you like the idea of Camping & Board Games check out the Strange Games Festival in Sussex. My favourite camp game this year was Blood on the Clocktower 😀

  22. I loved this video! You have a great chemistry and your passion for the games and how they bring people together is totally infectious. I was laughing with joy to see it. Watching this was a great way to start my working week. Thank you!

  23. Thank you so much for this inspiring video. We are a boardgame Café in Hamburg, Germany and although everything is much more non-tenty around our place, we still get similar reactions when new gamers catch the beauty of the hobby. Having a whole weekend with this pure joy seems just perfect. And yeah – when Just One came out we thought „how come this game hasn’t been around for years?“

    Would love to hear more about the collection you took along for the festival. We knew and own all but one game mentioned in this video but maybe there are hidden gems?
    Our hidden gem is: „subtext“ and yes it should work in a tent as well. Our pitch; here is a game in which you draw and the worse you can draw the better. And everyone always reacts: „yeah, I’m in!“ Has worked in absolutely EVERY group at our place so please try it if you don’t know it yet.
    Greetings 🤘🏻

  24. this looks like so much fun, i wish my country had something like this

  25. I haven't even watched the video but this festival looks like the coolest thing ever: tons of cool things to do and people actually being social and not idiots.

  26. Great video and kudos for being such great ambassadors for the hobby. As someone who has taught and played hundreds and hundreds of games of Happy Salmon at conventions it would fit perfectly in this list and in your tent (and especially on those blankets outside).

  27. Meanwhile two states in Australia are still in lockdown.

  28. I once played Rhino Hero on a rooftop patio, we had to have three guys moving around the table to body block the wind.

  29. Dobble, or Spot It! over here is so much fun! My six and three year old can both play it against dad, and competitively. They love it. My three year old learned it by just watching me play against his big sis. We'd give him a card to "play" and he'd say "tree" and we'd tell him that's not on his card and one day he said "lips" and won the card and then won the next card and suddenly he got it! I was so proud.

    I adore Rhino Hero. I love pulling it out at conventions and watching people walking past slow their steps and eyes widen and they're in.

  30. Super content, great interaction between you two. Would love to see more of it!

  31. I have to admit, I only know about Dobble because of Matt Parker's video about it.

  32. Man… that looks like both an AMAZING festival, and an amazing attraction you created as well. JEALOUS!

  33. Okay, I’ve followed Dr Hope’s Sick Notes for a little while and this festival sounds brilliant!
    I’ve never heard most of these and now I definitely want to check out the games you two mentioned! ❤️

  34. Jon, please do more videos like this one. It was not long enough for me to get tired, nooooo! It was fresh and fun to watch, and was content of absolute good quality! Thank you and Dr. Hope!

  35. This is so wholesome. I miss getting together with all kinds of people. Hope we can go back to that soon.

  36. I would have thought outside Happy Salmon would have been a hit too.

  37. me and my best friend straight up bought tickets for wildfire because of this video 🤣

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