Imperial Borders by Larry Harris - First Look! -

Imperial Borders by Larry Harris – First Look!

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Thank you for watching the Board Game Nation First Look at Imperial Borders by Larry Harris from Nightingale Games. Here is the link you will need to get your copy of this amazing game!

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  1. Thank you Thank you for watching the Board Game Nation First Look at Imperial Borders by Larry Harris from Nightingale Games. Order your copy of Imperial Borders here!

  2. Are you guys planning to do an axis and allies anniversary unboxing for the reprint?

  3. Sounds promising. Free for all and alliance options should make the game have good replayability. And similtanious actions means no/little downtime for everyone.

  4. I've been excited about this game for a while. It looks very interesting and I would very much like to play it, but there's no way I can justify paying $300.

  5. Hope yall do an unboxing or something special for Axis and Allies Anniversary Edition. I just got my copy and was hoping yall would do something now that the preorders are arriving 😀

  6. It looks great but just like War Room, it's just too freaking big for the table …and I do have a gaming table.

  7. Why did I think this was a ww1 game this whole time?

  8. I read through the rules and combat seems to me too complex. But would a whole combat equal in time with War Room? But 300$ is too much anyways..

  9. Really needs the Ottoman Empire (I.E. Turkey) as a power. Looks like I will be backing one Kickstarter this year was going to not back anything but this looks to good to pass up.

  10. That just oozes quality. Might have to get this one!

  11. Hmmm….can't wait till you feature some game play! Looks interesting.

  12. Just when I think I'm done spending 💰

  13. The spanish Flags are wrong. They printed the actual Flag, not the postnapoleonic one.

  14. I once worked on a version of this setting for huge management role playing games. There we had smaller nobles who could grow their power by changing sides in a smart way. I wonder if this aspect is present, could be made present too?

  15. Looks exactly like Castle Risk but more complicated.

  16. Hard pass. I hate Diplomacy (the game). Disappointed.

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