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January 2023 Board Games on Crowdfunding

Tantrum House
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Kevin shares some board games launching on Kickstarter, Gamefound and Backerkit the beginning of January 2023.

00:00 Introduction
000:38 Among Cultists
01:02 Hero Realms Dungeon
01:26 Luxury Island
01:52 Soda Pop Board Games
02:05 Arborea
02:18 Huang
02:38 Marvel United Multiverse
02:46 War Machine (Manhattan Project)
03:03 Agueda, Color Field, Donut Shop
03:15 Ending

Luxury Island
Soda Pop Collection
25th century Games
Agueda, Color Field, Donut Sho
Among Cultists
Hero Realms Dungeon
Marvel United Multiverse
Manhattan Project War Machine


  1. forgot AEGIS Combining Robots season 2. who doesn't love voltron?

  2. Looking forward to Circadians First light: The Specialist coming to kickstarter

  3. Donut Shop looks look. Perhaps that is just my tummy speaking.

  4. Hi, you should check out Hexplore It: Fall of ancients, an campaign book for Hexplore It Vol.2 (Forest of Adrimon). The 1st book (Klik's Madness) is amazing!

  5. I’m excited for more Marvel United. But I’d prefer to finally have DC United!

  6. I'm quite interested in Warmachine based on its association with Manhattan Project and Luxury Island looks nice.

  7. Águeda is a city here in Portugal, famous for its urban art festival, where those street-covering colorful umbrellas can be seen. It’s pronounced AGH-duh (the first vowel sounds more like in ‘far’ than in ‘lag’).

  8. You may want to add more history to the evolution of Manhattan Project's re-implementation. Grail Games acquired the rights from the Estate sale of Minion Games.

  9. Last I heard, OrcQuest Warpath was launching on the 10th. Once Upon a Line and The Wilderness I think are both sometime in January, just not sure when.

  10. I am looking forward to Maladum from Battle Systems. It's a combo board game and miniature game.

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