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I Turned YouTuber Apologies into a Board Game

Andrew Lowe
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i had the idea to make “Guess Who? The YouTuber Apologies Edition” and now we’re here hahahah please enjoy chris and I playing it.

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  1. This was so creative ❤ inspiring 😮

  2. I want one 😭😭😭 can I pay you for that YouTuber board

  3. Andrew…I used to binge watch you baking in your kitchen??? Your parents kitchen?? I don’t even know. But I FORGOT you existed. Holy cow. I haven’t seen you in like 10 years!!

  4. This is literally tons of fun!! I’m so entertained right now 😂

  5. im surprised I somenow knew all these videos even though I never thought of myself as someone who follows youtube drama

  6. you laugh like you watch(ed) shane dawson lmfaooo

    this isn't an insult i promise

  7. I stopped following the beauty community long ago but this is so shady I can't 💀

  8. this is a good wake up call that everyone makes mistakes

  9. the fact that i know all these apologies.. i have no life

  10. You could make a sperate board for Shane Dawson only. 😛

  11. Ok… hiding your own card atthe beggining is not very smart – both board arethe same, so you can get guess just by looking, which one you've hiden.

  12. My biggest flex is that I’ve never watched anyone who has posted an apology video

  13. People who have multiple entries on the game, get your life together

  14. You ever grateful that you don't watch any of these people and don't know who half of them are? Did the Fine Bros ever apologize for the Milly show?

  15. I remember when that guy did pretend to kidnap Sam and Colby it was crazy

  16. Hey one of those bad things is almost the plot line of Until Dawn

  17. Honestly, Jenna apologizing for buying the wrong fish tank was so wholesome. She didn't even need to apologize since she had no idea it was the wrong tank, but she seemed genuinely sad and upset about the fish, not that people were hating her like most YouTubers do. Respectable, in my opinion. 🙂

  18. I remember when Sam Pepper did that prank. I'm actually a huge fan of Sam and Colby (the YouTubers that he pranked) and it was crazy. I was full on crying

  19. Is this the same YouTube I'm on because I have no idea who most of these people are? 😂

  20. Them: (kill your best friend prank)

    Me: just say Sam and Colby

  21. It's the people that are on here 2-3 times that hit different for me.

  22. damn that other guy is so uncomfortable to watch

  23. need an updated game w that one chick that sexually assaulted her friend and danced as an apology cos she’s young and makes mistakes😂🥴

  24. this was the first video of yours i’ve seen and i immediately subbed & woke my husband up cackling LMAOOOO.

  25. Why does everyone in the makeup community constantly feel the need to apologise to one another 😂😂

  26. "Ok idk who i am." Lol great video and work!!

  27. is it bad or good that I've never seen a YouTube apology video

  28. I remember the “killing best friend prank”,if it’s the one I think it was the two best friends were Sam and Colby

  29. “Jeffree definitely isn’t a crier, just a liar.” 😭

  30. Not Chris falling off his chair. I miss this CHAOS <3

  31. Apologizing for stuff several years in the past is dumb cause people change over time, like mr beast and his gender jokes with "being born as a tamk:

  32. i am 2 years late, and this was actually hilarious lmao

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