Kid thinks she’s easy -

Kid thinks she’s easy

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  1. 😂 You need to stop saying that the u.S is a free country

  2. Think about when their future kids play chess and say you are "easier mom"

  3. You were so quick at the end.

    He'll be hearing that from every girl he meets.

  4. Found checkmate 25 seconds into the video
    Knight to a6 hidden check
    Queen to b8 checkmate
    And if black king move to a different location retreat

  5. Alex: "And you know what you win, right?"
    Kid: "Yes, her number!"

  6. He missed his chance after calling her easier to say "And you're also easier when it comes to chess.."

  7. “You cause you’re easier, and also not as good at chess”

  8. It's a free country? I thought you lived in Canada?

  9. Best duo in the whole world, Andrea and the London

  10. "I can do whatever I want, its a free country"
    20 missed calls from the American government

  11. How many times you can upload same video?
    Botez : theez iiz business 😂😂😂

  12. I think Andrea is about to break out. She's gonna have a title soon enough. Maybe input from a few coaches would be beneficial.

  13. "You were so fast at the end"

    Literally just plays random moves xd

  14. After Nc7+ Rxc7 Qxc7 Rc8 was 0-1, instead he played Ka7, Alex tricked him by saying run.

  15. Kid needs to learn to respect people more

  16. She really rooting for a random jid over her sister💀

  17. Andrea using two hands in the time scamble, i think the kid won

  18. Alex is easier, personality-wise. 😅

  19. how did he not see that mate in 5

  20. Rooks in to get forked
    Hey at least they are there🤣

  21. so your whole channel thing is "guysss im a womann look at me i play chess guys i lose to kids in a board game 😢 😭 😢 "

  22. a FREE country…. poor boy… i does not know the world…. he does not realise what usa are ever been

  23. But it’s not a free country. Yoshi Star Galaxy!!

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