Kids board games as horror movies😰 #shorts -

Kids board games as horror movies😰 #shorts

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  1. 1.Dont get caught mouse trap

  2. In guess who one person is an murder the other is a innocent if you pick an innocent they fall and die if you pick the murder you and everybody else wins

  3. Guess Who plot:

    3 people are suspended in 3 red boxes over a pit of saws. The boxes are numbered. There is a table with buttons corresponding to dropping each box. There are 2 of your family members in the boxes, and one [insert serious crime here] commiter.

    You must choose.

  4. Why aren’t these horror movies yet. A twisted version would make both of these terrifying and great

  5. Guess who is among us but he are wearing board game skin

  6. them would be fye movies fr , they should really make them

  7. I see guess who is like guess who k1lled that person

  8. My bored game future are ruined 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. I actually watch the guess who end the mouse trap

  10. What's the name of the background music guys 😶?

  11. I feel like guess who would kind of be like squid games

  12. The fact that the mouse is dead makes me sad


    Let's just say a girl, young or in her teenage years, gets captured by this crazy dude. He has all her family members she loves the most hidden in this cages that are very blurry and hard to see what's inside. The crazy dude tells the girl whice one her (random family member) is in whice cage number. There are 5 and if she guesses wrong, the cage opens from the bottom and the family member falls into this pit filled with saw blades. This game keeps going intill she finally guess whice box.

  14. Actually the second one would make a pretty cool horror movie

  15. I would love to watch all these movies

  16. I’d honestly watch Guess who, it looks cool

  17. Me as a kid playing board games me all happy until I see this my childhood😭😭😰😰

  18. Kids games, movies, shows, books and even music start to sound a bit demonic lol

  19. Dude I still hate this little music in the background it gives the chills f#&k that

  20. Kids I’m 40053 be like dam these borad game graphics are sick they sook so real

  21. Are these real movies or did yall make this yourselfs for the vidoe?

  22. Mouse trap: a group of anthropomorphic mice are kidnapped by a anthropomorphic cat either it's they have to kill each other and find out who did it but the killer also die or it's saw
    Guess who: a movie about a boy who uses different masks to be different people it starts off with casual troublemaking but the boy slowly gets more addicted to it and starts using it to kill people or make them kill themselves or each other and also a mother of his is there for whatever reason I don't know

  23. Okay I'm going to play more guess who's in the more cuz you're just made my childhood horror

  24. I could still see the people who are dead today

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