Is Kickstarter Ruining Board Games? -

Is Kickstarter Ruining Board Games?

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Kickstarter, and crowdfunding in general, has been a source of many good things, but also bad as well. For 10 years now it’s grown from a small subset to a massive part of our hobby, in a way that is impressive and scary at the same time….because it’s size, and impact on the hobby are great….unless it’s ruining board games.

0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:28 – Choose Wisely

Yes, It’s Ruining Board Games –
No It’s Great For Board Games –

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  1. Interesting, now I need to watch 3 videos in total 😁

  2. I’m definitely in the camp that Kickstarter WAS good for board games, and has progressively becomes bad. Your points for why it’s good were a lot more prevalent in 2013 than in 2022. Instead of seeing rise of companies like Stonemaier, we’re seeing bigger players use kickstarter to essentially guarantee an interest free loan for months to years before going into production. As far as things that wouldn’t have been made without Kickstarter, that’s becoming less and less common, as the catch-22 for a business is that the closer a project is to complete, the easier it is to back, but the small individual creators can’t afford to do that before the Kickstarter. The insane price creep began before the pandemic and will only get worse, which is bad for longevity for any board game (I think Breaking Games is experiencing that issue now with Dwelling of Eldervale, which really they should have sold the rights to Cardboard alchemy, but I digress). I love the idea of Kickstarter, but far from confirmation bias, this is more an issue of whether it’s actually accomplishing the goals we all would want it to be accomplishing. And it’s serving a very narrow subset of the industry right now, in my opinion.

  3. Oooooh you guys already on daylight savings, that explains.
    This is like a interactive YouTube series, where I create my own reality where you say what I want in stead I have to listen to you … Oh the possibilities 😁

  4. Sadly doesn't work when watching in brave, so adding the videos in the description might help some people.

  5. It's definitely bad for boardgamers, many of whom are drowning in games, many of which they just won't ever play, and many of which they will play but will never come close to fully exploring.

  6. This is my first "choose your own adventure" video!

  7. Kickstarters are definitely ruining my budget!

  8. It’s ruining my wallet for sure…… shhh not it is’ntsss my precious we wants it

  9. I think it has it’s merits, but it is definitely killing development of games. Expansions would be released as a fix sometimes with new content added. Now that we get it all in one go it’s like “yep here it is!” Case in point I got all-in Joan of arc. Then a new campaign was made to fix the rules. There I am sitting with all this stuff I didn’t want to play with until the new rules were made available. Just my opinion though.

  10. I 100% think KS is hurting the hobby for the future

  11. Not being able to late pledge a Headmaster copy of Mythic Mischief is ruining board games

  12. this is THE Video of your life, the magnus video the … ahh sorry It is just the intro

  13. Can’t click them when casting to a TV. Are they going to be uploaded normally?

  14. What a fantastic episode today. Is it bad that I agree with both?

  15. Interesting concept! I think my main criticism is that… in the end, I (maybe I am alone) am mostly interested in your overall opinion, not in hearing you agree with what my opinion probably is. Both "sides" I found things to agree with and disagree with", of course! But I found it rather hard to really discern your overall opinion on Kickstarter, and how much of the video was actually your opinion! That's genuinely not me trying to do that annoying BGG-yourelyingomg thing, its just me having trouble really figuring out how much of the video is meant as genuine and which is meant as part of the "confirmation bias" format.

    Difficult as ESL to figure that out :'D

    Personally, 80% of the games I play are kickstarter games. Or rather, 80% of the SESSIONS I play are playing kickstarter games. So I appreciate them. However, I think we're slowly moving out of the "its good" and right into the "its making most of the hobby inaccessible" territory. Stuff like Primal outright ensuring the game is very, very expensive just for the minis is a poster example of this. Deluxification really is starting to hurt the hobby, in my opinion.

    I backed it, too, so this isn't because I can't afford it – but I want this hobby to be open to more people, and kickstarter is becoming a means for the opposite 🙁

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