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I’ve been avoiding this video… | 5 More Disappointing Board Games 😔

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Obligatory disclaimer: this is a very SUBJECTIVE list, based on my experiences– no disrespect toward anyone who worked on these games or who enjoys them! I’ll also be providing recommendations for games you may enjoy whether or not you feel similarly about my 5 picks. 🙃

Disappointing Games Playlist:

Let me know in the comments below: did you have a similar or different experience with these games? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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  1. I share your opinion of your #1 on this list. I was fascinated by the Shut Up & Sit Down review and was excited when a couple friends invited me over to try it, but it felt like there was no game to it. The answers were rather obvious and didn't feel like there was a way to make it a sufficient challenge without obscurity for obscurity's sake, which is painful. I also own and prefer your suggested alternative, though sometimes it falls flat as well when people aren't great at playing a 'traitor' (same reason Spyfall has such high highs but low lows).

  2. Is there a way to still play mini rogue as a nine card game a variant that somebody could make and then still use the full box?

  3. I literally just bought mini rogue. Should I return it?

  4. I've played dozens and dozens of games of Custom Mysterium -> which is played with Dixit cards and the suspects/weapons/locations are custom (I most enjoyed Mario characters and Disney princesses). Its a really funny game when you do that. We also took out all the fiddly rules with the predicting if you think other players are correct or not and whatnot.

  5. Skulls of Sedlac with the expansions is one of my favorite pnp games! I use all the expansions at once. When solo playing a puzzle, I like BYOS and Skulls is a puzzle to see how you can fit in the “pieces” to score high.

  6. Bloodborne second best video game ever (after Sekiro, of course). I have been meaning to try the board and card game.

  7. So happy to hear you like Wild Space, too–it is one of our absolute faves, and makes such a good quick game at 2! I even got the expansion from France (as I can read French) with the sultry alien stow-aways .Don't really recommend at 5 tho, it is just too much downtime. ughAlso: Thank GOD I'm not the only one that feels this way about Skulls of Sedlec! It's not bad, but yeah, it's just always been meh for meRe: Mysterium is still sitting on my shelf, after almost 3 years, and at this point I feel like, yeah, I'd really rather play some kookily-themed Similo (quicker and less set-up) or maybe just classic Clue.

  8. I think you misunderstood the tokens… the game is completely co-op it just determines how much information a player gets at the end and breaks ties. You all win or lose together.

  9. It is ceazy how different is the art box of demeter from that sheet xd. I just landed on your channel and love your vibes, congrats!

  10. Button shy fan here (as I think you probably know!) I like both skulls and circle the wagons and feel skulls is okay at multiplayer but I really enjoyed it solo for a good while where I house ruled it to make it more difficult (!) probably one of the few games with a beat your own score that I enjoyed. Haven’t played a for an age mind as far more BS solo games I prefer

  11. could u be tempted to review "witcher old world"? i personally really enjoy it but im also new to boardgames. so i'd really love a more experienced evaluation of it from someone who's opinions i respect 😀

  12. So happy to see a recommendation of Set a Watch: Swords of the Coin! I LOVE this game. 🙂 An amazing package of exploration, battling baddies, and feeling pumped to set out with my crew because the characters are so interesting and fun to journey with. Thanks for this list and your thoughts! 😀

  13. Varuna was basically the same as Demeter. I too was underwhelmed by both of them.

  14. I feel the same way about Sedlec. It remains my lowest played game on my 10×10. I think it’s the BYOS scoring in the solo game that doesn’t excite me.

  15. You do such a good job with this series, even if my tires get deflated occasionally 😅 It’s a great idea to provide your “play instead” recommendations. Your critiques and recommendations are informative. Thank you. (Earlier this week, I played a couple of sessions of “Wild Space”. So, it was fun to see it make an appearance on the better side.)

  16. Twice as clever didn't click with me at all after loving Ganz schön clever. I felt it's just too complicated after the very flowy Ganz schön clever.

  17. I really appreciate that you give alt. recommendations, really well done video.

  18. You're right, the way you win in Mysterium is weird. I think the game set-up for Mysterium also makes me dislike it as well, its just too long for what the game gives you.

  19. It’s a shame you don’t like Mini Rogue, which is one of my favourites, but de gustibus non disputandum. If you like Set a Watch, I’d recommend Pocket Watch. It’s a free PnP, and I’m still hoping for a video. 🤞

  20. wow…deception……kool, a regular sized game!

  21. I love set a watch, great suggestion. Just waiting for the new expansion from their last kickstarter.

  22. You are not alone. Mini Rogue was very meh, and I can't see why everyone is gushing over Skulls of Sedlec. I was really excited to get it, but after several games of 2p and solo, I finally gave up trying to find something to be excited about in the game. The expansion helped a little, but not really.
    Circle the wagons is miles better.
    I did just get Ragemore and Rove by your recommendations and they are great. Especially Ragemore was a suprise, since I wasn't sure about it but still snatched second to last from button shys store.

  23. As others have already stated, this is one of my FAVORITE series of yours.

    Deception:Murder in Hong Kong sounds pretty cool. I’ll have to check it out. Take care!

  24. Loved the video! I am SO glad I am not the only one that has an issue with "Skulls of Sedlec", I mean, the game is ok, but I never got the hype. Ragemore and Death Valley are still my 2 favorite Button Shy games by far. I have been going back and forth about Mini Rogue… I love Dungeon Crawlers that are small and not huge boxes full of plastic. Set a Watch is a great recomendation for what I have been unfortunately shipping to my country is just too much for what it is, One Deck Dungeon is also great as well but I got kind of over it too fast unfortunately 🙁

  25. Once again you hit it out of the park!! Love your enthusiasm! Keep them coming my friend

  26. You had me until Mysterium… we love Dixit and Mysterium was a cool little twist. It's always fun after the game to talk with the ghost on why they chose certain cards.

  27. I really enjoy skulls of sedlec and was disappointed by circle the wagons 😉

  28. Definitely with you on Mysterium – far too fiddly and messy to be a good social game. Similo is great fun from just a deck of cards, and even better if you play with 2 decks.

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