Kids board games as horror movies😱😰😰 -

Kids board games as horror movies😱😰😰

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  1. That's not real try on play store

  2. How its feels waking up dad be like: phsycho dad modes on

  3. 𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐒𝐇新 ドラゴン says:

    Nice but the titles are corny asf

  4. Now all we need is horror movies as kids games

  5. Hate🎶❤️😍😘😳😵🤮🤑🤡👺🤠👽☠️😺😸😹😿🙀😹

  6. I will make one of these into a horror game second game I’ve made

  7. I haven’t watch any of this movie thou. UNO seems interesting. From sg.

  8. My Childhood turning into a Nightmare

  9. Sonic the hedgehog 2 HAPPY MEAL McDonald's

  10. people who play uno cards: man i cant wait for this movie

  11. Mouse trap: A TV host introduced his new game called "mouse trap" as he gets contestants they are told the rules, and as they are told the rules the more sinister they sound. Later in the day the game show premieres on the TV as it looks family friendly there's a filter on the show that makes it look..well innocent and whats actually happening behind that filter is a gruesome sinister murder fest and whoever wins gains freedom or do they..?

  12. The dont wake up daddy seem Intressent but im not going watch may someone tell how it is

  13. Isn’t uno a card game and not a board game ?

  14. Are these really movies that exist? Because they seem interesting i would watch them

  15. Hey when is the horror movie ganna start? Cuz im so exited to see it btw in may 6 The sound of magic is ganna start

  16. Do u guys notice all of the horror movies are coming soon-

  17. 😯 Wow, cool short! And so many views for your only post, you're like the JD Salinger of YouTube.

  18. when these movies come out:

    Me: haha this doesn’t scare me

    My family: AHHHHHHHHH

    Me 60 seconds in the horror:

    Netflix: based on a true story


  19. Don't wake daddy could totally be some netflix psychological horror about an abusive father and a family trapped by his household. It's been done, but it aways gets you on the edge of your seat.

  20. On the uno one they should have pulled the uno reverse card on em’ 😂

  21. How don’t wake up daddy would go:so this teenager had to take care of her son the moms about 19 the dad is not actually there dad there real dad got into a car crash the fake dad kidnapped them and he takes a nap during the day the mom and kids try to escape but then the kidnapper finds out and if they do that they get locked in a closet but there’s always a key around and they unlock it and the next day the mom found a job by the way this part was someone idea the kids have to stay alone with the kidnapper and be as quiet as they can but quick to try to escape

  22. I feel like "mouse trap" and "dont wake daddy" would be a great horror movie

  23. Among all the ones shown in this one and the others, the one for Uno is the best! We do not need a horror movie for some of the ones shown, but perhaps if they are shown as horror, but not over the top horror, they might be interesting.

  24. I feel like the uno one could be a good idea

  25. 0:21 you sure this is a board game I remember this as a. ahem c a r d g a m e

  26. 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

  27. You thought you really want hand Uno reverse 😈

  28. Really I think the one that was called don't wake daddy was about an abusive father to the the mother and baby

  29. Happy! 1.14k sub! Ty for Sub me and support thanks all!❤

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