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Iki Review – A Brilliant Beginner Boardgame?

Shut Up & Sit Down
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Iki! Today on the show, Tom (and a tiny, tiny bit of Matt) are taking a look at a 2015 competitive shopping game where you compete to be the best merchant in all of “one particular street in Japan”. Is it good? How’s the expansion? Find out right here!

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  1. I actually smirked at the Lot’s Wife joke…I’m ashamed

  2. Hello Janet and Doug! Your Grandson gives great reviews even though he's trapped in a game. Please don't save him.

  3. In the cold, grim darkness of the future, there is only mic blowout mouth noises.

    Also damn, what a neat little game. Very elegant, good legs, and a nice but not overbearing personality (very nice sandals, RIP Lot's wife). Makes me wanna swipe right.

  4. I get the feeling Matt Lee is only in this video so that viewers don't think he's actually deceased.

  5. Wow, that mid review bit was great lol and too real…. Also, hi Janet and Doug, you helped raise a great Tom!

  6. Nice review, but please use a microphone with a pop filter. The second part of the review wasn't as nice to listen to…

  7. Janet and Doug! Your grandson is great at his job!

  8. If my copy doesn't come with the Board Game Reviewer promo card, Imma flip the table.

  9. I liked the little chat with future boardgame guy.
    Nice work, i'm sure Janet and Doug are fairly whelmed by his work.

  10. Wait a second… Do English folk pronounce "skeletal" as ske-LEE-tal??

  11. Interesting how the new edition's getting so much more recognition than the first one. Great review as always. One small thing to note is that the designer's surname is pronounced "kOHta".

  12. I can’t believe SUSD found a cohost as on-brand as Tom to carry on their excellent legacy. So good.

  13. Hi Janet! Hi Doug! I really like your grandson's work. I find him insightful and hilarious, and his videos are some of my favorites in recent years

  14. Hello Janet and Doug! 👋🏻
    And RIP Matt, so young, only 13 😢

  15. Lort, say it correctly consistently, please. Ee-kee is the pronunciation. Looks like a great game, though.

  16. Hi Janet and Doug. Tom does a great job with his videos.

  17. Howdy Janet and Doug! Howdy from Oregon, USA!

  18. Hi, Janet.

    Hi, Doug.

    Your grandson seems to be doing rather well.

    Sounds like an interesting game.

  19. you're telling me this egg peddler got boiled?

  20. Oh? I haven't noticed the subscribe button is gone.

  21. Grandparents need some appreciation too. Well done, chap! Here, take my 👍!

  22. i really like the recommendations for alternative games. it helps me to understand a little bit better how the game feels to play. (only works of course if you played the alternatives)

  23. Hi Janet and Doug your grandson is a brilliant reviewer!

  24. Hi Janet and Doug, your geandson is really good at making videos!

  25. Although I'll never buy or plan to play Iki I stilled watched the whole review because Tom makes me laugh 😀

  26. Hi Janet and Doug! Keep it up Tom, and the rest of the SU&SD crew!

  27. Dear Janet and Doug,

    I'm curious about your thoughts of your grandsons moth eaten brand of humour. I love it, but what do you think?

    Little Girl

  28. Looking forward to seeing more future Tom in the future.

  29. Cheers to Janet & Doug. Tom is a treasure and does great work.

  30. This game gives me a Lord of Waterdeep vibe 🤔

  31. Hi Janet & Doug! Loving Tom's work 😊 Also loving how nice these comments are.

  32. Hi Janet and Doug! You should be very proud of your grandson Tom. He brings so much joy and inspiration to so many of us. 🙂

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