INSANE Giant Game Board Challenge! -

INSANE Giant Game Board Challenge!

Kristopher London
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  1. Claim your within one hour ticket here

  2. Glad that concussion didn’t stop you keep going kris 🎉🎉💥📍

  3. I love win you do theses because that be good and I enjoy them all

  4. We should collab on Whatnot that Scottie barnes was 🔥🔥

  5. I love win you do theses because that be good and I enjoy them all

  6. Love the content Kris keep it up, love the twisted tea games.

  7. I love your content bro but twisted tea taste like straight booty , and yes I have eaten a female booty before

  8. Kris did you just say twisted tea is a good pairing for playing sports?😭

  9. Chris you got Bri pregnant dang another baby to 2hype let's go!!

  10. Need some more twisted tea games and keep up the work kris

  11. Dude is sponsoring a summers drink when summer is over lol

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