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Kartini – From Darkness To Light Preview! | Build schools, graduate students & liberate Indonesia!

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Hello friends! Today we are chatting about Kartini – From Darkness To Light! A game designed by Sherria Ayuandini and published by Ion Game Design. A Zenobia award finalist and a unique, thematic game about educating young women in Indonesia and fighting for Indonesia’s independence. Be sure to check out the campaign before it ends! Hope you all enjoy the video!

Check out Kartini – From Darkness To Light on Kickstarter!

Interview with Sherria Ayuandini, the designer

00:00 intro
02:19 aim of the game
03:23 set up & components
09:07 pass
11:40 hire a teacher
12:53 recruit pupil(s)
14:06 register a student
15:55 register a hero student
17:15 gather books
18:34 graduating students
25:53 milestones & co-op milestones
26:21 clean up & new round
28:44 outro

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  1. I hadn't taken notice of the game until I saw your video thumbnail and read the description. I then checked the campaign out and backed it instantly. Bundling it with Third Crusade and having a name that wasn't descriptive kept me from exploring it further as I kept seeing mentions of the campaign previously, so that may be a suggestion for ION in the future. If you have a game with an obvious theme that is a turnoff and bundle another game without an obvious theme, people may not take the time to explore the second game.Thanks for bringing Kartini to my attention.

  2. Thank you so much for this overview, i consider to back this game since 3 weeks😅…did you like the game, have you even tried it solo? By the way, i love your videos and your very well understandable english😃!

  3. Currently my most anticipated game. I love to see unique themes like this in board games that are both meaningful and educational! This will be stored alongside Freedom: The Underground Railroad and Votes for Women in ny collection 🤩

  4. What would you say the weight of this game is and do you think it has a lot of replayability? Did you enjoy the gameplay?

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