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I Wish I Hadn’t Overlooked These Board Games the First Time! – Board Game Buyer’s Guide

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Top Board Game Releases & Restocks This Month – Board Game Buyer’s Guide! 20 Best Board Games You Can Get RIGHT NOW! The sheer number of board games released each month can be overwhelming. That’s why (of the hundreds of new board games, card games and accessories released this month) we’ve assembled a list of “best bets”, games that caught MY attention, and a few wildcards to suggest – in this month’s Board Game Buyer’s Guide.

Arrakis: Dawn of the Fremen

The brutal, cutthroat game about tribal control of Arrakis – long before the events of Dune!


Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances

Become the next Master Summoner in this Disney-themed strategic battle arena game, where every choice you make determines your legacy!


Watch Matthew’s excellent video about Battle Line: Medieval:

Architechts Of Magic:
Battle Line – Medieval:
Get On Board:
Lucha Wars:
Mortum – Medieval Detective:
Night Of The Mummy:
Nova Luna:
Rear Window:
Wise Guys:

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  1. I will always love the bloopers. Makes my day.

  2. Stop! My wallet can't take all this 😨

  3. Who is your mysterious helper? 🙂 Your wife? Your daughter? That Jimmy character who mysteriously went missing?

  4. The new edition of Successors is gorgeous. The trick is getting 3+ players together for the purposes of properly knifing each other in the back and taking each others stuff.

  5. That's neat about the game where you can combine the two games or just play them separately (Night of Mummy and …Vampire something.) That reminds me of the Century Road games. 🙂

  6. Who's gonna break it to Rodney that Chaz just performed the most visually impressive spinning box toss on the channel? Then again, Rodney always gets his on the first take and Chaz strikes me as a 4+ takes kind of guy…

  7. We love the variety of games and all the fun you packed into this video! Chaz, you're adorable! 🙂 Teej & Ben (Well, only Teej said the adorable part.)

  8. Hi)
    Is here anybody who understand the theme and can help me with a copyright question?
    Can I legally use characters from copyrighted materials in my youtube channel in a board game, that I created? For example smurfs. Would it be legal to create a board game with smurfs material(they are not printed, I will find pictures in Google and draw them by my hand) and I'm not going to monetize the video. Or just a fact that I will call some characters ,,smurfs" is copyright violation?

  9. As far as IP goes I am surprised MTV’s celebrity death match hasn’t been made into a board game.

  10. Will we get the blooper reel for the failed game box catches from the beginning?

  11. The offscreen handoff continues to be my favorite parts of Chaz's segments!

  12. Great video! Very informative as always.

  13. "Like an unsecured grocery list that floats away in the hot sandy breeze", reminds me of A Canticle for Leibowitz

  14. I need to hire my own little hands for videos. 🙂

  15. Nova Luna has 2 designers on the box because Uwe took the main mechanism for it from another game and felt that he owes it to the original designer. It’s written in the rule book, Corne van Moorsel did not work on the game with Uwe.

  16. 0:59 "…incubated into their routes…" – I guess the players have to hatch a new scheme to move their buses around the city? 🙂

  17. Usurp the King = War of Whispers + Secret Hitler?

  18. How does Northstar Games already have an expansion available before their game is even released?

  19. Is Rear Window a reimplementation of Mysterium? I love it! Immediately hitting my wish list.

  20. Next video on how to play axis allies global1940

  21. Excellent stuff as always Chaz, nothing grab me this time around but I suppose that's a good thing 🙂

  22. Flying Frog Productions still hasn’t delivered their kickstarter from 2019. They claim hurdles that other companies seem to navigate with class. Strange how one maker can’t get things done while others have virtually no issue.

  23. More videos like this! There's a few on here I wasn't aware of and have now added to my radar. Thanks! (Or if you ask my wallet – Darn you!)

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