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I’m sorry for doing this

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  1. "does it only look nice or is it really nice"
    B O T H

  2. That was really good tbh. Either free rook or easy checkmate

  3. Defending the pawn doesn't even work, as white gets the knight, but may be the best option.

  4. "The bar cheered when i played this move"
    The cheer was indeed loud

  5. Can someone explain why Rook G8 would be bad to play in this situation? It's obviously uncomfortable but is it lost?

  6. Inspired by Gukesh-Vidit in the first round of the Candidates

  7. The cheer was so loud that it break the audible to human sound barrier.
    (it is a joke; no hate intended 😅)

  8. yeah the pawn is overloaded and black king is never safe after taking the bishop

  9. Ngl that cheer almost made my whole family deaf

  10. Took me 2 minutes to realise how good the move is

  11. does it only look nice or its really nicee🤣🤣🤣

  12. Can someone explain to me why this is a good move

  13. Well if Black captures the Bishop than levy can grab the knight and threaten Sagars Rook so it is a good move

  14. Who are the news and he's your father😂😂

  15. Bh6
    If they take with the pawn on G7, Qxf6 wins the knight and attacks the rook.
    If they don't take, then the bishop can take the undefended pawn next move assuming black doesn't defend it, as well as attacking the knight in the process.

  16. What does this move do,can someone please explain?

  17. U know im following levy chanel from long time all i want to see is thst one day he becomes a GM and compete in candidates 😢😢

  18. So for all those negative elo kids lemme explain it so if pawn takes queen takes and rook is under attack rook has to move of rook slides than theres another brilliant bishop takes h7 bcz if knight takes h7 queen takes f7 is check and you are losing the rook and the knight both not only that but its gonna be followed by a mate as well!

  19. "the bar cheered"
    And the crowd goes mild

  20. oof. Black’s rook protects the g7 pawn, white sacs the black squared bishop on the g7 pawn; black takes back(I didn’t look at other lines where black can sac the rook, but it only looks bad for black if they don’t take back too); white takes the g6 knight(attacking the undefended rook); white moves rook away(idk about other lines where white doesnt move the rook, maybe moves the king, but it seems kinda slow); queen takes the f7 pawn check; black king moves; and then white queen takes the black rook, and the game is pretty much losing for black because of material and the openness of the black king. whites rooks are gonna centralize, the white bishop and knight are already developed and within a few squares of moves away from the king. cool move Levi~❤

  21. Bro I had to subscribe to see the queen.

  22. I would be happy to play against you 1 match Mr. Levy 😊

  23. I got bullied for not having chess premium 😆

  24. not sure where you get your haircuts levy, but there is this really great barber in New York called 12 Pell. Their content is great and their cuts are sooooo good! It would be such a dope collab for you to go there 🙂

  25. not the guy from the video but levy said my name!!! LETS FUCKING GOOO!!!

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