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If We Could Only Keep 10 Games + New SHIRTS!

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These are the games we would choose “If We Could Only Keep 10 Games.”

Board Gaming Ramblings Video –

00:00 – Announcements
02:00 – Traveling
04:28 – Patreon Update/Discord
06:11 – 10 Games We’d Keep/HM
09:24 – 1
11:03 – 2
13:26 – 3
15:44 – 4
18:09 – 5
21:00 – 6
23:39 – 7
27:17 – 8
30:15 – 9
33:43 – 10

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  1. I’m desperately trying to find a better game than Ticket to Ride. Ticket to Ride is her favorite game we have played. I want to find something other than Ticket to Ride to play. Any suggestions?

  2. My 10 Games to keep on an island…
    1. Catan
    2. Azul
    3. Pandemic
    4. Wingspan
    5. Viticulture
    6. Cascadia
    7. Photosynthesis
    8. Canvas
    9. Ark Nova
    10. Terraforming Mars

  3. Kanban! I was sure you would choose Lisboa!

  4. I may be going to go to the Game Market in May too! Will you be going for both days?

  5. I was expecting to see Lisboa and/or Trickerion on this list based on your past videos. Fun list overall!

  6. My fiancee and I have been playing Spirit Island constantly for the past month. We love it so much, it's so fun and it scales so well. The expansions are honestly unbelievably good and add so much. Especially the event cards.

    PS. That Scythe box is still looking a little light.

  7. Great video! I think I will have to watch it again so I can find the cards for all the games. I haven't played or watched a playthrough for most of these.

  8. Very Interesting list! I tried and it is very hard to do! Here is my try:
    1) Kanban EV
    2) Crokinole
    3) Spirit Island
    4) Terraforming Mars
    5) Brass Birmingham
    6) The Crew
    7) The Castle of Burgundy
    8) Hansa Teutonica
    9) Cthulhu: Death May Die
    10) Gaia Project

  9. Shirts look amazing! I'm getting a pair. Gotta represent 😁

  10. Awesome list and am excited for your trip to Japan! My shirt has been ordered! I can’t wait to get it! 🎉

  11. You’ve got to try Spirit Island at the harder difficulties! It’s absolutely intimidating, I know, but have trust in the game’s impeccable design… there will be a path to victory (many paths, in fact), and the “tension” of every game you talked about is just amped up to 11!

    What’s more, each step up in difficulty seems super tough, and it is. I found my sweet spot around 4-6. Anything higher seemed crazy impossible. However, out of sheer curiosity I tried the maximum level 10 difficulty and shocked myself by winning. Lesson: you can probably handle more than you give yourself credit for!

  12. whats the link for their discord? or is it only for patreons?

  13. Kanban is so smooth, freakishly so. And it plays quick for its weight. It’s such a great design. I played my 13th and 14th game this weekend and I can’t believe how novel every game feels. I watched your Lisboa video a couple of nights ago – I just got Lisboa – so I can’t wait to try that. Pretty simple right, just play a card, draw a card?

  14. Great list and need to check out Yokai septet now. Sounds exciting and unique artwork.

    I would take following games with me:
    – euphrat und tigris
    – clans of caledonia
    – radlands
    – concordia
    – ark nova
    – the King is dead
    – scout
    – quacks of quedlinburg
    – Search for Planet X
    – Inis

  15. Wouldn't have had a very high batting average predicting these picks. Castles of Burgundy and maybe Alchemists.

  16. Just out of curiosity… how many games would you two say you play per year? Like, all board game plays combined? Or maybe an easier way of answering that would be how much play time per year in hours?

    I've gotten alot more into the hobby during the pandemic, and I must admit, I've purchased way too many games. And now it seems like my pile is insurmountable. I don't know if this is a common thing for people in the hobby, but do you ever feel like you have too many games you like and not enough time to put into each of them? Is that when the culling comes in? How many plays is too few to cull a game? Sometimes I feel like there has been a few games I bought that I'll never be able to bring to the table. Should I just cut my loses? Whenever I go to play games, I feel like I should put more time into games I've already played… so I don't open the new ones.

    Am I odd? 😅

  17. Looking forward to the next spirit island video (hopefully sometime in the future). 😄👍 The expansions for that game really give it legs, and add some really cool spirits. The events make the invaders and dahan more "alive".

  18. I took a 2 week Japan trip with a friend of mine who had loved there for 5 years and one of the places we went was Koyasan, which I highly recommend. You go to the top of a mountain and stay overnight with the monks at one of many monasteries there. THere's an amazing, historic cemetery in a forest full of old, giant moss-covered trees. It's a very magical, sacred place. I think we went between Tokyo and Kyoto, or maybe it was after Kyoto, but it's not far from Kyoto, I believe. It's one of my favorite places in the world! My friend has since been back to Koyasan several times since my visit.

