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Kanye West’s New Board Game

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Now that the midterms are over, the focus shifts to who will run in 2024. You’ve got Biden, who said he’ll decide early next year, Trump, DeSantis, possibly Gavin Newsom, and maybe even a wild card candidate. Someone who has recently divested himself of his business conflicts, someone whose name has been on the ballot before and someone who just entered the world of board games to burnish his financial credentials.

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  1. Interesting side note: did you know that he is supposedly a musician?
    I cant imagine how awful his music must be.

  2. Anyone who doesn't find this hilarious has no funny bone

  3. Kim knew this was coming. She only likes the dollar bill and wants to keep it, stay relevant. Probably her Mum's advice to get a divorce.

  4. Illuminates making Kanye a crazy. But he's not.

  5. I was waiting for the….”available at Walgreens” stamp at the end 😂😂😂

  6. Imagine having ago at kanye for speaking the truth. Respect, puts himself before others

  7. 18M follows but only 400 comments. Numbers don’t add up here also Kanye is a distraction I like his personality but I wouldn’t follow or go to war with him. Once your in the industry your in no coming out so are y’all using him to say what you think we wanna hear ? What is he distracting us from now ?


  9. The show is really good lately do you have new writers?

  10. Blatantly trying to destroy his name, it won’t work. People are aware of the media tactics.

  11. I want to see the Joe Biden version of Monopoly. It comes with no money and High real estate.

  12. This is not funny, making fun of a bipolar person for mistakes they have said is not helping the fact whatever the situation is

  13. “Hey let’s make fun of someone that’s not mentally sound and straight up make lies and assumptions about them!” And then Liberals wonder why they get shot in the face. Instead of helping, you choose to berate someone and push them down further.

  14. Poor kids. they have no idea about what they're participating in

  15. "Ye says Bagels are the Devil's Butthole !" I lost my control of laughing over this non-stop ! 👏🤣😂😅

  16. People are awake, Jimmy. Your writers sound desperate… I wonder why…

  17. What you naysayers fail to realize is when you have faith in Christ and a relationship with Him, a saved individual really cares less about earthly riches — money, fame, and material wealth emphasized on a board game are pitiable. Truebelievers are more satisfied with obtaining wisdom, grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness provided through means of Jesus Christ. We as believers would much rather await our true riches found before the Throne of Grace in Heaven.

  18. tHIs cLip is a fUture cLassic‼ (aNd i wOuLd aBsoLuteLy bUy & pLay tHis gAme) 🤑

  19. Well I guess he trying to make money anyway he can!!poor fellow!

  20. Ye for President 2024.
    The truth always prevails.
    Good always conquers evil.
    God knows these pretend jews in power pulling all the strings are evil, insincere and gaslighting the sheeple
    – just take a good look at this comment section – sheeple are real.

  21. Hilarious..I mean absolutely Hilarious…my god the comedy genius is outstanding…..who wrote this god get them some type of award …perhaps 6 million of them …

  22. tasteful now seems damn evil after 300 years

  23. If they hate you know that they hated me too John 15:18

  24. this advert was unnecessary ,you're boring jimmy and that goes to all supporters of your Show

  25. They took his money away for speaking the truth

  26. I don’t know what’s real so I won’t subscribe but on one side Ye is a couple deviations from the normal, and then the other side … well there is no other side. How ironic an artist is being persecuted for their words. Especially when his truth could actually be the truth.

  27. Jimmy Kimmel is a Liberal PUPPET. Let that sink in. And NOT funny

  28. Yeezy all the way …. Kanye west for President

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