Kids Board Games As Horror Movies😱 🎥 Part #1 -

Kids Board Games As Horror Movies😱 🎥 Part #1

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  1. I love the audio to this, most definitely gives me goosebumps to see those

  2. Operation I imagine it to be a surgeon who doesn’t fix there patients flaws but makes them worse

  3. Shall I?

    You were called in, (unfortunately). You get dressed and make your way to your local hospital. Before you could ever say good morning to your sleepy peers, your immediately were pushed into a room that had a horrible smell.
    “Get to work, ____. Be careful. There’s been some “malfunctions” happening in here.”

    You were paranoid. Your boss barely told you anything! Before operation, you decide to figure out what the smell was. After a while, you open a cramped closet just to find other surgeon’s bodies fall out. You run for the door, crying a waterfall, just to see it was locked. You look at the patient in the bed and slowly walk towards it, picking up your tools. Your start to operate not touching the outside skin. When you do, however, you were electrocuted, making a large burn morph onto your arm. You were forced to continue till the end without being in the same state as the others.

  4. Uno monster now you DIE


  5. Demon: comes out ritual.
    Also demon: attacks me


  6. There’s only one horror movie director I know who can make this happen. Joss Whedon

  7. Title: board games
    Me: uno isn’t a board game

  8. Ice Monster The Roblox and Gacha club Monster says:

    "Uno as a horror movies"

    Me: Dang the demon should have holding the uno reverse card on the thumbnail

  9. Okay but I would actually watch all of theses

  10. I Literally have UNO in my room now I think I'm gonna die

  11. Don't break the ice has a kraken that was a legend

  12. I would like to watch operation if it was a actual horror movie

  13. Oh my god uno?….. Yeah can i get a TiCket to a movie called ✨ UNO ✨

  14. Operations plot in my opinion

    A man goes to his past job at a hospital but since he has cancer the workers think he is a patient so, they get a surgery for cancer Ready and eventually the man wakes up . He hears muffled screaming that is silenced with the sound of ham getting stabbed with a fork, that is when the man learns that the hospital is for people ready to die, and when they are about to , the cannibalistic surgeons eat them. This makes the man gargle water an get ready to meet his fait. Eventually the get ready to eat but a small flick is heard as the surgeon theater is visible then the man sees illusions of goats at the top because the hospital drugged him so he sleeps and they eat him until he wakes up with a missing arm and leg as he scrams they proceed to shoot him and he finally dies the last seen of the movie shows the surgeon dinner

    EDIT: I just realized this plot is horribly screwed up

  15. I bet the monster how he kills people is they turn into real cards and then you rip them into shreds

  16. Operation looks creepy the pic maybe the surgeon is crazy

  17. Red likes the American bald eagle lol says:

    Uno not board game

  18. I would be happy if the uno is bts 😂😂😂

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