Kids board games as horror movies😰 #shorts -

Kids board games as horror movies😰 #shorts

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  1. Story of guess who: a man decides to explore a abandoned shack there’s a door that leads down he’s curious so he goes it leads to a room filled with glass boxes he gets knocked out he wakes up in a room with the glass boxes but different he hears banging he sees body’s in the boxes he try’s to run towards them but then he realizes the saws are all going at max speed the saws calm down as he slowly walks away suddenly a metal plate with 3 buttons appear a voice starts speaking “I will show 3 boxes then you have 10 questions about all of them after all are done I will tell you a person and describe them if you answer wrong they will be pushed in blades if you answer correctly then the person will be with you and escape if you make it “ [20 likes for part two

  2. Tik tokers with a text up in all his videos

  3. Why do they look like John Kramer's traps

    For those of you that don't know John Kramer he is from Saw Saw ll Saw lll Saw IV Saw V Saw VI Saw: The Final Chapter and Jigsaw I do not know who is the actor who plays John Kramer

  4. Ok just by seeing this, I’m traumatized, why?, well reasons are because, I can never get up calmly, it’s like my room used to be my favorite and also I don’t even wanna play my games after seeing this 😨😨 and when I wake up I lay in bed for a minute, quietly pick up my blanket, mixie and mr elephant then I slowly walk to the door then quickly run out it and shut the door 😨😨, all my calm times are forgotten and now I’m like a four year old kid as if they were scared of what’s under their bed and if someone pranked me I’d pack my bags and leave 😱😭😢😰, even worse, I’m a 9 year old and watched this stuff!?! I’m creeped 😬😨😬😨😰

  5. I'm not playing those birdfames again I have then both at hime

  6. Alguien que hable español quiero ver esas pelis estan en Netflix

  7. 😰😰😰😰😱😱😱😱😭😫😫😭

  8. Guess who is the worst I feel so bad for those people 🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭

  9. I feel like guess who would be the average killer one mouse trap Walmart version of jigsaw

  10. ImaYaeMainwboutrollindowninthedeepwhenyourbraingos says:

    im gonna make a story on guess who

    you get trapped in a game where your family and random people are trapped in boxes and whoever you choose goes into the pit and you have to get lucky not to kill your family and after that happens if you only killed the random people the game tricked you and kills everyone of you and your family

    sound good?

  11. I really would like “Guess Who” to be a movie I would probably like it

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