  19. Seeing Naveen's pajamas will be a Patreon exclusive. 😂

  20. Thanks for sharing! Thought Cabo would be part of your 10 games to keep!

  21. 1. Spirit Island
    2. Arkham Horror 2nd Edition
    3. Pandemic (plus 3 expansions)
    4. Archipelago
    5. Race for the Galaxy
    6. Terraforming Mars (plus expansions)
    7. Castles of Burgundy
    8. Viticulture
    9. Concordia
    10. Gloomhaven

  22. 1. Wingspan (collective favorite)
    2. Patchwork (wife’s favorite)
    3. Castles of Burgundy (my favorite)
    4. Ark Nova (favorite heavy/solo
    5. Quacks of Quedlinburg (most fun game/can play with anyone)
    6. The Crew (favorite game to play at holidays with in-laws)
    7. Spirit Island (endlessly replayable, co-op)
    8. Biblios (favorite light card game)
    9. Las Vegas (favorite game to play with family)
    10. Hansa Teutonica (obsessed with this game right now)

  23. Off the top of my head, my top ten would probably be: Feudum, Isle of Cats, Castles of Burgundy, Big Boggle, Root, Wingspan, Townsfolk Tussle, Unconscious Mind (after it arrives), Nerts (only to have multiple decks of cards available), Sagrada (give you lots of dice to work with). I'm taking into consideration that the cards and dice could be used to create/play other games. Also including expansions, as long as they fit into the base game. Honorable mentions: bananagrams, anachrony, calico.

  24. I lived there for a year and a half, 3 months in Kyoto and the rest in Okinawa. Okinawa is a beautiful island but south of it is a must go to destination, an island called Ishigaki which has gorgeous star shaped sand which is sold in tiny bottles. It’s actually comprised of sand washed shells.

  25. I honestly expected you to pick Lisboa instead of Kanban. 😅

    Here is my list:

    7 wonders
    Fantasy realms
    On Mars
    Sleeping Gods
    VAST: The crystal caverns
    Roll Player

  26. I found picking ~7 games really easy, but then there's just as many on the shortlist competing for the last few slots that are really tough to choose from. A Feast For Odin is a definitely overlap with your list, and Scythe and Kanban EV are both on my shortlist.

    My other "definites" are: Cartographers, Project L, Foundations of Rome, Meadow, Everdell, and Anachrony. I tend to stick to my prefered "styles" of games, but have a few different options for each weight class.

  27. 1 Innovation
    2 Root
    3 Caverna
    4 Tindaya
    5 Keep The Heroes Out
    6 Everdell
    7 Arboretum
    8 Tiletum
    9 Terraforming Mars
    10 Cat In The Box

  28. Off the top of my head (not at home right now): Brass Birmingham, Cthulhu Wars, Whitehall Mystery, Watergate, Quacks of Quedlinburg, Pax Pamir, Spyfall, Dune Imperium, Galaxy Truckers and Troyes.

  29. Hey Monique and Naveen! First time commenter, long time subscriber here 😛 I live in Japan (2 hours from Tokyo) and plan to go to Tokyo game market as well (it will be my first time there) 🙂 Maybe I'll see you guys there, in which case I can help translate for you, haha 😛 Have a great trip to Japan and let me know if you need help with anything!

  30. I've just received my copy of Alchemists yesterday and I bought it because of you 😁. Glad to see it on this list because it's one of the best, (if not the best), deduction games!

  31. We are taking a trip to Japan too and about the same time. We will be there from the begining of may for 3 weeks.

  32. Really brill video, Great and interesting choice and so much better than just a straight top ten, Would be really interested in how this might change….how about a travel top ten ie for AireCon 24!

  33. Great list. Hard to pick 10 and kodos for a combined 10 so I’ll do 5
    Too many bones (never gets old for me love it at all counts)
    Trickerion is my favorite heavy game
    Planet unknown hits for me and easy to teach
    Scout great pass the time game
    Ark nova love it every time it makes the table
    Meadow it’s my relax game

  34. Good list! Very happy to see Scythe in there, as it's my fave. 🙂 And I can't argue with your No. 1 choice, either. Thanks, y'all!

  35. Japan trip – take a 2 hour train north from kyoto to the coast, to Kinosaki Ohnsen, its a little spa town, you spend the day walking around in your kuta, and its super relaxing

  36. I really enjoyed you guys! Going to Japan is on my bucket list. And you're going to the Tokyo game market?! I'm so jealous 😊😊😊

  37. Yes the video with Monique's hand play and your hotdog taught me about how to play Aboretum.

  38. my mum plays almost no board games, but she loves feast for odin

  39. Happy to hear that you can come to Japan! I was going to try and make it out to Tokyo Game Market this year since I live in Japan, but we'll see. If I see you, I'll say hello! 🙂

  40. Loved this video! There's a podcast series called 5 Games For Doomsday (I think that's the name) which is a similar format and there was an episode with Dan Cassar recently that you might enjoy!

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